Summary- Naruto visiting the hokage finds a scroll at the age of six inside lays a sword of immense physical power. How ever what he doesn't know is that when kyuubi was sealed in him minato did it wrong and naruto will become the vary thing the village hates. extremely powerful naruto not godlike. Harem ( Naruto x Isabel x Fu x Hinata x fem Haku x Anko)

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(normal speaking)


(Demon/ summon speaking)

(Demon/ summon speaking)

(Chapter 1- The beginning)

The day was October tenth six years after the kyuubi attack on konoha which was defeated by the 4th hokage by sealing it into his son. At this time we find naruto visiting one of the only people he saw as family the 3rd hokage. Today was naruto's birthday so he usually stayed home or stayed with the hokage fearing for his life from mobs that try and kill him.

"Ne, jiji can we get some ramen?" Naruto looked at the hokage with watery kit like eye's. The hokage looked into naruto's eye's and tried to fight the urge to fall into the child's grasp. He silently cursed the person who taught naruto the puppy eyed jutsu.

(In one of konoha's dango stand)

"ACHOO" A purple spiked haired kunoichi sneezed and dropped a stick of dango. "DAMMIT THAT WAS MY LAST STICK OF DANGO"

"Anko calm down I'll by you more." A raven hired and red eyed women says to her friend anko silently laughing at her.

"You know that sneeze could mean someone was talking about you." A brown haired feral beauty said to her friend.


"Yea I bet it was some handsome man who has fallen in love with you." another pupal haired kunoichi said to her friend.

"No it's probably her little blond haired boyfriend she spends so much time with." The raven haired kunoichi said in seductive manner to a blushing anko.

"IT'S NOT LIKE THAT." Anko waved her hands in the air try to make them believe. "We're just close friends."

"Sure anko what ever you say to keep your self from becoming a pedophile." The feral women said making everyone laugh at anko who was making a tomato pale in comparison.

"HANA, KURENAI, YUGAO I'M NOT LIKE THAT!" Everyone kept laughing at the red faced anko.

(Back at the hokage office)

"Alright naruto we will get some ramen for you." The old hokage caved in from the eye's naruto was giving him.

"ALRIGHT!" Naruto jumped up and down in a excited manner at getting some ramen. However before they could get going the door to the office opens and two old people walk in like they own the place.

"Sarutobi the council meeting is about to start over 'konoha's problems'." The hokage sighed at the knowledge of another meeting which usually ended up an argument to have naruto killed.

"I'll be right there. Naruto ill have to take you to get ramen when the meeting is over." Naruto looked a little sad that he would have to wait to get ramen but agreed. Naruto watched as the hokage left for the meeting and once he left naruto decided to sit in the hokage seat. Naruto sat there bored with nothing to do so he decided to explore the office hopeful to find something cool.

As he look around the office he never noticed a seal that was on his stomach starting to glow a soft red and parts to crack. Naruto had no idea that the 4th hokage sealed the kyuubi inside of naruto but not the way everyone thought. The 4th hokage decided to seal half of kyuubi into naruto in hope that naruto could hold and someday control the kyuubi but it didn't go as planned. He was able to seal half of kyuubi into naruto but only the kyuubi's power meaning naruto only held a pure destructive power while he died with the kyuubi's soul. The power continued to erode the seal slowly and exactly six years it would fail.

Naruto walked up to a door in the office leading to a small room with a large scroll on a wooden stand surrounded by glass. Naruto thinking like usual thought the scroll held some kind of cool object that would make him into the greatest ninja garbed onto the scroll and opened it. In the scroll held a large number of jutsu that looked powerful but being the child he is decided to look further past a jutsu called kage bunshin, and another called edo tensei. As he looked through the scroll he noticed a section that didn't have any jutsu but had a bunch of designs.

"I wonder what the design means?" Naruto looked through the designs and noticed a name over one of the designs. It was called gods samurai and naruto wondered if he could get stronger from it so he looked around the design to see if he could open it. As he held the scroll to find a way to open the desgin he cut his finger on the paper and as he lifted his finger a drop of blood dropped onto the design and it glowed red. There was a poof from the scroll and naruto waved the smoke away and noticed a sword with a purple handle.

Naruto slowly reached for the sword not noticing the seal on his stomach slowly cracking more and chakra slowly leaking out. As he continued the chakra started leaking out more slowly surrounding him in a blood red field. As he grabbed the sword the seal on his stomach cracked all the way and broke. Everything was silent for a few moments when the red chakra exploded out of naruto engulfing a screaming child.

"AWWWWWWWWW!" Naruto screamed in pain like no other. It felt as though his body was slowly being torn apart and didn't notice a black energy cumming off the sword combating the red chakra. The two energy's battled for dominance over the boy but as it went on causing naruto more pain the two energy's started to fuse together creating a deeper color of red that was nearly black. When the two energies got adsorbed into the boy naruto fell to the ground holding the sword asleep from all the pain.

"Well naruto it seems I got out of the meeting early so lets go get tha... NARUTO!" Sarutobi walked into the office to grab naruto but screamed when he noticed naruto on the ground on top of a open forbidden scroll. Sarutobi picked naruto up and looked at what was released and noticed the sword and knew that the sword couldn't be the cause so wondered what happened. He ran for the hospital to get a doctor to help naruto.

(Time skip: two hours)

Sarutobi sat watching naruto who laid in a hospital bed and thought of what the doctors told him. They said naruto chakra reserves had increased beyond anything they had ever witnessed and changed color. They said the effect it would have on naruto would be increased physical attributes beyond kage levels but his control would be shot to hell and may never be able to even use the simplest jutsu without causing mass destruction.

