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*~* Beauty and the Nerd *~*

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine
I got a love and I know that it's all mine
Oh~ Oh Oh~
Do what you want but you're never gonna break me
Sticks and stones are never gonna-

Sonic groaned as he took out his arm and smacked his alarm clock that rested on his bedside table. His eyes slowly opened as he looked at the blurry, bright red digits on display.

7:00 AM.

"No, Natasha Bendingfield…I don't care about your pocket full of sunshine…" he imitated, in his best girly voice.

Today was the first day of school for Sonic the hedgehog. It was the start of his senior year at Station Square High, and Sonic wasn't exactly looking forward to it. You see, school to him was boring. His marks were way beyond the student average, achieving an almost perfect grade. Every single subject that was thrown at him, he handled it with ease. Teachers would often question him, asking how he knew so much. It was a simple answer, though. He studied non-stop. He liked knowing everything before having to deal with it. It was just in his personality. But that wasn't the only reason school wasn't that appealing to him.

He was labeled as the nerd.

Just because he was a bit smarter than everyone else, he would be shunned by the jocks and the preps. The only reason people usually came to him was just to get some answers for homework. He had to deal with people picking on him on a daily basis. He didn't seem to be affected by it, though. He had actually gotten use to it, which was kind of sad to admit.

But it wasn't like he was completely alone. He did have a friend, and his name was Tails. Him and Sonic had become friends when they started high school, and since then, they've always hung out. Sonic thought Tails was pretty cool. Tails was the kind of guy who got along with everyone. He wasn't really part of any of the groups at school. He was just your typical, friendly guy.

"Sonic! Manic! Wake up and come eat breakfast!" hollered their mother from downstairs.

Sonic sighed as he tossed his Buzz Lightyear comforter over his body and reached for his large, thick-framed, glasses that sat next to his alarm clock. He put them over his eyes and everything had become sharp and clear. He stood up and stretched his arms up to the ceiling, trying to get rid of his sleepiness. He turned to his window and opened the curtains to let light into his tidy, book-infested room.

He went downstairs to see his mother making them pancakes in the kitchen. Sonic's mom looked just like his sister, Sonia. But she wasn't around anymore. Sonia had gone off to a university that was two hours from Station Square. So now, it was just him and his older brother, Manic.

"Good morning, honey. Ready for school?" she asked him with a smile.

Sonic shrugged his shoulders as he went to take a seat on the table. "I guess" he told her. She served him his breakfast, along with a glass of orange juice.

A loud, stomping noise came from the stairs, revealing Manic. He came into the kitchen, only in his pink boxers. His green quills were all wild and messy, looking like he had just got caught in a tornado.

"Morning, Manic" greeted his mother while handing him his plate of pancakes.

"Mornin' Ma" he huffed as he plopped down onto the chair opposite of Sonic.

He looked up at him and smirked. "Doofus"

"Sparky" Sonic shot back as he took another mouthful of pancakes. (A/N: "Sparky" is a nickname for stupid people)

"What does that even mean?" exclaimed Manic, frowning at his brother.

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Exactly" he muttered.

"Don't start this early in the morning, you two!" said their mom while looking down at them angrily.

"Sorry" said both Sonic and Manic, simultaneously.

Sonic quickly finished the last of his food and went upstairs to start getting ready to go to school. He went into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He had just gotten his braces removed about a week ago, revealing straight white teeth. He was glad that at least one thing that he hated about himself was gone. The second one was his glasses.

He took a look at himself in the mirror before going to go change. He wasn't really your stereotypical nerd. He had actually been referred to as the 'cute nerd' once. And he had to confess, he was good-looking, but girls would never dare approach the nerd in front of people at Station Square High. It didn't bother him one bit. He wasn't looking for a girl anyway.

He went into his bedroom and slipped into his favorite pair of jeans. He placed a light leather belt through the belt loops of his jeans, securing it around his waist. He took off his baggy, dark green t-shirt, and replaced it with a fitted white v-neck. Over that, he put on a navy cardigan. Going back to the bathroom, he checked himself in the mirror, pleased with his outfit.

"Gay" mocked Manic as he passed by him. Sonic, in return, stuck up his middle finger.

There's nothing 'gay' about the way I look thought Sonic confidently to himself.

Sonic went back into his room and swung his black backpack over his shoulder. He gently padded downstairs and waited for his brother. A minute later, Manic came downstairs, dressed in dark jeans that hung low on his waist and a grey shirt that had "Metallica" etched in the middle. His hair was better now, but it was naturally wild and springy.

