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Let the story begin!

James Diamond walks down the hallway of a large cabin in Colorado. He and his family, which consists of his wife Brianne, their seventeen year old twins Allie and Mason, and their fifteen year old daughter Hadley, decided to travel to Colorado for Christmas break. At Hollywood Arts, the school that the kids go to, they get two weeks off for Christmas break. They haven't been on vacation in a while, so Colorado seemed like a good idea. They've lived in sunny Los Angeles for many years, living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, while Colorado is peaceful, a bit colder, and free of spoiled celebrities. There is just one thing that concerns James. All Allie seems to want to do is sit around and read. She's a bit sky, but James wishes that she would come out of her shell a little bit. They return to LA in a week and he is determined to get his little girl (She may be seventeen, but she will always be his little girl) to have some fun.

He finally reaches the door to her room. He knocks quietly before opening the door. Allie is laying on her stomach on the bed, reading a book that James isn't even interested in, and he's thirty six years old! You know, sometimes he fears that Allie is much too mature for her age. She's serious, smart (That's a good thing), and very reserved (This worries him sometimes, but at least she isn't like Hadley).

"Princess, you need to get to bed." He says.

"Okay, dad." Allie says, closing her book and putting it on the bedside table. "I was just finishing up my reading for my English class."

"Okay, but seriously, you need to get some rest." James says with a mischievous grin. "You and I are going skiing tomorrow."

"Dad, I love you, but I'm not going skiing." Allie says, taking the rubber band out of her hair. It had been in a messy bun, but now the straight blonde hair falls to her shoulders. James smiles and ruffles her hair, making the strands messier than they already are. He points to her bed, signaling for her to lay down. She gives him a thumbs up and obeys him, pulling the covers over herself. James sits on the bed and gently kisses her forehead, whispering "I love you" before walking out of the room. He walks to the next room, smirking when he sees Mason talking to someone on the phone. It's probably that girl, Kayla. She's the daughter of Dak Zevon and Lauren Williams. Mason thinks that she's the girl of his dreams. James always tells him that he better not get his hopes up. James thinks that Kayla would be a good girl for Mason, but she's also one of the most popular girls at Hollywood Arts. James doesn't mean to crush Mason's fantasies, but he tends to come on too strong when it comes to the ladies. James use to have a habit of doing that, but he grew out of it. He's still trying to give Mason dating lessons.

"Get off the phone, bud. You can talk to her later." He laughs.

"I gotta go." Mason whispers into the phone. "I'll talk to you later."

Once he has hung up, he looks at his dad in exasperation.

"Dad, I finally get Kayla's number and you tell me to get off the phone? I was about to ask her out!"

"You barely started talking to the girl." James warns him. "Just give it some time. Now please get to bed."

He walks out of the room and frowns when he sees Hadley looking out the window. He and Brianne honestly don't know how to handle this girl. She's their problem child. She just broke up with her seventeen year old boyfriend, she insists on getting a tattoo when she turns eighteen (If James has anything to say about it, that's never gonna happen), she's failing two classes, and she's a frequent visitor in detention. James hates to compare her to her sister, but really, why can't she be more like Allie? Allie makes good grades, never talks back, never sneaks out (Yes, Hadley had done that), and has a sweet personality. On the other hand, Hadley is rebellious, obnoxious, rude, and James isn't going to comment on her sense of fashion. Okay, he will! He secretly hates how she dresses. Miniskirts, fades and torn up jeans (These aren't a big deal until her parents see the shirt that she wears with it), and she wears T shirts that are way too tight. Guess what color she died her hair? She died it a really dark brown that, in James opinion, looks closer to the color black.

"Hadley Grace Diamond, what are you doing?" He asks wearily.

"Huh? Oh, I met this guy." Hadley says, waving at someone outside the window. James looks over her shoulder and shakes his head.

"No way." He says. "That guy is too old for you and he looks like he belongs in jail. You're not going to talk to him, got that?"

"Son of a..." Hadley says, stopping when James gives her a stern look. He doesn't want to hear her potty mouth tonight.

