Okay, people, it's time for the story's boss, so play the "Final Destination" Theme from Super Smash Bros. Melee! Here we go!

A Titanically Tearful Resolve! Fanny Loves Her Brothers.

Boss fight: King Bowser Koopa

Bowser blew his fire breath at the giantess, but Fanny used her firebending to defend. When the fire cleared, Fanny quickly leaped back when Bowser tried to aerial punch her. The Koopa King then started throwing punches at her, but Fanny fought back. She then charged and used all her strength to push the Koopa King back, but Bowser just grabbed her and tossed her several feet away.

Fanny looked back up and rolled quickly when Bowser tried ground pounding her. She started shooting green fireballs at Bowser's head, but he went in his shell and spun toward the Irish lass, pushing her back. Fanny recovered once again, dodging just before Bowser could burn her.

Back in the town, everyone else was still fighting against the Koopa troops and witches. Harvey's staff was knocked away by Junior's, but Rachel charged and kicked the Koopa Prince away. Nigel kept trying to hit Phantom Gnaa with fireballs, but the ghost kept using his shadow powers to dodge. The phantom screamed in pain when Violet threw her shurikens and cut part of his arm.

Fanny defended as Bowser threw more punches, but the turtle demon turned and knocked her back with his spike shell. Fanny grabbed Bowser's hands when he charged at her and was successfully holding him back, but Bowser bashed her with his head. Fanny held her head in pain, then gave a loud scream when Bowser scratched her left cheek with his claws, leaving three bloody scratch marks.

"FANNY!" Shaunie and Paddy screamed. They then ran towards Violet and stole some of her shurikens.

"HEY!" she yelled to them as they ran toward the giant Bowser.

"Hey! No interfering!" Rumpel yelled, running after them, but was stopped when Nigel shot fire in his path.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

"Away from you! AHH!" With that, Nigel and Rumpel were in a fight of fire vs. spells.

Fanny grabbed Bowser's arms once again, but the Koopa King forced her around and pushed her to the ground, then shot fire at her boots. Fanny kicked her boots off and crawled away, but Bowser leaped above and ground pounded her hard, jumping back a few feet. As Bowser slowly approached the downed Fanny, Paddy and Shaunie got close to him and threw shurikens at his tail, exploding on it. "HEY!" Bowser yelled as he looked down to the two brothers. The Fulbright boys quickly ran as Bowser tried to stomp them.

Fanny quickly awoke to see this, then leaped back up to throw another flame at Bowser. The reptile turned to face her, but that's when Fanny started bombarding him with flames at his face. She then leaped and kicked toward him, shooting a fireball from her bare feet and knocking the Koopa to the ground.

Bowser got back up and started punching at Fanny once again until he was able to grab her and throw her several feet away, landing her on the beach. Fanny looked back up to see Bowser attempting another aerial attack, but she rolled forward and got behind him when he landed.

Fanny then saw Bowser's tail and smiled. "GRAR!" Bowser screamed when she grabbed the tail and started twirling him around.

After a few seconds of building up momentum, Fanny yelled, "SO LONG, KING BOWSER!" and threw him far off into the sea, making a humongous splash of water.

"GRAAARRRRGH!" Bowser shouted when he made a humongous leap out and nearly landed on Fanny, but she jumped back. He then charged and pushed her back into the city outskirts, where her bare foot accidentally stepped on the front part of someone's house.

"WHAT THE HELL? !" Cleveland Brown shouted as his bathtub began sliding off the tilting floor. "No no no no NO NOO!" But he fell and his bathtub shattered. "Grrr! See, this is why I don't read giantess fics!"

Bowser tried another aerial punch, but Fanny side dodged. Afterwards, she kicked him upside the jaw and kicked him back. Bowser did a spin leap in his shell up in the air and landed beside her, then tried pushing her back once again as Fanny grabbed his hands. They shook around until Fanny forcibly let go, and Bowser stuck his horns into her stomach, leaving two holes.

