Dear Logan,

I know I didn't shut up about it all night, but I'm saying it again. Your song was amazing. You're amazing. And I love you.

Airplanes are boring. At least first class means the food doesn't suck, though. But I can't stop thinking about that one time over the summer when we borrowed the Brightman's jet and made out in the bathroom the whole time. Der gave us hell for it, but it was so, so worth it. I still love the look on your face whenever he brings it up- like a mixture of embarrassment and pride.

I just beat a super hard level of Angry Birds! Booyah! But my iPhone is dying now...

Did I mention that flights are soooooo boring? Maybe I should try and sleep again...

Love you. Miss you already.




I still can't believe you didn't wake me up to say goodbye. I suppose you're forgiven though; the all-night Skype date made up for it. Besides, I'm just happy I got to see you.

How's the movie going? Everyone's talking about how good it's gonna be. THE Christmas movie to see this year. I can't say I disagree. I can't wait to see the scene where you dress up like an elf. It'll be my new desktop background.

I'm really glad you liked my song. I figured you'd get offended that it was about a girl, but I'm glad you didn't. Hate sex wouldn't have been as good.

Speaking of hate, Derek wants me for something.

I love you, Jules. Never forget it.




The craziest thing happened today. I would've told you via text, but my hands were shaking too hard. I met Oprah! OPRAH FREAKING WINFREY! AND SHE KNEW MY NAME!

I died of happiness when I got her autograph.

ANYWAY, I had a crazy dream when I took a nap earlier. Noticing a theme here? Crazy, crazy day. In my dream, I was at my mom's house, and I was playing with Sonic. Then you came in! And the weird part? You were dressed like a hedgehog and singing show tunes. ...Maybe I should lay off the coffee...

I swear to God, if you ever go near a picture of me dressed as an elf, I will personally castrate you. And then probably kick you a few times. Lovingly, of course.

The movie's going good, thanks. There's been some heavy changes made though, so I need to relearn some scenes. I should probably start on that...

Hope everything's peachy in Ohio! Love,




It astounds me that you assumed Oprah wouldn't recognize you. You're Julian freaking Larson! Everyone and their dog knows who you are!

In other news, I can't find my iPod again. Why do I have a feeling you stole it the night of the Fall Festival? Which is actually kind of impressive, considering I kept you pretty busy all night.

And on the subject of being busy with you all night, I had a pretty crazy dream the other night too. Well, actually not that crazy. The only weird part was that you kept calling me the Knave while we did it. Didn't know you were into roleplaying, but I'm game whenever you are.





Why do all your dreams involving me always end in sex? As for roleplaying, you can be Draco if I get to be Harry.

Hmm. Now I'm thinking about sex. Great. Maybe I should write you a romantic poem about it. Here goes!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,

I deserve an award for that one. Ooh, I could turn it into my next hit single! I am positively aroused with anticipation.

I have to go rehearse now! Love and wet dreams,




I laughed for like an hour straight at your last letter. Derek actually thought I was having a breakdown because you'd broken up with me or something until he read it. Then he just looked disturbed and left.

God, I miss you. It's getting colder and colder here- definitely cuddle weather. But, alas, all I have to cuddle is your letters and that red scarf you left behind. It still smells like you, you know.

Do you remember that one time freshman year when the three of us won that massive snowball fight against the whole Windsor house? We all came down with colds afterward, but none of us really cared. I've been thinking about that day a lot lately, and how I fell on top of you when Evan hit me with a jawbreaker-snowball. I could've kissed you. In retrospect, I should have. Then we'd've had years together...

We still will though. Lots and lots of years. And mark my words, Julian Larson-Armstrong, someday I will kiss you in the snow.

I love and miss you every minute of every day. Can't wait until I see you again.




Dear Logan,

What I wouldn't give to kiss you right now... I miss you so much. Every time I see someone ridiculously tall, or with blonde hair, or green eyes, I do a double take. Is it sad that I always hope it's you, even though you're a million miles away?

I'll never admit it in person, but I cried when I got your letter. I've been so stressed lately, and the idea of spending years with you just sent me over the edge. Spoiler alert, but when that someday comes and you kiss me in the snow, I plan on asking you to marry me.

I'm still pissed that my webcam broke. I don't handle not seeing you very well. I miss your smile, and your hair that's always so soft when I run my hands through it, and your eyes that always tell me exactly how you feel. I just miss you in general. After this movie, I'm taking time off so we can be together. Long distance isn't very physically or emotionally satisfying.

I love you.



John Logan Wright III held a worn letter in his hand as he boarded the plane and took his seat. He stowed his carry-on quickly, eyes already re-reading the letter. Absently, he traced the familiar cursive scrawl, recognizing each curve of a letter like the back of his hand. His eyes lingered on the unmistakable tear stains that blurred a few spots, and his heart ached for his boyfriend. Normally his letters were so upbeat, but Logan could tell that Julian was more stressed than he let on.

His resolve hardened, he turned to stare out the window. In a matter of hours, his boyfriend would be in his arms again. The thought made Logan smile.


Two hours later, Logan woke up from his nap. He sighed when he looked at his watch. Not even halfway there yet...