"Just go to bed." He says. Hadley rolls her eyes and walks to her bed, crawling under the covers.

James walks out of the room, leaving the door open. They don't allow Hadley to close her door after she snuck out out of the house last month. She just got done with her groundings, but she is no longer allowed to close the door. Yeah, they have to keep a tight leash on her, but they don't what else to do. Carlos says that military school would be good for her, but Brianne refuses to put any of her children through that. As wild as Hadley is, Brianne says that she doesn't belong in military school. Carlos was the son of a cop, so he believes in punishment, which is funny because he was a huge troublemaker back in high school. Now he's thirty six, married to Jessica, and they have a fourteen year old daughter named Tara, who is a good friend of Allie's. For some reason, Allie bonded better with Tara than someone her own age. Anyway, Kendall and Logan also married their girlfriends and have kids of their own. Logan and Camille have a son named Chris, who is in the second grade. Kendall and Jo have a fourteen year old son named Donald and Jo is currently pregnant again.

James yawns and stretches as he walks to his own bedroom, where Brianne is fast asleep. He smiles as he lays next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. He places a loving kiss on her cheek, smiling when she yawns and buries her face in his chest. He kisses the top of her head and hugs her tightly.

"Are the kids asleep?" She asks tiredly.

"Yeah." James whispers, kissing her forehead.

"Including Hadley?"

"Finally.' James says in relief. "You know, she's been flirting with a delinquent."

"What?" Brianne questions, sitting up. "Oh, I am going to have a serious talk with her tomorrow."

"Brie, relax! I meant that he looks like a delinquent. Don't worry. I told her that she is not allowed to see him, okay?" James reassures her, stroking her cheek. "I promise."

"Okay." Brianne says, giving him a kiss. "Hey, is Jack going to put you guys to work when we get back to LA?"

Gustavo retired a couple years ago. He stills sees the boys, but he hired Jack to run Rocque Records. Jack Michaels worked at Columbia Records and Gustavo thought that he would to be perfect to take over Rocque Records. The BTR guys seem to enjoy working with him. Yes, Big Time Rush is still together. And they're still pretty popular too. James have even worked on a few films in the past few years, so he's even more well known now than he was when he was just starting out in show business. Even at his age, he still makes the girls go crazy. There are sixteen year old girls that think he's very hot. One girl at the cabin told him "You know, you're hot for an old man." last week. James was offended by her calling him an old man, but Brianne managed to calm him down before he could throw a fit. It took hours to convince him that he doesn't look old. He doesn't look like a sixteen year old anymore, but he still looks like James Diamond.

"Probably." James nods.

"Can you believe that our kids aren't famous yet? I mean, it doesn't matter, but it's just surprising." Brianne laughs.

"You know that Allie wants to be a History teacher." James grins. "I thought that she would become a singer like her dad."

"Jay, how could you possibly think that?" Brianne giggles. "She's terrified of going up onstage."

You may be thinking "If she's afraid to perform, what's she doing at Hollywood Arts?" Well, A few years ago, Mason wanted to audition, but Allie was terrified of staying at her old school without her brother. So she got James to find a good scene for her to act out. She performed the scene for three judges and got accepted. After that, she told herself that she would never go onstage again, not after what happened in second grade. Her class was performing a Christmas play and she forgot her lines and ran offstage. That probably contributed to her reputation as a "geek" and "wimp" and "scaredy cat". That is another reason that she wanted to go to Hollywood Arts. She was hoping that she could get away from the name calling. So far, that hasn't worked out too well. She has been at Hollywood Arts for years and she still isn't popular.

"Oh yeah." James says awkwardly.

"You need to spend more time with our kids." Brianne says, kissing her husband.

"I'll try." James laughs, kissing her nose.

