Hey guys so this was a story I made when I was in the 6th grade but don't worry I did a good amount of refining and I think it's a good read so yeah hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

"Titans fall back!" Robin shouted, stopping short of the crumpling bridge that threatened to flatten them. The morning had barely started and they had already found themselves chasing their favourite villain, Slade half way across Jump City. The Titans swerved just in time. He couldn't have chosen a worse time to show up. If only Cybourg had waited an extra day before accepting that offer to be the leader of Titans East. They could really have used him right about now . . .

"Dudes he's getting away!" Beastboy shouted in frustration, watching Slade begin to disappear in the cloud of dust that was rising slowly from the rubble.

"After him!" Robin ordered.

He couldn't allow him to escape; he had stolen some Haeline Thyusfai from the local research facility and would no doubt have used the substance to wreak the kind of havoc that wouldn't easily go away. It was now or never and the latter didn't appeal to Robin nearly as much as the first. Though he wasn't sure what it did he knew that it must have been powerful or it wouldn't have been worth stealing in Slade's eyes. Whether they liked it or not they had to put their necks out—they needed to hurry.

The dust began clearing and with visual restored the titans were able to locate their target. Starfire blasted forward with Raven and Terra just behind her. With the advantage of being in the air they had a better chance of catching him.

"I got him!" Starfire screamed, her hand close enough to feel the fabric of his shirt.

"Starfire look out!" Terra screamed after seeing Slade dip into his small bag that was slung over his shoulder. She already knew what he had pulled out but she just didn't know what it was for—all the more reason to ensure that Starfire avoided it. The sudden stop that she pulled was so unexpected that Raven ended up flying right into her. Before they could right themselves Slade had already deployed a few balls of the substance. They blew up upon contact with the floor leaving all three gasping and coughing.

"Stop!" Robin shouted before Beastboy could get the chance to run into the smoke. The girls had already been exposed; there was no need to risk further exposure. He had confidence in them; they would be able to handle him.

"I can't see!" Terra shouted.

"Neither can I. Which way has he gone?" Starfire asked, spinning aimlessly. The thick smoke made it difficult to see anything further than a few feet away. What made it worse was that it was beginning to suffocate them. What was this substance anyway . . . ?"

"This way!" Raven said, encompassing them in a mind shield that slowly began filtering out the smoke. Soon they could see. They could see Slade standing at a distance, he wasn't running anymore instead he stood staring at them. His intense gaze was almost hypnotizing . . . it was like he was waiting . . . but for what?

"Let me know how this turns out." He said before turning and walking away, with the smoke as his cover.

"Ugh . . . I don't feel so good . . ." Terra complained, sinking to the floor. The surrounding area was starting to dance and a wave of nausea ran through her. Without understanding why she broke into a cold sweat and her limbs were going numb. Looking up she saw the smoke slowly seeping back in and she knew why when she saw Raven sinking to the floor next to Starfire. It was affecting them too . . . What had Slade done to them . . . ?

"Raven?" Beastboy called out. They could barely hear him as the sounds around them grew fainter. "Raven where are you?" Why was he even calling her name? He wasn't supposed to care for her as much. The name he should have called was Terra . . . that was supposed to be the first name on his lips so what gave . . . ?

"Starfire?" Robin shouted from just outside the perimeter of smoke that engulfed them. Luckily he hadn't heard him call her name. Robin wanted nothing more than to rush in to save them . . . to save her but it was too risky. Who knew what was floating around inside that blanket of death? Standing there and doing nothing began to eat away at him. He couldn't take it much longer. "Beastboy I need you to stay here." He instructed before slapping his cape over his mouth and nose then running blindly into the now receding cloud.

The first to be seen was Raven, He ran over to her, trying his hardest not to breathe despite the fact that the cape was blocking anything from getting inside his system. It wasn't until he grabbed her hand that he spotted Starfire. There was no way that he would have been able to carry them both. He felt even worse after discovering Terra just a few feet away.

"Come on, get up!" He pleaded in frustration. None of them stirred. He was about to run out again to get fresh air for his screaming lungs when he felt the floor shifting. This was Terra's doing and not a moment too soon.

"Are they alright?" Beastboy asked as soon as they emerged from the vanishing smoke that only a minute ago was so thick that he could see very far into it.

"I'm not sure. Terra was able to get us out of there but she hasn't exactly regain consciousness." Robin said, more than a little preoccupied with Starfire. Why wouldn't she wake up? She was hurt badly . . . damn that bastard, what had he done to her?

Beastboy glanced to the side. Robin was distracted with Starfire and being the dutiful boyfriend that he was he had to tend to Terra . . .but what about her. In his head it wasn't fair. She needed to be cared for too. He wanted nothing more than to be by Raven's side as she laid unconscious but he knew better. He had to be careful or he would have aroused suspicion and the secret would be out.

"We have to get them to the lab." Robin said, picking Starfire up. "We could use something big right about now."

Beastboy nodded then turned into a horse and waited for Robin to load them on. As he placed Raven Beastboy couldn't help but hold his breath. He wanted to tell Robin to be gentle . . . he didn't want him to hurt her. Was she even suffering at the moment . . . ? While those questions plague him he couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't asking the same of Terra. She was supposed to be the only girl in his life and especially in his thoughts but lately he couldn't get Raven out of his mind.

Back at the tower the girls were set on the lab tables with machines monitoring there heart. If anything were to happen they were ready to rush them to the hospital.

Robin sat by the monitor trying to figure out what the hell had happened. Beastboy found himself standing over the wrong bed as he waited to hear the findings. They had been out for hours now and they didn't seem as if they would wake up anytime soon. No matter how hard he tried to stay by Terra's side he couldn't help but drift back to her bed. He had to feel her silky smooth hair and he had to make sure her skin was still warm . . . he had to be sure she was alright . . .


Robin's voice pulled him out of his thoughts . . . thankfully. He didn't want to think about her anymore—it was making him mad.


"It's pretty late; we won't know anything 'til morning so let's head off to bed." He suggested, turning off all the lights except the ones directly over the girls. Beastboy sighed, knowing just how right he was.

"Alright, you go ahead, I'll go in a minute." He had to stay abit longer.

"Hey, she'll be fine." Robin said resting his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

Beastboy's eyes quickly shifted to Terra. "Um, yeah . . ."

Robin began walking away but he stopped at the door. "I wasn't talking about her but yeah, she'll be fine too." Beastboy's eyes went wide. Was it possible that he actually knew . . . ? He had tried being discreet about his feelings . . . "Don't worry about it, I won't mention it." Then he left.

Beastboy looked at her again; it was like he couldn't get enough of her. She still hadn't stirred. He traced his finger along her lip and suppressed a sigh. Maybe just a quick kiss. . . no one would have to know—certainly Terra would never have found out though unfortunately neither would Raven. She would never know how he felt. He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. His heart leaped when he felt something like a response. Leaning away he looked down at her but was disappointed to see that he had only imagined it. With shoulders slumped he made his way out of the room and off to bed. That was all he could do—that and hope that they would wake by morning. As he left he couldn't help but feel disappointed. She was still unconscious and she still didn't know that he loved her. . .