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Cobalt Violet (who seems to have a thing about Duo being Heero's fiancé in her fics.)

 ~Waves are a fact of life,

But their very existence can symbolise life,

The ebbing of a tide and the coming in of another

Is very much similar to our emotions,

Where something old goes out something new must come in.~ 'The Wave Walker' By Lillian Armstrong

**Duo Maxwell sighed and stretched slightly so he lay on his back in the warm sun. Only a soft breeze caused a slight chill on his tanned skin, which was rapidly beginning to feel like it was molten due to the burning heat that was cast down in the form of rays. //Perfect, everything is perfect. // He thought sleepily to himself as he closed his eyes and relaxed, letting the real world fade away…


Duo shrieked and sat up, before glancing down at the cold washcloth, which had landed on his stomach. Picking it up disdainfully he glared half-heartedly at the two dark heads bobbing in the water of the swimming pool nearby, both of which had grins plastered on their faces. Violet eyes narrowed for a brief second as he contemplated revenge, but decided against it, partly because he loved the owner's of the said heads too much, but mostly because he couldn't be bothered to get up and do something about them.

"Heero! Solo!" He protested pitifully, "Can't you think of something better to do?" He tried to look upset, but the look failed miserably, causing his spouse and adopted son to laugh even harder. "Come on guys, its not that funny!" He whined, waving the washcloth, which was fast drying due to the heat. "I was all nice and relaxed, and on the point of going to sleep…" He trailed off as Solo swam to the edge of the pool and hauled himself out before running over to plop down next to the braided man, splattering his odd parent with little droplets of water.

"It was daddy's idea!" He reported, still grinning as he glanced back to where Heero had now turned slightly red and was looking for possible escape routes, "I thought it was a good one." The seven year old wrinkled his nose slightly as he watched his other 'daddy' raise one eyebrow and shoot a venomous glare towards the cobalt eyed man who had also climbed out and was slowly walking towards them. Very slowly.

"Oh really?" Duo's tone relayed nothing but a sudden thoughtful interest, "Well I'll have to sort daddy out won't I?"

Heero gulped and stopped altogether as his husband regarded him with a predatory interest. "Uh…maybe later…right Solo? I'm sure there was something you wanted to ask Du…dad. Wasn't there?" His gaze would have been described as 'puppy dog' if it had been anyone but Heero. Heero never used puppy dog eyes.

Solo's eyebrows knotted for a brief moment before his expression cleared. "That's right, Dad, can you do me a favour?"

"Sure," replied Duo, settling back again, "As long as it doesn't involve me getting wet."

"Will you tell me a story?"

"What sort?"

"Well…" Solo hesitated, and when Duo opened one eye (he had closed them again to block out the sun) he could have sworn his son was fidgeting. "Will you tell me how you and daddy got together?" The small boy frowned, "I've been talking to the other kids on the ship, and they seem to think it's weird having two daddies and no mummy. I explained I was a n'orphan…"

"Orphan." Duo corrected.

"Orphan," Solo repeated dutifully, "But they said their parents said it was queer." He snorted, expressing without words exactly what he thought of the other children's opinions. "And I'm curious. Heero said I should ask you."

"Oh really?" The other eye was open again, and the violet gaze was drilling into suspiciously innocent cobalt eyes, "And don't call your father 'Heero.'" Duo added almost as an afterthought.

"Yes daddy." Solo said submissively, before curious hazel eyes turned towards Heero and back again, "So will you tell me or do I have to ask daddy?" He widened his eyes, trying to look pitiful so his father would have mercy on him and tell him the story.

Duo gulped as he saw his son give him 'the look.' It was a very effective way of getting his braided parent to do whatever he wanted, and Duo never resisted, it was just too cute. "Fine, I'll tell you…happy now?" He asked, although this question didn't really need answering, Solo's face had lit up and he was bouncing excitedly in his seat. "But only," Duo continued, holding up a finger, "If Hee-chan comes and helps me." He shot a grin at his husband who rolled his eyes and said nothing, instead just sitting down and wrapping his arms around the longhaired man's torso.

