"Ewwww! It's the Riddle boy!"

Tom clenched his fists in his pockets as he walked through the rapidly parting crowd, head low, trying to ignore the shouts of his tormentors behind him.

"Here's a riddle for you – where are your parents?"

Ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them..

"Dead, I bet," drawled Andrew Hide, blocking Tom.

Ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them..

"Nah – " Wallace Bennet pushed to the front. "Nah, them've just gone off an' left him, innit!"

Ignore them.

"Yeah, that'll be it!"


"Who'd stick 'round withthe Riddle boy?"


"Who'd want him?"

"He's a freeeeeeeeeeeak!"


"Let me through," growled Tom.

Bennet cackled. "Nice boys say please, Tom," he drawled. "Don't you know how to say please?"

"Let. Me. Through," said Tom tonelessly. "I need to get home."

"Home?" Bennet's words, and his laughter, ripped through the crowd. They made them sneer and laugh and join in. "Home? Home? Home?"

"Listen here, Riddle – " Bennet shoved himself up against Tom. "You don't have a home, understand? You're an orphan and you're a nothing. A freak of a nothing. You have no friends, you have no family, you haveno home, you have nothing, understand me?"

Ignore them.

"Let me through."


All of Tom's insides were boiling. He felt like he was on fire. He wished he could make these idiots, who never knew a day of hardship in their life, hurt. He wished, he wished, he wished –


And then Bennet was screaming and leaping and he was on fire and it was glorious. It was his bag that had started it, scorched up and become ash, and now it was spreading, and oh, oh yes..

Tom smiled. "Thank you," he said as Bennet, screaming and jumping around,did indeed get out of his way.

He walked calmly home.

No one knew that the building of Voldemort was not entirely the fault of Tom's ambition, hatred, and cruelty.

No one knew that really, it was just the schoolyard bullies.


The purpose of this was to make you feel bad for Voldemort..yeah. DID IT WORK!

Also, I was vaguely inspired by a scene in the musical Wicked.

..Which I have never seen. Sigh.