"AAAAHH!" Fanny screamed, gripping her stomach and falling to the ground in pain.

"Ah…it's good to see a brilliant creation at its finest!" Rumpel said. He then smirked, looked up to the sky, and shouted, "HEY, SANDY MAN! Check THIS twice in your list!"

"YEEAAH!" Rumpel leaped out of the way as Nigel threw another flame blast.

Bowser was just about to crush Fanny when Paddy and Shaunie started shooting his tail from behind. Although Bowser didn't feel it well, the tickly feeling was annoying. "Grar, that's it! You first!" he shouted, approaching them. The two brothers tried to run, but ended up grabbed by Bowser's huge claws. "I wonder how little Ireland SHRIMPS taste?"

Fanny heard this and gave an angry expression, her blood boiling. She stood back up, tapped Bowser's shoulder, and punched his jaw hard when he turned, making him throw the two brothers in the air.

"AAH!" they screamed, but were caught in Fanny's right hand, who smiled and gently placed them on the ground. She looked angrily back to Bowser, who rubbed his jaw, and started bombarding him with punches in the side of his jaws. A right punch, left punch, right, left, until she started burning green flames in his face. Bowser shook the fire off just in time for Fanny to do another flame kick, pushing the Koopa to the ground.

"GRAR!" Bowser then felt his tail grabbed once again and felt himself spinning into the air once more.

Fanny once again twirled him, gaining momentum, until she finally yelled, "SO LONG, KING BOWSER!" and sent the tyrant hurling towards the sun. (Stop the music.)

"GRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH!" Bowser's screams echoed through space as he was flying along after Fanny's momentous hurl. He kept going until he finally landed in the sun, burning to bits from the intense heat.

Back on Earth, Fanny dusted her hands off and turned to face the town with pride, the citizens erupting in cheers after her heroic deed.

Fanny simply closed her eyes and smiled at all the praise. "What'd I tell ya? No matter what size we are, girls are ALWAYS the superior being!"

Back on the sun, a humongous figure shot out of the flames, hurling towards Earth at a rapid pace.

On Earth, everyone gasped in horror as a burning object was shooting into the atmosphere. Fanny looked up and quickly dodged the object before it collided powerfully with the earth, and she watched as a creature stood up. After standing all the way, Fanny looked in shock and horror as the figure turned out to be a skeleton Bowser. "GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! !" His roar seemed louder and fiercer than ever.

"Okay, okay, there are several things wrong with this picture." Hoagie spoke up. "1) nothing could possibly be thrown all the way to the sun from Earth and back again in a few short minutes, and 2) after being exposed to the sun's heat that close, not even your skeleton should be able to survive—OW!"

"Forget yo' logic, Fool!" Abby exclaimed after whacking Hoagie with her cap. "That thing's angry enough to burn down the whole world!"


"RAH!" Fanny hurriedly dodged as Bowser aerial punched at her, then began throwing several fast punches, which seemed impossible to avoid. He then ground pounded, which she dodged, then shot another flame at his face. However, Bowser seemed unaffected as the flame did nothing to his boney face.

Fanny was then knocked around as the vicious skeleton punched at her face, then screamed in pure pain when Bowser scratched at her chest.

Back down below, the group struggled trying to fight back Phantom Gnaa, who mixed his powers of shadow and fear. Violet tried charging to him, but he used his psychic to throw her back. He was then surprised when Eva splashed water on him and froze his body, leaving only his exposed head.

Meanwhile, Nigel was still having his little showdown with Rumpel. The elf yelled, "REDUCIO!", firing a spell that shrunk the bald Brit. Rumpel smirked at this until Rachel ran up and kicked the wand out of his hand, making it bounce and fire a spell that returned Nigel to normal. The elf gave a worried look before hurrying into a building.

Fanny kept trying to fight the boney demon and punched straight at his chest, her knuckles feeling intense pain from punching the hard abs. Bowser then grabbed her shirt shoulders and ripped it down a bit before pushing the giantess to the ground once again. She tried to recover, but was forced down by Bowser when he did a ground pound.

