A/N: Okay, so this is the sequel to Hermione and Severus: I Will Never Leave You! Please review and hopefully things will start making more sense (the story ended weirdly!:).

A bird twittered, the dawn sun was slowly rising and light was streaking pale pink and soft gold through the clustered trees. Hermione's breath was coming out in clouds in front of her thin, pale face. Everything was happening so fast and yet, so slow. The past few weeks Harry, Ron and Hermione had been out hunting for horcruxes; they had found one and were unable to destroy it.

Hermione wrapped her moderately warm jacket around her thin body, which had only become thinner given the lack of nourishment the trio had obtained since they had settled in the forest, various forests actually, since they abandoned Grimuald Place.

No one knew what they were doing; Ron was hurt, Harry was stressed and Hermione was worried, mourning, and almost nostalgic. She could not get that day out of her head; it had been one of the most dramatic experiences of Hermione's life.

Severus…killing…Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy was a Death Eater, his father was said to be out of Azkaban-which had no security now anyways, Severus Snape, Hermione's beloved was now Headmaster at Hogwarts. She had spoken to him the very next day after Dumbledore's death. Hermione remembered the evening of Dumbledore's last breath…

She was turning, leaving the spot, looking not back at her lover but ahead at the castle, which look dark and almost gloomy…terrifying. She neared the courtyard. Everyone, including Harry, was standing about, crowding the space. Dumbledore's body was laid out on the stone ground, he looked so peaceful, as if he were in a dreamless, comforting slumber.

Ginny was over Harry and Hermione felt her heart go out to the two of them. It wasn't until Professor McGonagall had raised her wand in the sky that Hermione's attention was turned away from Dumbledore, Harry, and Ginny.

A beam of gentle white light erupted from the Professor's wand and shone towards the sky. Hermione saw it had become tainted with the Dark Mark.

More and more witches and wizards were raising their wands; Hermione raised hers and as she watched Harry and Ginny once again, she realized that the Dark Mark was absent from the clouded sky…

Hermione shivered, she needed her heavier jacket, but she was on watch now and she did not dare enter the tent where Harry and Ron were sleeping to try and fetch a heavier one. She wanted to be alone, they were mad at her anyway, everyone was...

The next day, all the students were gathering into the Great Hall for breakfast, but even Ron couldn't bring himself to eat very much. Hermione played with her food. Where was Severus? He had said he would summon her... She looked up from her reverie. She had felt cold eyes glaring at her, she was not mistaken. Almost all eyes at the Gryffindor table were in slits…directed at her. Lavender's were in the lead as she scoffed, "Traitor."

Hermione was certain now, everyone knew about her and Severus and Lavender had told them. Hermione did not glance over at the other tables for she knew that more eyes would be glowering upon her, with the exception of the Slytherins. Hermione's eyes strayed towards Ginny. She looked sad, pale. She was sitting next to Harry-who was across from her and she smiled slightly at her friend. Ron did not smile at Hermione, but he was not glaring and Harry completely ignored her.

It was a surprise to Hermione when she had been asked to attend the wedding at the Burrow and it was a surprise to her when she had been asked to go to go with Harry and Ron to hunt down horcruxes. Hermione looked at the small book that was snuggled between two gloved hands. What was she wearing gloves for? It wasn't even winter yet, though it was a brisk day in late fall.

Hermione flipped through the pages, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It was a children's book but it had been left to Hermione. What did he take her for? A child? No; "In the hope that she finds it entertaining and instructive…" That's what Dumbledore had written in his will, anyway.

Hermione sighed, fog came out of her mouth, well, at least she hadn't been having those terrifying dreams…lately. She had experienced one on the night Dumbledore died and it was no different from the ones she had experienced before. She had experienced only two others since then, but none on this journey.

Hermione remembered that school had been cancelled for the remainder of the year and students were meant to return home early. The year was almost over anyway and without a Headmaster… Hermione recalled when Severus had summoned her that day…

It was late at night and Hermione was seated in a comfortable chair in her bedroom reading Lost Runes when a chill came over her. It was slight but she noticed in an instant that the window she was sitting beside was creaking open slowly. Hermione closed the heavy book and stood up just in time to see a small ball of light fly into the room and land on her bed. The window shut abruptly and Hermione went to the bed. A letter had landed where the light had been. Owls were no longer the most practical form of communication for they were often intercepted by the Ministry. Hermione took the letter and opened it. Before she could finish it a smile had spread across her face. Hermione dropped the letter and uttered a spell "incendio" The little paper burst into flame and Hermione saw it disappear. The speel had only affected the paper and not the purple comforter and as she hurried to her wardrobe to gather a coat and gloves she strayed a quick glance in the mirror to be certain that her appearance was sufficent. She looked weary but beautiful and immediatly left her room and hurried swiftly but silently down the stairs...

...Hermione stood in front of the plain, solid black door before her. Spinner's End was not a popular neighborhood nor pretty, but it was neat, orderly and quiet. The sky was darkening ,but Hermione was relieved to see no clouds. She didn't have to knock before the door was opened. No one was there, but Hermione let herslef in. "Severus?" she uttered the words softly but drew out her wand. This could be a trap. Not a moment later she knew that it was real; Severus Snape came in from a adjoining room and stood before her. Hermione's face transformed from concern to joy. Neither moved before Severus opened his arms and Hermione dashed down the hall towards them.

"Thank Merlin you're alright!" Hermione said as she embraced Severus. She had been there once before, at Christmas. As she held him close, she could smell the cedar, the ash, and the spearmint.

Severus held her close to his warm body, he kissed her tenderly and Hermione looked into his eyes. "You must explain this to me, everything."

"I will," he said. He led her into the lounge and gestured her to sit in a comfortable chair across from his and he sighed. "I am to return to Hogwarts, as Headmaster." Though they were sitting on opposing sides they were still near enough to eachother to hold the other's hands.

Hermione's eyes widened.

"I am a member of the Order of the Phoenix; however, I am also a Death Eater and I have been one since I graduated from Hogwarts." The man rolled up his sleeve. A snake was being devoured by a skull. Severus was clearly displaying signs of discomfort as he shoved his sleeve back over his skin.

"Everything I have done, Hermione was because Dumbledore asked me to. I am an ally and an enemy to you."

Hermione nodded when he uttered the word 'ally', but stiffened and began to shake her head when he said 'enemy'.

"Draco was supposed to be the man to kill Dumbledore, because the Dark Lord asked him to. I was told by Dumbledore that I should do it, so the Death Eaters and Voldemort would gain my trust."

Hermione nodded again. Severus sat back in his chair.

"I want to help you," Hermione said.

Not that she had; Severus told her to look after Harry while he went off to do the job for Professor Dumbledore. Hermione relayed as much information as she could to him and in turn he told things to her, many of which she could not repeat to Harry or Ron. They both knew that she was still in love with him and that was part of the reason they hated her right now. Hermione knew they couldn't survive without her, so she had come to her dismay. They did want her there, they needed her there, that was why they had asked her to come.

Hermione was released from her trance when a voice said to her, "I'll wear the locket now." It was Harry.

"Oh, alright Harry," Hermione stood up slowly. Her back ached and she took the locket off.

Harry nodded solemnly. "I'll keep watch now."

Hermione nodded. Harry said nothing else; he completely ignored her as she entered the tent. It was still dark inside even though the sun was shining through the cracks in the tent. Hermione went to the table while straying a glance to a sleeping Ron. His arm was still bundled in the sling from when he had gotten splinched.

Hermione opened The Tales of Beedle the Bard but before she could read a word she was swept into nothingness then…"Severus!" she cried excitedly.