Thanks for the reviews on my previous CH fic. :) Hope you enjoy this one as well. Until last week's episode I was so not a Simon/Rebecca shipper now I'm hooked. :)

Title: Remarkable
Author: Cindy Ryan
Spoilers: 1x12 Triage
category: postep, oneshot

Simon Hill watched Rebecca Gordon sleep. The dinner of salmon they'd shared had ended hours ago. Neither one of them had wanted to talk.
Neither one had wanted to be alone.
The neurosurgeon had gallantly offered Rebecca his bed for the night. It was obvious she was too exhausted to go the short distance to her place. Simon had started to curl up in the chair when Rebecca had shook her head.

'There's plenty of room, Simon, don't be silly.'

'Nonsense I was afraid you wouldn't be able to resist me.'

The snort of a laugh that had followed had warmed Simon's heart. Rebecca had been too quiet, too distant during dinner. He knew how much
Marks opinion of her mattered.
Command was a lonely place.

Now Simon lay with his head propped up on the pillow as Rebecca slept peacefully next to him. Yesterday he wouldn't have thought she'd be that comfortable near him to fall asleep.
She had made it clear that she wasn't interested in forging any kind of relationship with him.
Until tonight Simon had been afraid that had also included friendship.
Being in Afghanistan you needed all the friends you could to survive.

It was funny that such a horrible twisted thing like war could make such lasting lifelong friendships.
That people who would never meet otherwise were thrown together.
Simon didn't know if he should be grateful for war but tonight he was.
Tonight he was grateful that such a horrible thing had brought Rebecca into his life.
Exhaustion finally caught up with Simon and he felt his eyes drift closed.
For the first time in weeks Simon slept through the night.