"Oh naruto what happened to you?" sarutobi continued to watch naruto wondering what happened then something wrong happened. Naruto's chakra started surrounding him in a cocoon like object. Doctors started surrounding naruto checking him to see if anything was happening.


"We don't know lord Hokage. Were trying to figure it out." The doctors started scanning the cocoon for naruto but started burning them selves every time they got to close to the chakra. Then the cocoon started cracking making everyone to back up. When the cocoon shattered they were greeted with a shocking sight of a new and extremely changed naruto.

Naruto was know the size of a grown man and was lean like he was built for speed. However he now had golden blond fur covering his entire body. His face now held a snot like a fox and his whisker like cheeks became real whiskers and had two golden blond fox ears on top of his head twitching every so often. However what caught the attention of the female doctors and nurses was that he was naked and well hung. They dropped to the ground with massive nose bleeds and huge blushes.

"Naruto what happened to you?" Sarutobi watched as the now large fox man that was once naruto laid on the hospital bed holding the sword from the forbidden scroll.

(Time skip: Next day)

Naruto slowly awoke from his sleep but was in pain and didn't move to much so he just looked around and saw the hokage in a chair by his bed.

"Jiji." Naruto got the attention of the hokage after whispering in a ruff and husk voice.

"Naruto. Thank god your awake how do you feel?" Sarutobi looked at the man he saw as a grandson.

"I'm feeling a lot of pain. It's almost like my body was torn apart and redone into a different shape."

"Well I can see that happening."

"What do you mean jiji?" Naruto looked at his grandfather figure confused at what he said.

"Here naruto look at this." Sarutobi lifted a mirror to naruto and to say naruto was shocked at what he see's is an understatement. Naruto continues to stair at the mirror and sarutobi starts to get worried at what he see's.

"Naruto you have nothing to worry about."

"Worry about? Why the hell should I be worried. I look awesome!" Naruto continued to look in the mirror poking parks of his face and ears even feeling his whiskers not seeing sarutobi. The hokage looked at naruto shocked that he was taking the news so well even going as far as saying it was awesome. Sarutobi smiled now remembering it was naruto he was talking about, the same child who took everything in stride no matter what.

"Well if you want I can get you some clothing to cover yourself and your vulpine features from the villagers."

"I don't care what the villagers have to say. I'm me and that's all that matters, I really don't care about their opinions. However I will take the offer for clothing." Sarutobi smiled but looked confused at the wanting for clothes to cover his body but not caring what people thought of him. Naruto seeing his grandfather's look decided to explain. "If I wear clothing that cover my body it allows me a ace up my sleeve to shock any opponent that doesn't now about this giving me the needed time to hit my opponent."

"Naruto that is a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of that." Naruto smiled at sarutobi and went back to pocking his body. Sarutobi smiled at naruto happy to see such potential in him to become hokage someday. Sarutobi leaves to get some clothes telling the anbu and doctors no one was to know about what happened or let in.

(Next day)

Naruto made his way out of the hospital in clothing that covered him complete and let no one see what was under neath. It consisted of black baggy pants and black long sleeve shirt. He had a white fabric covering his head and face from view and brown gloves covering his hands. It was kinda funny seeing the reactions of the people around him.

As he walked he remembered what his grandfather had said to him. After getting naruto his clothing sarutobi told naruto that he bought a larger home for naruto that had a wall surrounding the home keeping people from seeing in. Naruto was overjoyed at the thought of having his own home he could be comfortable in. Naruto made his way to a local shop sarutobi told him could make naruto new clothing and armor if needed. After finding the store naruto walked in surprised at the large selection of ninja wear in the store.

"Can I help you?" Naruto looked down to she a brown haired girl around the age of seven standing up to his knees staring up at him.

"Yes, I'm looking for the owner."

"O, he's in the back so he will be back soon. Why do you cover your body up like that?" The small child looked up with a curious look at naruto.

"Tenten. Don't be rude to customer's." A brown haired man walked out from the back of the shop wearing a black shirt brown pants and a brown apron. He had scars on his face that went over his eye's horizontally.

"Sorry daddy."

"It's alright she was just curious. The reason I have the clothing covering my body is to hid my body so if needed I can scare a opponent with my look." Naruto looked at tenten who smiled and skipped to the counter and started looking at weapons.

"My names hagane, tetsu and this is my daughter hagane, tenten what can I do for you?"

"My names uzumaki naruto and I came here for custom armor and clothing. Hokage-jiji told me this was one of the best places to shop." Tetsu looked shocked that this man was the naruto uzumaki and the hokage said his shop was one of the best. He shook his head to get rid of his thoughts and asked what kind of clothing he would like. Naruto decided on something simple yet durable that could withstand massive attacks. (for design think Sajin Komamura clothing but instead of the kanji for 7 its 9)

After getting the designs for the custom clothes tetsu told naruto he would have it finished in at least a week. Naruto agreed to come back in a week and left but not without saying good bye to tenten who was more interested with the large quantity of sharp pointy objects. He decided to head home and train with his new sword and attributes from the change and see their limits. He was glad at the sight of a large two story home surrounded by a two story wall covered in seals to hide whatever any one saw on the other side from view.

Naruto started training by lifting boulder over his head and punching them to get a better feel for his strength. He also noticed that his energy also increased so he could go longer in battles and training hopefully helping him to get stronger. As he trained he started seeing many different things about his new body that would help out in the long run. However something happened when he started training with his sword. As he started to swing the sword to get use to the weight he started to get light headed and dropped to the ground not seeing the sword giving of a small amount of energy.

I plan on continuing my other stories I just had the thought of this in my head.