The Koopa fossil then leaped back, and Paddy and Shaunie quaked in fear when Bowser approached them, grabbing them in his right hand. "GRAH HA HA! DID YOU REALLY THINK A POWERLESS LITTLE GIRL LIKE YOU COULD STOP ME? ! THERE'S NO ITALIAN, IRISH, OR OTHER BEING ALIVE THAT CAN STOP THE NEW AND IMPROVED GIGA BOWSER! Now watch, Fanny Fulbright, as I reduce this city to rubble! Starting with your helpless LITTLE BROTHERS! GWAH HA HA HA HA!" The two boys screamed at the top of their lungs as the titanic demon was about to snack on them.

Fanny's anger filled greater than ever as she watched the monster about to eat her brothers. …And nobody made lunch out of her brothers except her. "RRAAAHH!" she leaped back onto her feet and kicked the Koopa's arm, sending her brothers high in the sky. Fanny leaped into the air and grabbed her brothers, setting them on the ground once more. She angrily approached the Koopa and started dealing powerful punches at his boney jaw. Despite that his jar was much harder in this form, Fanny continued to punch and punch, her knuckles becoming more bloody with each blow.

Rumpel continued to head up the building until he reached the roof, where he stopped and looked down the hundreds of feet below him. He turned back and gave a worried expression when he saw everyone behind him. Nigel readying his flames, Rachel aiming her staff, Violet with her shurikens, and Facilier with his cane.

The cocky elf gave a mischievous little grin as he spread his arms out and fell over the edge, the team gasping. They then looked to see Rumpel standing on his goose, flying away as he waved. "So long, chumps, ah ha ha ha ha!"

Violet immediately dashed and leaped, grabbing onto the goose's back and clawing at Rumpel.

"Gah, stupid CAT! GET OFF OF ME!" With that, he pushed the cat girl off and sent her falling to the ground.


"Hang on! Oi got ya!" Wally exclaimed, running to her. Violet stopped screaming when she found herself in the Aussie's arms.

Bowser's head kept getting knocked back and forth as Fanny punched him, refusing to quit despite the intense damage to her fists. When she finally stopped, Fanny finished him off by jumping and spinning in the air, kicking his head straight off his body.

"Ha ha!" Rumpel laughed as he was flying over the forest. "See ya later, fools! Next time, I'll-" He then looked and noticed Bowser's incoming head. "AAHHH!" (Stop the music.) Both he and Fifi screamed when the head landed and forced them to the ground with a thud. The two then recovered to see they were trapped behind Bowser's teeth like a jail cell.

Rumpel pushed on the bars and tried to squeeze through. "Hey, hey, this isn't fun! Let me out of here! Open up, ya great stupid fossil! I want out of here, come on!"

"Yay, Fanny!" Paddy and Shaunie exclaimed. The headless body of Bowser was now wobbling around uncontrollably. "AAAHHH!" the brothers screamed when it finally toppled over and landed on them.

"YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!" The town erupted into bigger cheers than ever at Fanny's victory.

Her friends ran up to her, and Rachel shouted, "THAT WAS GREAT, FANNY!"


"DUDE! You, like, totally owned him!" Virginia exclaimed.

"Now, that's what I call girl power!" Eva said.

"Well, it wasn't me, really." Fanny said, modestly. "If it wasn't for my brothers being in danger, I wouldn't have-" She stopped and made a big gasp. "Paddy! Shaunie! Where are ya? !" she asked, looking around. She noticed the unconscious form of Bowser's body and lifted it out of the way.

When she studied the ruined ground below it, she looked in pure terror at the sight of her smashed, little, unconscious brothers. "Paddy? Shaunie?" she said, sadly. She bent down on her knees and poked at them with her right index finger. She put her ear close to them and listened for their heartbeat. But nothing. After a few seconds of staring at them, tears welled up in her eyes as she assumed the worst. "NOOOOOO! Paddy and Shaunie are DEEAAD!" The Irish giantess cried her eyes out as she stuffed her face in her hands, her tears the size of boulders that nearly flooded the ground.

