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Takishima Estate ; 9:26 pm—

"I'm home,"

Kei Takishima greeted with an exhausted voice upon entering the large house. He placed his black suitcase beside the wooden shoe rack before locking the door, taking off his shoes, coat, and socks, and then running off to the second floor of his home to find his beloved wife.

As soon as he reached the said floor, he headed towards the masters bedroom and quietly opened the door to find Hikari Takishima crouching in front of the large bookshelf. Kei grinned mischievously as he tip-toed towards her and wrapping his strong arms around her small waist, catching her by surprise.

"Eep!" She screeched before spinning around to face him, still in his embrace. "K-Kei! Don't scare me like that!"

He chuckled as she hit him on the chest, "Sorry... No need to be violent, nii-san. Is that what I get after a long, lonely and hard day without the presence of my beautiful wife?"

"Sh-shut up! And don't call me nii-san!" She blushed, irritated by the nickname. The onyx eyed lady seemed to hesitate for a moment before standing on her toes to peck him on the lips. "W-welcome home.."

He laughed softly at her red face, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and freed her from his embrace so he could head towards the unnecessarily huge closet. "Had fun taking care of the twins?"

"Yup! And Taniyama-san was a great help. I'm almost sure I would've died trying to calm down both Naomi and Haru if it weren't for– H-HEY! DON'T JUST S-STRIP SHAMELESSLY AS IF I'M NOT HERE!"

"Why not?" He chuckled slyly, "You've seen much more, haven't–"

"Eep! Zip it! J-just continue changing while I look for pictures!" Hikari commanded, slapping her scarlet face (due to the sudden embarrassing memory of the interesting events in Bora-bora). After spinning into a full 360°, the lady rummaged through the bookshelf as she desperately tried to pry the image out of her mind. Poor woman.

Hikari found a large, orange-y brown envelope tucked between two of the largest books on the bookshelf. Bored, Desperate to shoo away the embarrassing memory, and definitely curiosity, she freed the envelope from between the dictionary and thesaurus. Then she noticed the lime green sticky note attached to the folder, saying:

"Here is my late present to Kei-kun and Hikari-chan. I hope you'll both enjoy my gift^^ Hehehe, ~Yahiro"

Hikari stared distrustingly at the paper, sensing a hint of mischievousness and playfulness based on the contents of the note, then giggled softly. She sat down on the beautiful, soft king-sized bed and caught a glimpse of a, thankfully, fully-clothed Kei. The lad, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow at the sight of the unfamiliar envelope, then sat down on the opposite side of the bed, right beside his wife.

"...have you seen this before?" She asked after breaking her staring contest with the innocent post-it to look at him.

"No," He shook his head slightly. "What does it say?"

She pushed it towards his face playfully then grinned, "Basically a 'late present' from Yahiro."


The black-haired girl then placed it on her lap and tore it open before holding it upside down to let the contents of the envelope fall to the bed.

To be honest, the items that fell were quite unexpected to Kei and Hikari; four, white, sealed, and labeled envelopes fell from the orange-y envelope and flipped slightly before landing on the bed.

The couple eyed the envelopes in suspicion and arched an eyebrow... simultaneously. Then Hikari took one of the four and observed it closely. "What is this...? Er, it says 'H-N-Y-M-N'. Do I open it?"

"Whatever nii-san wants." He smirked as a visible vein throbbed in her head. "I'll go visit the twins first, 'kay?"

"Whatever the jerk wants." She shot back, glaring intensively at him. "Just try not waking them up."

He closed the door behind him, and said, "Sure... Mrs Number Two."

"Arrogant bastard." She muttered under her breath, before turning her attention back to the heavy-ish envelope in her hands. "What could be in this...?"

Kei's POV; 3rd person speaking

"Arrogant bastard." His wife muttered on the other side of the door. The lad couldn't help but chuckle, she amuses him a lot.

The brown-eyed man walked towards the room next to their's– Haru and Naomi's. 'What could that Yahiro be planning?' He thought. Being friends or whatever they call each other, Kei knew Yahiro well and could read the said man like an open book; mischievous, evil-ish, half-egotistic and half-non-egotistic, and somewhat... caring.