Solo pulled a face at the sickening display of affection his parents were demonstrating before he poked Duo's arm, causing him to jump slightly and look guiltily away from where he had been staring into Heero's eyes with a dreamy expression. "Can you start now?" The young boy demanded, almost petulantly.

"Right," Duo muttered, gathering his thoughts together, "It all started back in college…"**

Nineteen-year-old Duo Maxwell grinned and bounced on the balls of his feet as he sang along to the music pounding out of his black stereo system. "I WANT TO TELL YOU, I WANT TO SHOW YOU, I NEVER WANT TO LET YOU GO, YOU ARE MY…"


The music was cut off abruptly, causing the dancing teenager to screech to a halt in the middle of a spin, which then resulted in his loss of balance, which led to him stumbling and colliding with his roommate Heero Yuy. "Oh, hi Heero." He said rather breathlessly, extracting himself from the strong arms, which had come up to stop him from falling over completely, "I didn't hear you come in."

"Probably because you had the music on so loud." Was the quiet reply as cobalt eyes twinkled with quiet amusement, "Is it really necessary to have the volume on at full capacity at nine thirty in the morning?"

"Uh huh." Duo nodded emphatically, "It wakes everyone up to a pleasant noise and it shows how HAPPY I am!" He grinned again before moving across the room and throwing several non-descript items into the suitcase, which lay open on the bed. "Aren't you the least bit excited Heero? We're finally going on holiday, for the first time in the two years I've known you, and it's not just any holiday, we're going on a luxury cruise ship, and it's all being paid for by the college because I won that stupid essay contest. First class!" He smiled rather smugly, "Not bad eh?"

"No." Heero's expression didn't change once.

"Yeesh, lighten up man! Are you ever going to get over taking life so seriously? I swear in the time I've known you, you haven't smiled once…" Duo's voice faded away as he ran out of the room and down the hall to bang on Zechs Marquise's door. "Wu-man, can I borrow your CD player? I haven't got one."

The door flew open and the irate senior student stuck his head out. "Yes Maxwell, you can. But this must be the positively last thing you borrow, I've given you my supply of towels and sun lotion already." His grumbles were lost on Duo however, who took the opportunity to peer around the door.

"Wow, I never knew you had a shrine Zechsy my man!" (2)

"Don't call me that Maxwell. It was a gift, from my parents." Zechs' voice was slightly muffled as he now had his head in his wardrobe (1) searching for the said CD player. "It is to honour my ancestors with the traditional sunrise rituals." His head emerged, face slightly flushed as he triumphantly brandished the portable stereo. "There! Now leave me in peace, I was about to start my afternoon meditation when you knocked (I should say banged) on my door."

"Thanks Zechsy." Duo yelled, backing out of the room, away from Zechs's flapping hands and slamming the door behind him, "Have a nice vacation, me and Heero sure will!"

The only reply he got were the several muttered curses that were loud enough to worm their way through the thick door.


"Wow, this thing's huge!" Duo breathed, his eyes wide as he looked in awe at the large cruise liner that would be his, and Heero's, home for the next three weeks. "Have you ever seen anything so huge in your life?" Not waiting for a reply from his stoic companion, who had no intention of replying anyway, he continued, "But what a weird name," He indicated the large letters painted on the side of the liner, "Fulfilling destiny…strange huh?" A grunt indicated Heero was still listening and when Duo glanced sideways at him, he saw his friend was looking with interest at the lifeboats.

His throat suddenly dry, Duo licked his lips as he watched the thick, dark hair ruffle in the strong sea breeze that was blowing around the harbour and the strong arms that were now folded across the green clad, well muscled chest. (3) Suddenly the intense blue gaze turned towards the staring boy and Heero raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Oh…nothing…" Duo said, shrugging his shoulders in a careless gesture, "Shall we go on board?" He grinned as Heero nodded, before grabbing his suitcase and hauling it up the gangplank, cursing under his breath. "Why did this thing have to be so heavy?" He panted, dropping the large piece if luggage with a resounding *thud* in front of one of the attending bellhops.