"Where are they?" Brianne asks, looking at her watch. She and James are sitting at a table in the lobby, waiting for the kids to show up. The cabin is serving cereal to it's guests and Brianne already has three bowls for Allie, Mason, and Hadley. She knows that Mason probably had to smother himself in hair and skin products, like his dad use to do. Hadley is probably still looking for an outfit. Allie will probably show up before either of her siblings. At least they have one responsible child. Brianne and James both wonder about Mason and Hadley. For all they know, those two could be in the middle of a stupid argument. They fight at least four times a week. The rest of their time is spent ignoring each other and minding their own business.

"Okay, I'm here." Allie says, taking a seat at the table.

"Mason, I'm going to get there first!"

"And the fight begins." James mumbles as Hadley and Mason race reach other down the stairs. They keep pushing each other out of the way until Hadley beats Mason to the table. Mason mouths "Darn it" and stomps his foot before taking a seat next to his twin. He playfully pokes her side, laughing as she pushes him away.

"You kids need to go to therapy like your father and I did." Brianne says as she sits down.

"Didn't you and dad almost get a divorce because he and Aunt Camille kissed?" Hadley asks through a mouthful of cereal.

"Let's not discuss that." James says, rubbing his temples. "Please."

"Yeah, let's not." Brianne agrees.

"Hey, Allie, I want you to change into some proper clothes after this." James says, looking at Allie's plain white sweater and jeans. "And put your contacts on."

Allie wears glasses most of the time, but she occasionally wears contacts. They're really uncomfortable, so she really does prefer glasses.

"Dad, I was going to finish my book today." Allie complains. "I really just want to stay indoors today."

"You stay indoors all the time and it worries me." James tells her. Allie responds by rolling her eyes, quietly eating her cereal.

"Uncle Logan wouldn't make me go skiing."

"Because Uncle Logan is just like you, sweetie." Brianne tells her. "He prefers reading over getting exercise."

"But skiing is dangerous." Allie whines. "What if I get hurt?"

"Jay, maybe you shouldn't take her skiing." Brianne says. "You guys could do something else."

"Brie, I'm taking her to skiing lessons." James reassures his wife. "She'll be fine."

"Can I come?" Hadley asks.

"Hadley, dad wants to spend time with me." Allie smirks.

"Of course he does." Hadley retorts, narrowing her eyes. "Because you're his little princess."

She stands up and starts to walk towards the door.

"Hadley, sit down." Brianne says in a warning tone. Hadley glares at Allie as she sits down, crossing her arms. This is another thing about Hadley. If she doesn't get her way, she pouts. They don't even know why she's like that. If she wanted to spend some time with her father, she should spend more time with her family and not in her room or at a friends house.

"Okay, I'm done." Allie says.

"Me too." Mason says, pushing his chair back. He stands up and takes his cell phone out of his jeans pocket. "i'm gonna call Kayla."

"Kayla Zevon is way out of your league." Hadley snorts.

"You shut up." Mason says as he dials Kayla's phone number.

"Hadley, go to your room." James says.

"Dad!" Hadley says argumentatively.

"If you can't respect your family, then you can go to your room." James warns her.

"Fine, I'll be nice." Hadley sighs. "Sorry, Mason."

"Shhh!" Mason says, holding the phone to his ear.

James and Brianne look at each with weird expressions. They do not have normal kids, do they?

"Dad, I can't do this." Allie says as they are lifted higher from the ground. She looks at the white snow below her, feeling rather queasy. "Dad, tell them to put us down."

"You'll be fine." James tells her as they both get into position. They're finally lifted to the top of the tall hill of snow. James jumps off the lift and begins skiing down the snow hill. When Allie tries to imitate him, she shrieks as she falls on her face and begins rolling down the hill. She knocks a few other people down and they yell at her in response. She finally rolls to the very bottom of the hill. She lays there for a moment, blushing in embarrassment. From the corner of her eye, she can see her dad running towards her. The next thing she knows, she is being helped into a standing position.

"Allie, are you okay?" He asks her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Allie says weakly. "That was so humiliating."

"We'll find something else to do." James says, leading her back to the cabin.

"I told you that it was a bad idea." Allie reminds him.

