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Chapter 1.

New girl

Elizabeth's POV

I was new to Forks, My dad had moved us here from Sothern California. So that he could take a better job as a technical analyst in Seattle. My mom was not a fan of big city's so we moved to a small town and my dad would commute. Forks Washington was my new home population 3,532. I didn't mind the small town at all it was homey but the overcast weather would take some getting used to. I hated moving the summer before my senior year of high school and I didn't want to leave behind the sunny beach for the gloomy Washington weather. I had spent the first weeks unpacking and arranging things for school to start in September. I needed to go shopping for some Washington appropriate clothing I didn't own a rain coat. So I got up and went down stairs to the kitchen where my mom was sitting reading the paper and drinking her cup of coffee. "Hey mom" I said she looked up over her paper "Hey honey what are you up too?" "Well I think I am going to go do some shopping and see if I can find some clothes for school." She smiled at me and looked back down at the paper. I grabbed my kids that were setting by the door and walked to my beautiful black Chrysler 300. I hopped in and turned it on wow she sounded great and I couldn't wait to drive on the open roads here so different than California. I drove down our long drive way to the high way and made my way to the mall.

Jacob's POV

It had been a year since Bella chose the bloodsucker and they had left. I still couldn't believe it but I was getting over it little by little. Sam and Paul had stopped phasing about 6 months ago I was now Alpha. Sam and Emily got married last Christmas and I was happy for them. I was glad that the Cullen's were gone so that our lives could go back to normal and we could all start living again. I was starting my senior year in September that was my focus no patrols no battles and NO BELLA. She had left a hole the size of Texas where my heart had been. I was just as angry and bitter as Leah had always been but at least I didn't have to see Bella with him. They were gone and for that I was happy. The whole pack needed the normality of life and we all deserved a break so much had happened. Paul had moved away to be with his imprint my sister and his soon to be wife. I was happy for them and glad that they had moved . I was really getting tired of their lovey dovey bullshit in the living room all the time it was getting a little old. By the time I relized what time it was I had just enough time to throw my clothes on and and run to the rabbitt. I drove fast and ran in the door to the garage not a minate to late. Whew I though I need this job to up for collage in the fall.

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