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Special A! Time Line. [Purely Fan Made] [Different Story.] [OOC :3]


The school bell rang.

Kei Takishima, 6 years old, stood at the school entrance.

'What a lame looking school. I don't need a school, I know everything, anyways.' Kei thought grumpily. Just then, a girl that looked the same age as him ran past him in lightning speed, slightly bumping him.

As Kei saw her, a light blush crept across his face."Ah, Sumimasen." She smiled apologetically. "Please excuse me, I'm in a hurry." She said with a bow, and then ran off.

Kei stood like a statue, staring at where the girl was. 'What in the world am I feeling? Is this...?' It was the first time he ever felt so confused. He shook his head then headed for the classroom.

"Ah, Takishima Kei. You're sitting beside Hanazono Hikari, Okay? She's in the Principals office so you'll see her at lunch." Ms. Yamashita, the teacher, said. Kei gave her a nod.

'Who is this Hanazono Hikari? Never heard of her...' Kei thought.

"Uh, do you want to play with us?" Kei spun around to see a green-haired boy. "You're Kei Takishima, right?"

"Yes I am Kei Takishima. You're Ryuu Tsuji; correct me if I'm wrong." He said formally.

"You're correct. Do you want to play with us?" Ryuu looked at the blond-haired twins behind him.

'Megumi and Jun Yamamoto.' Kei thought. "No thank you. I'm not really into playing."

"Okay, I understand." Ryuu replied.

'He understands?' Kei thought.


"Don't you dare mess with me." A long, dark- haired girl growled to a dark haired boy sitting on the floor.

"G-Gomenasai, Akira-Chan." The boy stuttered.

"Toudou-san. Karino-san. Don't fight in the classroom." Kei scolded his friends.

"Kei-san." Akira, 6 years old, and Tadashi, 5 ½ years old, said in unison.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

"It's lunch time!" The other kids ran out of the school to the playground, bringing their lunch boxes.

Kei sat there, staring at his unopened lunch.

"Are you trying to burn a hole in your lunch?" A sweet voice suddenly said, making Kei jump a bit.

He looked to his right, seeing the girl who bumped into him earlier. She was smiling at him. "Sorry again for bumping into you earlier."

"Since when were you here?" He asked grumpily.

"I was at the principal's office earlier so I didn't have a chance to make friends. I heard you were really smart and strong so we'll be rivals! Anyways, I'm Hikari Hanazono." Hikari held her hand out.

'Rivals? Hikari Hanazono?' Kei thought. He shook her hand. "I'm Kei Takishima."

They chatted and ate their lunches together.

"Why don't you smile?" Hikari suddenly asked, looking worried. "Do you have a problem? I can help you!"

"I just don't like smiling." Kei replied coolly. "It's nearly end of lunch."

They packed their lunches and headed for the door.

"Takishima-san?" Kei turned around to face Hikari.


"Even though we're rivals, let's be friends, okay? Promise?" Hikari held out her pinkie.

"Promise." Kei said as he puts his pinkie over hers, both of them wrapped their pinkies together. Then he smiled, his heart was full of happiness.

"You look cuter when you smile!" Hikari said, beaming. Kei blushed.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

"Let's go back."

"Hi! I'm Hikari Hanazono! Why are you lonely?" Akira heard a girl say behind her.

"Ah! Eto... N-nandemonai!" Akira sniffled.

"But you're crying." Hikari rubs Akira's back. "Is it a bully? I'll take him for you! Or if you want, I'll teach you to beat him!"


"Don't worry; we'll keep it as a secret."

"Okay..." Akira replied with a smile.


"Takishima! I'll beat you soon!" Hikari said after their challenge.

"Heh, as if, Miss. Number. Two." Kei said as he smirked. "Dream on."

'Argh, he pisses me of so much I want to rip his head off!' Hikari thought angrily as she walked to the playground.

"AHHH!" Hikari heard Akira's scream by the school garden.

Hikari ran off to the direction of the scream. "Akira!"

Akira was surrounded by a group of middle schoolers.

"What are you doing to my friend?" Hikari asked furiously to the boys.

"Oh, look. It's a cute little girl trying to look tough. You're cute." One of them said, smirking.

"Well, I don't really care if we fight." Hikari replied scarily, cracking her knuckles.

"Ooh, I'm scared." One of the 5 said. Then, they started to attack. Hikari fought them, but one was lucky to hit her, and sent her flying.

"HIKARI!" Akira cried.

"How dare you send her flying like that." A voice came from behind them. Kei's voice.

"Ah, another tough one."

"Heh." Kei said as he attacked him. Hikari stood up and smiled at him.

"Behind you." Kei said in a bored tone.

FWAK! Hikari gave the attacker a 360 degree roundhouse kick and sent him flying. Another tried to attack Kei but he gave him a back flip kick. 2 of 5 were down.

Another 2 tried to attack Kei and Hikari but the pair gave them a simultaneous butterfly kick.

"Only one left." Kei and Hikari said in unison while smirking scarily at the last person.

"HIYAAAAA!" They both shouted as they gave him a flying kick, letting him fly 20 feet in the air before landing face first to the ground.

Hikari hugged Kei. Akira saw a light blush in his cheeks.

"Thanks, Takishima!" Hikari smiled at him. Akira chuckled. Hikari let go of Kei.

"Oh, Akira! Are you okay?" Hikari worriedly asked, running to Akira.

"Yes, thanks to you. Thank you very much, Hikari... and Kei." Akira said as she hugged her best friend.

"You're welcome." Kei and Hikari said at the same time.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

"Let's go back now. Hikari, let's go to the infirmary. I'll treat that bruise."

"I'm oka-"

"Akira, can you please tell the teacher?" Akira gave him a nod.

"Am I being ignored?" Hikari childishly asked, crossing her arms.

"Let's go." Kei said as he dragged Hikari. Akira smiled.

"Oi, chotto matte!"



Hikari sat down on the bed while Kei took the first aid kit.

"Are you crazy?" He suddenly said, looking back to her with a look of worry and anger.


"Why did you attack them by yourself?" Kei scolded angrily as he dabbed the cotton to her bleeding wound.

'Ouch.' Hikari thought. "B-Because Akira was in trouble."

"Then what do you think would happen if I wasn't there?" He growled while putting the band aid on her wound.

Hikari pouted.

'So cute...' Kei thought.

"I dunno." Hikari admitted.

They arrived in front of the classroom door, and then Kei faced her. He grabbed her face then kissed her.

"What was that for?" Hikari asked innocently.

Kei just smiled at her and entered the room.

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