Their mom followed them to the door. She turned to Sonic and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Don't make the teachers feel stupid" she told him. She turned to Manic and kissed him on the forehead, but he squirmed in her grip.

"Don't get into a fight on the first day of school" she said sternly. Manic sighed and rolled his eyes.

They both left their home and walked to their high school, which was only a couple of blocks away. They walked through the neighborhood and Sonic and Manic turned their attention to a crocodile stepping out of his home.

"Yo, Vector!" called Manic as he ran to him. He looked over his shoulder to his brother. "Later, dweeb"

Sonic gave him a dirty look as he watched the two started walking together. This was their daily routine when school started. Him and Manic would walk for a few minutes together. As soon as Manic saw his friend Vector, he would ditch Sonic to walk by himself for a bit. After that, Sonic would walk past Tails' place and then they would walk together.

Sonic looked up at his friend's house and saw him stepping out of his door. His mother was chasing after him with a napkin in her hand. She pulled him back by his backpack and wiped his mouth with the white cloth. Sonic could hear Tails protesting in her grip. He had a hard time trying not to laugh.

When he caught up to him, Sonic smiled at Tails, who was blushing like mad.

"Always a momma's boy, huh?" said Sonic with a smirk on his face.

Tails blushed harder at the comment, but nodded in agreement. "What's up?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders as they walked side by side. "Same old, same old. I really don't want to go to school" he told him

"I know what you mean" said Tails as he stuffed his hands in his jean pockets.

For the rest of the way, the talked about what they did during the summer and what they had taken for their classes. About five minutes later, they arrived at their school. Sonic let out a heavy sigh as they approached the old building.

"Here we go" muttered Tails and opened the door.

First, they had to go to the office to pick up their schedules. They walked into the busy office and waited in line, along with the rest of the students. The small office was not meant to hold more than 20 people. The bookshelves took up most of the room available, not to mention the front desk. Hideous shades of pink and orange covered the wall, along with large painted daffodils. It looked like you were in a daycare instead of a school. While Sonic looked around, his gaze was met with a hateful one.

The person that stood three people away from him was Shadow the hedgehog.

Sonic and Shadow were just born to be enemies. They were the complete opposite, making them impossible to get along. Shadow was a popular jock who thought her could get every single girl in sight, which was sort of true. Girls always swooned over him as he strutted down the halls with his so-called 'swagger'. Sonic didn't understand why girls liked him. He was rude, arrogant, and cocky. Part of him was a little jealous that he got so much attention, but he would never admit that to anyone.

Shadow snorted in disgust as he checked him out. He snickered as he nodded at his outfit. "Playing for the other team now, are we?" he smirked as his friends laughed quietly.

"At least I don't look like a retard, with my pants practically on the floor" Sonic countered while crossing his arms, nodding at his low rider jeans. A couple of girls behind giggled, making Sonic feel triumphant.

Shadow shook his head while turning to his friends, whispering something which they all laughed about. Sonic didn't care though.

"Boys? Do I have to get the principle out here?" asked the secretary from the front of the line as she looked between Sonic and Shadow. She gave them a warning glare before handing the students their schedules.

Sonic and Tails received their list of classes and realized that they had first period together, which was Spanish class. Unfortunately, that was the only class they had together. But at least they also had their lockers close by.

They made their way to them and Sonic began putting some books away, to lighten the load a bit. When he turned his head to look at Tails, his attention was immediately pulled to a pink hedgehog that walked down the halls with her books close to her chest.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Her short hair seemed to flow with each step she took as her side bangs stayed perfectly in place across her forehead. Her dazzling smile made her face glow and it was enough to make your mind completely wipe out from all thoughts. Her gorgeous jade eyes twinkled when she smiled, enough to make heads turn in the halls. She laughed as Rouge the bat and Cream the rabbit walked by her sides. She wore a loose, hot pink crop top and jean shorts that hugged her waist perfectly.

Sonic's binder slipped out of his hand and dropped to the floor, along with his mouth falling a few inches. His breathing stopped as his eyes settled on the petite pink hedgehog a few feet away from him. He had never seen anyone more beautiful in his entire life. Everything about this girl seemed to captivate him.

He was snapped out of his trance when a blob of black and red stood in front of his view of the girl. He shook his head when he realized his mouth was hanging wide open. Bending over to retrieve his book from the floor, he felt his cheeks go steaming hot. He glanced from behind his book, trying to look as casual as possible.