"Excuse me?"

He turned to his left and smiled charmingly at the pretty girl sitting a seat away from him.

"Anything I can do for you?"

She blushed a little and held out Julian's letter. "I think you dropped this- the description sounded like you."

Logan raised a brow as he grabbed the letter. "You read my letter?"

The girl blushed even darker to the tips of her red hair. "I wanted to know whose it was, and you were asleep so I couldn't ask."

He shrugged- her reasoning was logical enough. "Well, thank you for returning it to me." Carefully, he folded it back up and tucked it into his pocket.

"Whoever wrote that really misses you."

Logan bit back a sigh. He really wasn't in the mood for a conversation, but he didn't want to be rude.

He gave the girl a small smile. "Yeah, he does."

"He?" she looked surprised, but not unpleasantly so.

"My boyfriend."

It was the girl's turn to smile. "Are you on your way to see him? My name is Mandy, by the way."

The redhead's good mood was infectious, and Logan found himself smiling genuinely as he answered. "Yeah, but it's a surprise. And it's Logan."

"What does he look like?" Mandy asked eagerly.

"He's totally gorgeous, which I'm careful not to tell him often, lest it go to his head." he grinned; a big ego was something he and Julian had in common. "Do you want to see a picture?"

She nodded emphatically, so Logan retrieved his phone from his bag. It powered on quickly, and he searched for his favorite picture in the world. It was of him and Julian sitting under a tree in front of Dalton. Their uniforms were rumpled, and they leaned against each other as they laughed. Derek had taken it while they weren't looking, and texted it to them afterward.

He found it quickly and passed it to Mandy. She practically squealed at the picture, and Logan had to hold back a chuckle. She reminded him of Derek's little sister- so happy about everything and always, alwayssmiling. But the resemblance ended when realization dawned on Mandy's face.

"Is that Julian Larson?"

He didn't bother hiding his sigh this time. "Yeah."

Mandy didn't seem perturbed by his mood swing. She just smiled and handed him back his phone. "You guys make an adorable couple."

Logan blinked, startled that she hadn't started fangirling. "Thanks."

Several hours of comfortable conversation later, their plane touched down in LAX. Logan bid Mandy goodbye, promising to add her on Facebook. He rather liked her.


It took a while to get his luggage, but it was just barely getting dark when his taxi pulled up to Julian's high-end apartment. Logan stepped out of the car and into the warm California night.

Charming his way into the building easily, the blonde made his way to the top floor. He knocked, fully expecting no one to answer and to have to break in. But, to his surprise, a sleepy Julian Larson answered the door.

"I didn't order anything." he mumbled, pulling the door closed again. Logan grabbed it before it could shut.


Julian's eyes opened all the way, gaping at his boyfriend. "Logan?"

Then the brunette was launching himself into Logan's arms, wrapping his arms around his neck and legs around his waist, clinging to him for dear life. Logan held him tightly, burying his face in Julian's neck.

"God, I missed you," the blonde whispered. Julian tightened his grip in response before letting go and pulling Logan inside.

"Why are you here?" the actor asked in confusion. "Not that I mind, but-"

Logan cut him off with a kiss. "I love you. Do I need another reason?"

Julian grinned at his boyfriend. "I suppose not."

Logan's eyes devoured that smile. It had been way, waytoo long since he'd seen it.

Julian closed his door and dragged his boyfriend's suitcase into the living room area. "Geez, this thing weighs a ton. How long did you pack for?"

Logan's green eyes twinkled. "As long as necessary."

"Necessary for wh-"

"Let's go out. Dinner on me?"

To his immense surprise, Julian looked reluctant.

"I was actually about to go to bed..."

Logan finally took in the rest of the other boy's appearance. He was wearing plaid pajama pants and a Dalton t-shirt, and there were bags under his eyes. And, if he wasn't mistaken, he thought the actor looked a bit thinner too. His mind flashed to Julian's last letter. I'll never admit it in person, but I cried when I got your letter. I've been so stressed lately-

Logan gave his boyfriend a disapproving look to mask his pain at seeing him like that. "Jules, you look like hell. You really need to take care of yourself better!"

Julian crossed his arms defensively. "I take perfect care of myself! I'm just tired!"

The blonde shook his head. "You need sleep, you're right. We'll argue in the morning."

The ghost of a smile crossed Julian's lips. "Touching."

The brunette stalked toward his bedroom, calling over his shoulder, "Are you coming or not?"

Logan smiled once more. Oh, how he'd missed Jules' dramatics.


Logan showered, changed into pajamas, and brushed his teeth quickly. Julian's presence was addicting, and he was already going through withdrawal. The other boy's touches were his drug.

By the time Logan made it back to his boyfriend's room, he was already fast asleep. The blonde smiled at the sight. Julian was stretched out like a cat over the blankets. Gently, Logan shifted the blankets to on top of him and crawled in too.

The second the prefect climbed into bed, Julian latched onto his side. Rather than soothing him, it seemed to wake him up. The brunette smiled sleepily up at his lover.

"Love you."

Logan dropped a kiss to the top of his head. "Love you too, princess."