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I reach for the door knob, turn it, and walk into what feels like I'm walking into the future. Here...goes...nothing!

Chapter 2: Meet Richard

I sit in class, zoned out as usual. Mr. Light has been droning on and on about some weird assignment that we have to do and how he's going to be choosing our partners. As if anyone really cares.

My name is Richard Grayson. But everyone calls me Dick. I'm not your ordinary average teenage guy. I'm the notorious Nightwing, partner to Batman, who just so happens to be my adoptive father, Bruce Wayne. I'm a pretty chill guy for the most part, and not to mention a charmer to the ladies. Some people call me a playboy, but I've recently changed... sort of. I still have girls hanging around me, who can blame them? I have yet to wait for that perfect girl to stay by my side forever. Rachel, my best friend, says, and I quote, "One day you're going to fall in love with someone so bad that you'll drown in it". As if I would.

I hear Mr. Light talk about some new student. Whatever. I turn my attention to the door, which was slowly opening. My eyes widen in shock.

"Everyone", Mr. Light explains," May I introduce our new addition to our class, Miss Kori Anders".

Kori looks up. I gasp. She smiles at everyone.

"Hi, I'm Kori" she says. I hold on to the sides of my desk for dear life.

Kori used to go here, Gotham high, two years ago. Our relationship? Well I guess I can say we are friends. But not entirely. We fight, a lot, and bicker, always trying to see who the best is. I would always flirt with her, since I kind of had a little crush on her, but I know for a fact she'd never like me back, for she hated me. At least, acted like she hated me. But still, to think she's here, in my class, right in front of me. Rachel's voice creeps into the back of my head. No way in hell am I going to let Rachel know about my little crush. She'd go on a rant about it. Looks like it's going to be a long year.

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