One Moment

it was just a m o m e n t, really,

nothing big

nothing real


but at the burrow,

your fourth year,

before harry arrives

you're in the burrow

ron is playing chess

with fred

and you're curled up in an armchair

lost in a book

missing your mum

but happy, overall


and then the flames blaze emerald green

and out of the fire steps

oh my goodness who is that?



he has this rugged look about him

with a grin like fire

and eyes that s p a r k l e

and his hair, it's a softer color than ron's

than anyone's

it sticks out


for that one moment
you f a l l in l o v e with that boy
stepping out of the fire
just for one moment

and you quickly face your book

while ginny runs over ("Charlie! Charlie!")

and he waltzes over to you

"you're not a weasley"


(and okay, maybe you blush a little)


"I'm Hermione. Ron's friend."


"Lovely to meet you, Miss Hermione."


and after that day
after that moment
you stop c-a-r-i-n-g about charlie weasley

so you never really loved him, not really..


(but years later

when you're married to ron

and you're h a p p y..

you remember that charlie weasley,

and you think,

"i wonder what could have been...)

This was written solely and entirely to bother potterride. ;)