"Baby girl, you should know me by now." James tells her. "I do stupid things."

Allie shakes her head and follows her dad into the cabin. They walk upstairs and Allie immediately retreats to her room. James smiles and shakes his head as she sits on her bed and picks up her book. He walks to his own room and listens to the sound of the sink running coming from the restroom. He walks into the restroom and smiles when he sees Brianne brushing her teeth. He decides to surprise her by wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her from behind. He kisses her cheek and sighs as she leans back against him. He rests his chin on her shoulder and takes a deep breath. He doesn't know how he's going to explain Allie's little accident.

"You're back early." Brianne says.

"I know." James says quietly.

"Is Allie okay?"

"Yeah." James says quickly. "But she may have fallen down the snow hill, rather than ski down the snow hill. She's fine, though!"

"Jay!" Brianne gasps, playfully slapping James upper arm.

"Brie, I told you that she's okay." James chuckles, giving her a kiss.

"What happened?" Brianne asks him.

"Well, we were at the top of the hill, it was her turn to go, and she did not land on her skis." James admits. "She landed on her face and starting rolling down the hill, like a little basketball ball rolling across the court."

"You are insane." Brianne says, walking past him.

"Hey, where are Mason and Hadley."

"Mason went out and Hadley is sulking in her room." Brianne tells him.

"What are we going to do about that girl?" James asks."She been like this ever since sixth grade."

"She's just going through a phase." Brianne explains. "Well, that's what my mom says. Hadley will grow out of her rebellious streak."

"Brie, how long did it take Jessica to grow out of her rebellious streak?"

"Oh, she didn't grow out of it until she had Tara."

"Exactly!" James says. "She was, like, twenty three years old! I can't deal with Hadley's "rebellious streak" for the next eight years! I just can't do that! If I do, I'll end up like Logan ! Brianne, DO YOU WANT ME TO END UP LIKE LOGAN?"

"Hey, Logan doesn't crack under pressure anymore." Brianne says, stroking his cheek. "I don't think Hadley is as bad as Jessica was."

"Oh, Hadley isn't as bad as Jessica. She's worse!" James says in a deep voice, grabbing her shoulders.

"Oh, hush." Brianne laughs, cupping his face in her hands. She gives him a big kiss and wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too." James whispers, rubbing her back.

We know that Big Time Rush is still together. What about Brianne? Yes, she is still a pop star. She's a little heavier than she use to be, due to giving birth to three kids, but she is still making music. She has also done a lot of acting since she starred in Varsity Vampire 3. She use to be an alcoholic, but she has been sober for many years now. When she was just nineteen years old, she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She has some bad days, but overall, she's doing pretty well. She's stable and happy. She even stopped going to therapy when she was twenty one.

A few months after their horrible vacation to Mandelino, Hilary and Wayne Wayne started dating. A few months after she turned twenty one, she announced that they were getting married. A couple months after that, she revealed that she was pregnant. Yeah, Hilary doesn't seem like the mommy type, but it happened. Of course, Wayne Wayne wasn't ready to be a father, so he left Hilary after their daughter Leighton was born. The bad part is that Hilary has spoiled that girl. Leighton has her mom wrapped around her finger. She gets whatever she wants when she wants it. She goes to Hollywood Arts and Allie says that she is a jerk. Mason thinks that she's hot. Hadley hates her.

Lindsey married Jett Stetson when she was twenty five, but they never had any kids. They're thinking about adopting, but they aren't sure yet.

"Hey, I'm gonna go for a walk." Brianne says, kissing his cheek. "Wanna come with me?"

"Sure." James says "Just let me call Mason."

"Why?" Brianne asks.

"I want him to watch the girls." James says as he starts to grab the phone off the bedside table.

"Jay, the girls will be fine." Brianne says, grabbing his hand. "Come on."

They begin walking down the hallway, but before they walk down the stairs, they say "Behave, girls!"

"Okay!" Allie and Hadley call out in unison.

"That's my girls." James grins before he and Brianne begin walking down the stairs.

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