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Summary: Santana has a massive crush on Quinn. She gets a new cell phone one Saturday afternoon, and when she sends out a message to everybody with her new number, she sends a different message to Quinn. Quintana femslash. PWP smut :D

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Let's Play A Game

Chapter 1

She always tried to make it so people assumed she was in love with Brittany. Yes, sure, they've had sex numerous times but there were really no feelings behind it. Brittany was well aware of that and accepted it. It was all about the feeling for both of them.

No, she didn't love Brittany. Well, she did, but only in a sisterly sense. Her true feelings belonged with another blonde. She'd watch her body contort, bend and stretch during cheerios' practice. She'd enjoyed sneaking glances at her in the showers after said practices. She just never had the balls to tell her how she truly felt. Thankfully, she'd never been caught sneaking those looks.

Santana Lopez was in love with Quinn Fabray.

The weekends were always the worst for the Latina. She always spent the time alone. Brittany was always busy with Artie. And she never had the courage to initiate contact with Quinn. She'd always waited until the object of her affection would ask her somewhere, and even then, it was always out to the mall, or to a movie. Some place they wouldn't be alone. Santana didn't trust herself with being alone with the blonde.

After spending the majority of her Saturday in her room finishing up her homework, she decided to head out to the mall. The main point of her trip, get a new cell phone. The one she had had been driving her crazy over the past two weeks. Mainly because of its new found obsession with disconnecting in the middle of her phone calls, for no apparent reason.

After spending an hour at the mall kiosk, she decided on a red blackberry to replace her current touch screen phone which she was near to throwing out the window.

Now came the fun part. Santana always hated this part of getting a new cell phone, transferring numbers. She closed herself off in her bedroom and proceeded to start her task. It was something that took her the better part of two hours. Especially while she figured out who she actually talked to enough to keep their number.

She tossed her old phone aside after adding the last number to her "Glee" group. After playing around for a minute she figured out how to access her text messages to send out a mass text.

Santana: What up bitches? It's Santana, this is my new num.

She worked her way through her contacts, eventually adding everybody. She did, however, pause and then skip over Quinn's name.

Santana was feeling a bit playful that late Saturday evening. She opened up a new message, just to Quinn.

Santana: Good evening gorgeous

She smirked as she sent it. Anonymity gave her a sense of invincibility. After a few seconds she felt the wondrous vibration that indicated a received text.

Quinn: Um… who is this?

Santana: Just someone who thinks you're stunning

She felt her heart rate speed up. She was flirting with Quinn Fabray. Granted Quinn had no idea of who she was, but she was still flirting with her. In the end, that's all that mattered.

Quinn: That doesn't help much. Who are you?

Santana: Doesn't matter who I am

Quinn: What do you want?

Santana: You

The Latina held her breath. She no longer expected to receive a response. So when her phone vibrated, she was shocked.

Quinn: I'm flattered, but I don't know who you are

Santana: I can be anybody you want me to be Quinn

Quinn: Alright, you obviously know me. Tell me something about you

Santana: You actually know me very well

Quinn: I don't even know why I'm still talking to you

Santana: You're curious

Santana was just as shocked. She was just going with the flow now. She had expected the blonde to completely snap on her and threaten to report harassment to the police if she didn't stop texting her, or at least tell her who she was.

Quinn: I kind of am

Santana: Let's play a game

Quinn: … Alright

Santana shifted to make herself comfortable under her blankets. She'd long since turned off her bed side lamp. The only light in her room now came from her new phone.

Santana: I know for a fact that you trust me with your life

Quinn: So you're at least in the Glee club…

Santana: Smart girl :) Tell me something. What are you doing right now?

Quinn: Watching TV with my mother. You?

Santana smirked as she slid her shorts and underwear off. She had no idea how long the texts would last for, but she planned to enjoy every second of it.

Santana: Laying in bed, wishing you were here

Quinn: And why's that?

Santana: Because I'm always thinking of ways I would please you

Santana's hand traced down her stomach and carefully dipped her fingers into her folds. She gasped at the amount of wetness she found there already.

Quinn: Please me how?

Santana: Slowly kiss over your body. Lavishing that lovely neck of yours with my teeth and tongue until you asked for more

Quinn: What if I asked for more now?

The brunette's eyes nearly bugged out at seeing that particular message. She found herself pressing harder on her core, her hips bucking under the sensation

Santana: First off, what are you wearing?

Quinn: Clothes… ;)

Santana: Funny. Right now I have on only a tank top. That's it

Quinn: T-shirt and boyshorts. Nothing else

Santana closed her eyes for a brief moment, images of Quinn flooding her mind.

Santana: You should go to your room

Quinn: Already there

Santana: Good, now where was I?

Quinn: Kissing my neck

Santana: My lips trailing down your neck. My hands slowly pushing up your t-shirt

Quinn: Keep going

Santana: Why, what are you doing?