"Possibly because you packed so much?" Heero asked, slinging his light duffle bag over one shoulder and walking past the exhausted boy, not even bothering to look at him as he began to lead them down past a large lounge that was situated just past the entrance into the ship. Glancing back over one shoulder he rolled his eyes when he saw Duo was a good way behind, still struggling with his remaining bags, while the bellhop dragged the suitcase behind.

Marching back he grabbed three separate bags. "Hurry up baka." He muttered before turning and proceeding down a corridor.

Duo counted under his breath as they passed by at least twenty or thirty doors. "Fifty nine, sixty, sixty one…how much further…sixty two…sixty three…" Suddenly the little entourage of bellhop, Heero and Duo, halted outside room number 605. "Is…this…it?" He managed between gasps of air as he looked at Heero questioningly.

Heero nodded and rummaged in one of the bags; eventually pulling out the electronic key they'd been handed by the headmaster of the university. "This is it." He said, slotting the key in and turning it to reveal the room they would be staying in for the next couple of weeks. "Hn." He commented, one eyebrow raised, at the extravagance of the decorating. "Not bad."

"NOT BAD?!?" Duo shrieked, coming in behind him, "THIS IS FANTASTIC!" He gazed around, smiling at the sight of the huge room, no, suite that they'd been given.

A large sitting room was immediately in front, decorated with rich red and gold carpets and curtains that covered several large windows which looked out directly onto the deck and out over the sea. On either side of the room there was two doors leading off to two separate bedrooms, both decorated in a style similar to the main room. Next to each bedroom there were two bathrooms, one containing a Jacuzzi (4) and the other containing a large shower. A walk in closet was situated in between the two and everything was topped off with dark mahogany furniture.

"Wow." Duo whistled, eyes rounded as he stared at the palace they'd be calling 'home' for a while, "This is neat!"

Heero gave in and nodded in agreement, before walking over to the right hand bedroom and depositing his things on the bed, before removing his shoes and beginning to unpack.

A chestnut head pooped around the door, "Heero that's boring, leave it to the cleaners and come explore the ship with me." Pleading violet eyes looked at the shorthaired boy with a hopeful expression. "Please?" Duo begged, his voice rising slightly to a whine.


"Thanks man!" Duo bounced into the room and flung his arms around Heero's neck, hugging the slightly taller boy tightly. Smiling happily he leant his head on Heero's shoulder and sighed slightly, taking in the unique scent of the man he'd had a secret crush on for the past year and a half or so.

Heero's eyes rounded slightly as he felt Duo sigh, sending a warm stream of air over his shoulder. "Uh…Duo…" He ventured, fidgeting slightly, //Oh God this is not good, my best friend is hugging me like this…he shouldn't be…I might give way…this is not good…//  "Duo!" He snapped again, his voice coming out harsh, even to his own ears.

Duo jumped slightly and guiltily let his arms drop to his sides, moving away so he wasn't quite so close. "What Heero?" He asked, his eyes blinking innocently.

"Let's just get going." Heero muttered, glaring at the carpet so hard it was a wonder it didn't burn then and there.



"Hee-san!" A feminine voice rose above the noise projected by a large crowd of people, "Hee-san over here!"

Heero and Duo turned around to watch the approaching girl, dressed all in pink with her wheat blonde hair fluttering behind her. "Who's that?" Duo asked out of the corner of his mouth, nudging Heero in the ribs as the girl got even closer, "An old girl friend of yours?"

"Baka, that's Relena-sama," Heero replied, snorting slightly.

"Oh and that tells me a lot." Duo murmured sarcastically as the girl finally reached Heero's side, tucking the escaped strands of hair behind her ears.

"Heero it's so good to see you again!" She gushed, a smile lighting her face, "And on here of all places!" Her attention turned to Duo who was staring at her, "And who's your friend?" She beamed, her blue eyes sparkling slightly.

"Relena, this is Duo Maxwell, Duo this is Lady Relena of the Sanq kingdom and an old friend of mine." Heero stated in his usual monotone, glancing from Relena to Duo, his blue eyes revealing nothing.