Not that the sly 'devil' cared for him.

...or did he?

Er, well, let's just say Kei could read Yahiro like an open book... and he had blurry eyes.

Anyway. He twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open in a silent manner, before sliding in between the half-opened door and the door frame, then walked towards the two wooden cribs. Looking at the faces of his beloved twin children which was illuminated by the lamp on one of the shelves, Kei realized how lucky he was. He had a very successful company to manage, crazy friends that care for him and his family, parents that love them to death, in-laws that accept the whole-heartedly, a cozy and homey mansion, a very beautiful and loving wife... and now, his angel-like twin children.

He grinned at the thought. Yep, he was complete.

The new father kissed both of his beloved twins on the forehead, careful not to wake them up.

Then he heard a loud squeak. And he recognized the voice.

"Hikari..." Kei mumbed before running off to find his wife.

Hikari's POV; 3rd person speaking

"What could be in this...?" She wondered out loud. 'That Yahiro and his mischief. But... should I wait for Takishi— wait, why am I calling him Takishima? It's Kei, Hikari! Your husband's name is Kei! Kei, Kei, KEI! And get used to it because you, yourself, are a Takishima.'

Despite her slightly pink cheeks, she slapped herself continuously as her internal conflict began. After minutes had passed, she realized that she wasted enough time, and decided the she'd open the envelope without Kei.

The lady tied her hair into a messy bun before proceeding to slowly rip the carefully sealed envelope, the one with the label of 'Hnymn'.

Then she stuck her hand in and grasp whatever was inside. To her confusion, the item was paper thin. 'Don't tell me it's another envelope,' she thought warily, and then pulled it out, before realizing there were several of whatever the stuff was.

Hikari looked at the items in her hand... before her eyes bulged, jaw dropped, blood rushed to her face, forgetting to surpress a loud squeak.

Author's POV

Kei rushed to their bedroom and slammed the door open, and that's when he caught a glimpse of a very flushed and flustered Hikari. "What happened?"

She jerked her head up to face him and her eyes widened more, but now it was due to horror. He arched an eyebrow.

"Erm..." She squirmed, hesitant and embarrassed.

"Hikari," The man said in a gentle questioning voice. "What is it?"

She signaled him to come closer and sit beside her. Curious, he did as he was told and sat close to her before placing his head on her shoulder. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she felt Kei's breath by her ear, and embarrassment, from what is happening and the item on her hand, was conquering her.

Gulping, she showed him the item.

A picture.

No, not just an ordinary picture. It was a picture of them in Bora Bora. Holding hands. All lovey-dovey. Sitting on the beach. Almost dark. And worst (or best?) of all, they were merrily... french kissing.

Erm.. Yes, you saw that right.

It may seem impossible if others would see Takishima Kei and Takishima Hikari doing that but, just as a reminder, they have kids.

The Takishima Kei blushed. "How the hell did that Yahiro—"


And the photos slipped out of the hand of a now ultimately embarrassed Hikari Takishima, causing them to scatter on the bed for the couple to easily see each of every pictures.

Yep. Photos like:

1) Both of them playing on the beach.

2) Eating in an open-air restaurant with their beach suits on.

3) A blushing Kei as he saw Hikari in her swimsuit, and Hikari, who is– as usual– oblivious of how much she had turned on her husband.

4) Shopping for items.

5) Kei teaching Hikari how to cook.

6) Him practically teasing her into sleeping in the same bed.

7) Them falling asleep on the couch while watching TV.

8) Them kissing.

9) Riding on a boat.

10) Having contests.

11) A sick Hikari taken care by Kei.

12) Kei gets sick and Hikari needs to take care of him, too.

13) Nauseus Hikari.

14) Them swimming.

...and many more. The raven haired lady turned to stare at her husband, who was also pretty much embarrassed and shocked as her.

With the couple both blushing and Hikari looking like she was about to faint, Kei could only think two things.

First, How the hell did Yahiro get those photos?

And second... What was in those 3 more envelopes?

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