Quinn: Everything you say

Santana: Take your shirt off then

Santana pinched her clit gently, having to bite her lower lip to stifle the moan that rumbled in her throat.

Quinn: Done

Santana: Drag your fingernails over your delicious abs. Starting at your waist and moving to your perfect tits

Quinn: Feels good

Santana's eyes fell closed again as she moved her hand off of her aching core up to touch her breast. She silently cursed herself before sitting up and completely removing the last article of clothing. After pulling the blankets back over her overheated body she went back to her phone.

Santana: Tell me what you want me to do

Quinn: Touch me

Santana: Where?

Quinn: Anywhere you want. You said you wanted to play a game, and I'm playing your game

Santana: Use your left hand to pinch your nipple, first your left, then your right. Picture it being my mouth tasting your sweet skin.

Quinn: Mm, feels good. I wish I knew what to call you though

Santana paused for a moment, she was too far in and too close to orgasm to blow her cover now. She couldn't risk telling the blonde who she was on fear of losing one of the few friends she had.

Santana: You can call me anything you want

Quinn: Not helping much. Tell me what to do

Santana: Are you playing with your nipples?

Quinn: I already told you I was doing what you told me to do

Santana: I can picture your face right now, and how irritated you are

Quinn: For someone who wanted to play a game, you're not doing a very good job at it

Santana: Alright, I'm sorry. Imagine my lips moving down across your tight abs, feeling them tremble under my touch. Use your fingers, don't touch too hard

Quinn: Keep going

Her fingers followed the same path she instructed Quinn. She dipped her fingers back in between her folds, making sure she completely ignored her engorged nub. She planned to milk this for all it was worth.

Santana: I want you to take your boy shorts off

Quinn: Done

Santana: Tell me Quinn, are you wet?

Quinn: Very much so

Santana: You like this don't you? The thought of a complete stranger making you theirs

Quinn: It is a little arousing

Santana: Touch your clit. That's my tongue working you over

Quinn: Please tell me who you are. I need to picture you

The Latina wanted to. Oh how she wanted to. Telling Quinn the truth, though, would probably ruin everything. It simply wasn't an option. Her hips bucked on their own accord, anxious to get more feeling.

Santana: Afraid I can't do that

Quinn: Fine just… please keep going

Santana: I wish you were here, in my bed while I ate your pussy out. I want to see your face contort in pleasure and hear you beg for more

Quinn: I could be…

Santana: Just imagine I'm right between your legs, sucking your clit in my mouth

Quinn: More god please more

Santana felt a whole new wave of arousal wash over her. She wanted nothing more than to make Quinn feel as good as possible.

Santana: Slide two fingers in

Quinn: Feels good

Santana: Grind the heel of your hand against your clit

Quinn: So close

Her hips started bucking. She was close to bringing Quinn Fabray to orgasm. It was driving her nuts. She'd been on the edge for several minutes now, not quite wanting to go over unless it was with the object of her affection.

Santana: Do you know how hard it is not to fuck you against the wall in the showers every day? To shove my fingers deep into your silky smooth pussy.

Quinn: Wait… glee club… daily shower… Santana?

"Fuck." Santana cursed out loud. How could she have been so stupid? That definitely ruined her mood. She pulled her hand away from her center and stared at the message on her screen. Before she had a chance to debate on responding, another text came through.

Quinn: Don't you fucking stop San, I'm so fucking close

Santana: Are you fucking yourself with your fingers?

Santana couldn't believe her eyes. Quinn now knew who she was and yet she still wanted her to continue. She allowed her hand to drag back down between her thighs again. She'd never been so wet before in her life.

Quinn: Yes… tell me what you're doing

Santana: Rubbing my clit, wishing it was you

Quinn: I'm so close S. Please keep talking

Santana: Add a third finger and curl them upward. Speed up your thrusts. Cum for me Q. Cum all over your fingers

Santana plunged three fingers into herself. It caused her to bite down on her lips to keep from getting too loud as she toppled over the edge with nothing more than a low moan. She definitely didn't want her mother to come in just in time to see her tumbling into oblivion.

Quinn: Damn…

After a few minutes, allowing her body and mind time to relax, she looked at her phone. Now came the awkward moment.

Santana: Listen Q, I'm sorry

Quinn: For what? The best orgasm I've ever had?

Santana: So… you're not mad at me?

Quinn: A little cuz you deceived me…

Santana: Why didn't you stop when you knew it was me?

Quinn: Cuz I didn't want to :)

Santana glanced at her alarm clock to see if was barely 10 PM. That's when an idea crossed her mind.

Santana: It's still early… wanna come chill for the night?

She bit her lip as she watched each minute pass by waiting for a response. Just as she started to lose any hope of anything more than the sexting, her phone lit up with a simple response that made her heart rate speed up and a new ache form in her core.

Quinn: Be there in 20

To be continued...