"Oh wow, so you're Duo!" Relena said, smiling and holding out her hand, which Duo took and shook automatically. "I've heard so much about you from all of Heero's letters. He mentions you an awful lot!" She beamed at the braided boy, who blinked several times before slowly smiling back. Duo decided he liked Relena, she seemed open and honest, not someone he would expect Heero to know. Come to think of it…

"Hey, how did you guys meet up?" He asked curiously, his eyes darting from one to the other, "If you'll forgive me for saying so m'lady, Heero doesn't exactly seem the open and friendly type." He grinned as he saw Heero roll his eyes, "It took three months of me talking to him continuously and sharing a room with him to get a single sentence to pass his lips!"

Relena giggled, "I know, Hee-san can be a bit closed to people he doesn't know, but we were childhood playmates." She smiled as Duo frowned, "What is it Mr Maxwell?"

"Duo, please, I can't stand formalities," The braided boy winked, "And I hope you won't mind me taking the liberty of calling you Relena."

"Not at all." Relena giggled and winked back, "Now what had you frowning?"

Duo shrugged, "I just never figured Heero to be the type of guy to mix with nobility, that's all."

"But didn't he tell you?" Relena asked.

"Tell me what?"

"Heero's real name is Odin Lowe Jr…he's the son of Odin Lowe, you know, lord Odin, the politician?"

"What?" Duo shrieked, earning himself several strange looks from passers-by, rounding on Heero he glared at his roommate. "Why didn't you tell me Heero?" He demanded, his eyebrows knitting as he glared at the calm expression in Heero's eyes, "You could've trusted me you know!"

Relena put a hand over her mouth, her eyes widening as she looked at the two boys. "He didn't know Heero?" She winced, "I'm sorry, I should have kept my mouth shut…"

"No." Heero interrupted, "It's fine Relena, perhaps I should have told him earlier anyway."

"Damn straight!" Duo interjected, still furious. "Sometimes Heero Yuy I could just…just…ARGH!" He pulled a face before turning on his heel and walking away from the man he thought he'd known.

Relena watched him go, her expression one of guilt and anxiety. "I really am sorry Heero, I thought he knew, honestly I did, I've never seen you this close to anyone else and I assumed…"

"Don't worry about it." Heero cut her off with an abrupt wave of his hand, "He'll get over it in a little while."

Relena frowned doubtfully but held her tongue, her friend seemed to have too much confidence in the other's good nature. Sighing she changed the subject. "So has anything much been happening since your last letter?" She asked, her blue eyes sparkling slightly as she led him over to sit on one of the soft sofas surrounding the lounge they had now entered.

"No. And you?"

"Oh! I nearly forgot!" She clapped her hand to her mouth as the waiter set a tea tray in front of them (they were obviously delivered automatically as neither Heero nor Relena had ordered anything.) "Wufei proposed! Isn't that wonderful!" She smiled happily, holding out her hand to display the large diamond set in the ring on her finger.

"Relena!" Heero allowed himself a small grin, "How could you forget something that important?"

Relena shrugged, "I have another nice surprise for you Heero!" She beamed at him, "You're parents are on board!"

Heero choked on the tea he had been sipping, sending the liquid spraying across the table. "W…what?" He managed eventually, looking like he would have got up and run off the ship if he could've. Unfortunately for him, they'd been moving for a good half an hour and were now out to sea. "Where?" He asked, his eyes wide as he clutched Relena's hand.

"Oh, they're on the upper deck, so you don't need to worry…although there is one small problem, judging from your reaction to my news." She hesitated, clearly not wanting to tell Heero what she was about to.

"What is it?"

"They…want you to get married."


"That's one way of describing it." Relena agreed as she watched Heero's face turn purple.

To Be Continued…

(1) Uh…I think Americans call it a closet. Sorry, peeps, I'm English, it's called a 'wardrobe' for me.   

(2) This was originally going to be Wufei, however I then discovered in needed him for later, so let's just say Zechs, for some reason, worships his ancestors and for the point of the plot is not related to Relena.

(3) The official Heero tanktop you know, green, thin material etc.

(4) Everyone familiar with this? Like a hot tub sort of thing, big, bubbles warm water everywhere.

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