Nigel and Rachel exchanged sad looks at seeing their friend's loss.

The giant redhead reached down and held the two brothers in her hands. "It's all my fault! If I wasn't so mean, if I was only a wee bit nicer ta them… they would still be here… and I coulda told them… how much I LOVED THEM!" She burst into more tears, her wails echoing across the land. The many townspeople already felt sorry for the giantess, her amplified wails only making them feel more sad for her.

Fanny gave more sniffles. "I'm the worst sister ever! I don't deserve to go on!" More sniffles. "Well… rest in peace, brothers. You're in a better place now." With that, she pressed the two warmly against her cheek, feeling the utmost guilt.

But all of a sudden, the two brothers started to move and Fanny looked as they started to groan. At that instant, the two brothers were awakened and Fanny gave an overjoyed expression. "Oh…what happened?" Paddy asked.

"OOH!" Fanny exclaimed, very loud and deafeningly while pressing the two lovingly to her chest. "YOU TWO ARE ALIVE! FOR A SECOND, I THOUGHT I LOST YA! I WAS SO WORRIED!"

"Fanny, take it easy, we're okay!" Paddy shouted, trying to breathe.

"We were only passed out! Don't worry!"

Fanny then pulled the two away and chuckled. "Hehe! Sorry! It's not easy to hear a heartbeat from this high up!"

"Fanny, it's okay! We're fine!" Paddy assured.

"Oh, thank goodness! You two are the greatest brothers ever! I don't know what I'd do without you!"

"Well…we're lucky to have a wonderful sister like you, Fanny!" Paddy exclaimed.

"You're the greatest sister EVER! ! !" Shaunie exclaimed with pure enthusiasm.

"Oh..." Fanny couldn't feel more touched. She experienced a warm feeling in her heart she's never had before. "I love you!" And she held them to her cheek again as they hugged back, their friends giving heartfelt smiles. All of a sudden, Fanny's body began to glow, and the giant stopped hugging to notice. "Wh-What's happening?" In only a matter of seconds, Fanny's body began to shrink and shrink, and the Irish redhead was back at her normal size.

Fanny looked around and studied her body very excitedly as her brothers and friends ran up to her. "I…I'm back!"

"You're back!" the brothers yelled.

"I'M BACK TO NORMAL!" Fanny yelled, running over and embracing her brothers in hugs.

"We're really sorry, Fanny." Paddy apologized once more.

"Oh, it's okay! No harm done, right?"

"Except to you! That Bowser guy beat you good!"

Fanny let go to study her bruises and scratches, almost fully covered in blood. "Oh. Well, now I know how it feels to be the shorter one!" she laughed.

"We'll get you to Moonbase Hospital as soon as we can." Patton assured with a smile.

"Still, I'm glad that's over!" Rachel said relieved.

"Me too! Well, sort of. There's just one more thing I need taken care of…"

At this time, Bowser's unconscious body shrunk back down as well and the head that trapped Rumpel shrunk down until the elf and his goose were squeezed free. "Gah! Stupid Irish!" he shouted, kicking the head. He was about to walk off until-

"Not so fast!" Fanny grabbed him by the shirt collar. "You still need to pay!"

"What are you mad at me for, I was only trying to help!"

"You nearly destroyed the town!" Rachel shouted.

"Not the most helpful thing I would've done." Violet said.

"Did I? Or was this all part of my ingenious plan to help you see how much your brothers meant to you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I planned this from the very beginning! There's nothing that helps you see how much you love your brothers more than putting theirs' and your friends' lives in danger! Pretty clever, isn't it?" he smirked.

"Aw, come on! Y'all really think we're gonna believe that?" Facilier asked.

"Hmm…well, you gotta admit, it's pretty ingenious." Rachel said.


"I mean, come on! These are the kind of convoluted plans that work like charms!"

