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Harry Diggers: Year One

HD -10:

The shadowy figure watched as the two wand-users left Privet Dr. The owner of the shadow had read, well, not the mind, but the intent, of the older one. There are many things he disliked, but planning to turn a baby into a weapon was in a whole new category.

The Mage's Council was going to have a field day with this once it got out, but there was no way he was going to let this innocent stay with those monsters who were his aunt and uncle.

Three days later Professor Dumbledore was worried. The boy who lived was missing. All attempts to find him would fail. Only the fact that his name was still on the records at Hogwarts revealed him to still be alive. Of course they had tried to follow his magical signature, but it had vanished just outside Privet Dr. Naturally they were confused, but then again, they didn't know how to track things across dimensions. And while the Leader of the Light was tearing England apart, young Harry Potter was being watched over by the Northern Edge Guard of the Jade Realm.

10 years later...

Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall was dreading this day. Every year the magic of the castle created the letters that were sent to the students. Normally she only disliked this day because it was her job to hand record and sign each letter.

This year, however, was also the year Harry Potter was to turn 11 and gain his magical inheritance. This was also the first chance for anyone to find out where he was.

Eventually the letter was created. Harry Potter, Third cell of prison level 3, Castle of Dread Knight Rook, Jade Realm. She stared at the address for a moment before sending it off. Taking a moment to compose herself (and have a stiff drink), she went to tell Dumbledore the news.

His sisters always said that exploration was dangerous. Case in point: the "safe" exploration of Rook's castle. True the undead owner was currently trapped in a wall and most of the minions had fled. Still, traps happen. And one such trap had landed him in one of the prison cells. Luckily he had his supplies so he was good for food, and the cell had a bathroom. The only downside was that it would take Gina about a day to find him (provided she realized he was missing any time soon).

An hour after his imprisonment, and 50,000 points on Robot Unicorn Attack, he was bored. Wishing he had something to read, he was quite astonished when an owl popped into his cell, dropped off a letter, and flew to the bed.

"Weird," he said, as he picked up the letter. Breaking the wax seal he opened the letter. "Dear Harry Potter," he looked at the owl, "haven't updated their records have they. Been accepted, Hogwarts, booklist, owl by July 31st."

He thought for a moment. "Why not."

Pulling a pen and paper out of his bag he started writing a response.

Dear Deputy Headmistress,

I would be honored to go to your school. While I am currently unable to meet with you, I will be able on my birthday to discuss what is needed for my enrollment.

My home is the Digger's Mansion, Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Also, please update your records as I have changed my last name to Diggers.

Signing the letter, he handed it to the owl that took it and flew into, and through, the wall.

With nothing else to do, Harry took a nap.

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