"Whatcha looking at?" asked Tails from behind him, making the cobalt hedgehog jump. He looked up a Tails who looked at him confused.

He followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at the girl talking to Shadow. Tails chuckled as he started to realize that Sonic was watching her.

"She's pretty, isn't she?" Tails told Sonic.

Sonic's eyes widened from behind his glasses. "You know her?" he asked in awe.

By now, Tails was laughing. "Yeah, I do actually" he said, somewhat proudly. "She's an old friend of mine. Her name is Amy Rose. She's our age" he told Sonic.

"Amy Rose…" said Sonic, trying out the sound of her name in his own voice. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

Sonic looked back at Amy and Shadow and tried to listen into their conversation. It was hard to hear over the chatter of everyone else in the hall, but he still managed to get the last part of their talk.

"So, if you wanted to hang out sometime with the high school hottie, just call me. A hot girl like you needs a hot guy like me" said Shadow in a cocky tone, obviously trying to impress her.

Sonic put his full attention into what Amy had to say.

"Right…maybe some other time" said Amy, clearly not being fazed by Shadow's smooth talk. She walked right past him, leaving Shadow, Cream, and Rouge, all locked in place.

Sonic blew out a sigh of relief.

Finally, a girl with taste in guys! thought Sonic to himself.

His relief was quickly turned into panic when he saw Amy making her way towards him. Well, not exactly him, but she was making her way towards Tails who was standing right next to him. He quickly threw his binder into his locker and closed it shut. He turned his back against the locker and faced Tails and Amy.

They greeted each other in warm, friendly embrace, making Sonic fume with jealousy. Tails turned to Sonic and smiled. His head snapped to Amy when she heard her say something.

"Hi!" she greeted him happily as she took out her hand for him to take.

Sonic couldn't believe it. She was actually talking to him! The girl who had just changed his entire world around, not to mention the same girl who he thought would never ever notice him, was now talking directly to him.

He stood there frozen, staring at her small hand. He couldn't even move, speak, or anything!

Tails, knowing Sonic was nervous, decided to stick up for his buddy.

"Umm, he's foreign. Where he comes from, they don't shake hands" he explained to Amy.

She nodded understandingly, quickly pulling her hand back. Sonic gave Tails a look of relief.

"Well, my name's Amy" she told Sonic in a friendly tone as she rocked on her heels.

"U-Uh…" uttered Sonic. He still wasn't able to form a single sentence in the presence of this hedgehog.

Amy waited patiently, but started to shift awkwardly when Sonic wasn't really introducing himself. Tails put his hand on Sonic's shoulder and said "Tell her your name"

Sonic looked at Tails. "My name?" he asked him. He turned back to Amy. "I'm…Sonic…" he said quietly.

Amy's face broke into a smile. She was starting to think that he didn't like her, or something.

"Cool name. Well, hopefully we have a class together. See you later!" she said ecstatically. "Bye Tails" she said and walked down the hall, fading into the crowd.

Sonic slid down the locker and sat on the floor, practically panting. He took off his glasses as rubbed his eyes. Who knew any being on this entire earth had such an effect on him. Tails look down at Sonic, worriedly.

"You okay there?" asked Tails while raising an eyebrow.

Before he could respond, Shadow was standing over him. He had his lips pulled back, trying to intimidate Sonic. Sonic was too star-struck to be frightened by anyone at this moment. Shadow gave Sonic a threatening snarl.

"Don't try anything funny with my girl" he told him as he reached down and grabbed him by the neck.

Sonic easily wrestled out of his grip, coming back to his senses. "Last time I checked, she was fair game" said Sonic as he felt a smirk on his face.

This made Shadow angrier, but he took a step back from him. "You better watch your back, nerd" was the last thing that Shadow said to Sonic before walking away.

People were watching from their lockers, some giggling and whispering things to others. Sonic just wiped his cardigan and pushed up his glasses. Tails told Sonic that he didn't need to worry about what Shadow had said. "You had a better impression on her than he did. That's a guarantee" said Tails.

Although that much was true, Sonic was actually taken back from what Shadow had said, bringing him back from his dream cloud.

Just then, the bell rang. Tails gestured to go to class and Sonic followed along.

Everything practically came down to this: he was the nerd and she was the beauty. Why would Amy ever like the nerd?

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