"Oh, just forget it!"

"So, in that case… am I off the hook?" Rumpel grinned, questioningly and innocently. Fanny simply smiled at the elf and punched him right in the nose, sending him back several feet.

"Good. Now we're even."

"Oh…" Rumpel fainted.

At that moment, Harvey looked and noticed the pink potion labeled 'Growth Potion' sticking out of Rumpel's pocket. He smirked evilly as he ran over and grabbed it, dashing back to his friends. "YES! ! AT LONG LAST! THE GROWTH POTION IS MIIINE!"

"No, Harvey! Don't!" Rachel yelled. She was too late however as Harvey began guzzling down the potion. He drank the whole thing before throwing it away.

"Ah! Now, you will ALL feel the supreme power of…" Everyone just watched with disbelief as Harvey began to shrink, "Mega Harvey…what the-" He finally realized he was 3 inches tall.

"You don't look so powerful to me!" Sonya said as she and Lee smirked.

"Puny!" Lee said.

"What the heck? What happened? What's wrong with the…" Harvey walked over to the bottle and ripped off the tape below the label to see it was really a shrink potion. "SHRINKING POTION? !"

"Aw, he looks so adorable!" Eva exclaimed.

"Hey, SHUT UP!"

"You know, you'd make a nice chew toy!" Violet said.


"Hey, Ginny, want your own pet to take home?" Bartie asked.

"Well, I'd like to see how he reacts to my STINKY feet!" she grinned happily.


"Hey, Harvey! Do aphephobic kids usually come up so short tempered?" Nigel smirked.


"Careful, Harvey!" Hoagie exclaimed. "You're so small, a germ might mistake you for one of their own and wanna take you HOME! AH HA HA HA HA!"

"Shut up, Hoagie!" Abby smacked him. "That boy's so small, the germs will mistake him for an ATOM!" She began laughing as well.


"Well, maybe next time, you'll learn to listen to me!" Rachel smirked to her little brother, picking him up. "But don't worry! I'm sure Angie will be willing to look after you until you're bigger!" With that, she began carrying him away.

"WHAT? No! Not Angie! Anyone but Angie! Come on, Sis, you know I love you! I think you're the greatest sister ever! Please don't take me to Angie, I'm begging you! PLEEEAASE!" Rachel just smiled, feeling superior and powerful as her tiny brother tried to squirm away.

Mt. Gnaa

Negatar Gnaa and his minions just watched as Bowser was taken down. "Well, that's the end of him." Eggman said.

"Don't worry. Bowser is a fast healer. He's survived worse. What interests me is that potion. With a potion like that, we can raise an army of supersized soldiers!"

"OHH HO HO HO HO! I can build the biggest robots known to man!" Eggman exclaimed.

"There's still the matter of dealing with the rest of the fools." The Brain said. "The rest of the brats really stand in our way."

"No problem!" Eggman exclaimed. "Once I get my Solid Gold Death Egg fleet up, I'll have those fools TREMBLING before us!"

"Perhaps. But until then, there are a couple of aliens we need taken of. I've detected one of them is a Firstborn Guardian, and is roaming on Earth."

"I will send Nolan and Danika after them." Brain spoke. "Surely they will prove to be more than a match for them."

"Then get to it. We must round all of the Guardians we can! We will retrieve the Eight Firstborn and I will be with the one who will be my queen! MWAH HA HA HA! HAH HA HA HA! HAH HA-cough! HORK! HAACK!"

Gallagher Elementary

"Class, I would like you to welcome back a student that has been away for a while." Mrs. Thompson instructed to her class. "MUFFY JENKINS! Welcome back, Muffy!" With that, the students greeted the pretty girl. Dimentia just waved back, giving a glare at Nigel.

Hoo! Well, that's over with! So, how'd you like it? Good family story, right? And good small prequel! I'm actually a bit proud of this one! Well, next time, we will move on to the next prequel! Coming up next: Operation: DEATH-EGG! Later!