Return from the Demons' Lair

Set just after Season 4, Episode 1. Dean is back from Hell, but on that fateful day when Dean took his last breath at the claws of the Hell hounds, Sam disappeared along with Lilith. He hasn't been seen since.

I do not own the rights to Supernatural or any of its characters, nor do I receive compensation. My first Supernatural fic, I hope you enjoy it.

Sam had been missing for six months.

There was the initial overwhelming happiness for Bobby on the day that Dean stood on his doorstep, miraculously having been freed from Hell. However, Bobby had no sooner wiped the tears of joy from his eyes when tears of despair filled them again as he had to tell Dean that Sam had disappeared on the day Dean was sent to Hell. Bobby had been searching for a way to rescue Dean, as well as find out where Sam was being held, both with no results.

Ever since then, with the help of Castiel, they had been searching in vain for Sam, each day becoming more and more desperate to bring him home.

It was strongly believed that Lilith had taken him with her, although none of the demons that Dean or Bobby could contact were willing to say for sure, no matter which types of 'persuasions' were used. Lilith had proven to be very powerful, and she was able to hide very effectively.

So here they were, six months into the search, with very little headway.

Dean was slowly but surely adjusting back to life on Earth. The nightmares and flashbacks were just beginning to ease, with the help of Bobby and Castiel. Dean was certain that once Sam was back at home safe, life would once again be okay and he would be able to put this whole ordeal behind him. Until that day arrived, Dean refused to give up the search.

Then came the day when Dean received a message from Castiel that he had finally gotten a break in the case. Castiel had heard from a reliable source that a human fitting Sam's description was being held in a Demons' Lair as a prisoner and slave. Castiel was going to infiltrate the lair and would hopefully be back in touch with Dean soon with news of Sam's rescue. Dean wanted so badly to go with him, but Castiel wouldn't hear of it, saying it would be far too dangerous for all of them if he allowed Dean to accompany him.

Dean had no choice but to wait until he heard further news, and it was absolutely killing him. After what seemed a lifetime, Castiel called.

"Dean, Sam is with me and is alive and conscious." Castiel stated in his usual monotone voice.

Dean gripped the phone with one hand and wiped the sweat from his face with the other, his heart racing in his chest. "Where are you? I need to see him."

"Look, Dean. I know there's probably no hope of this, but I would like a chance to examine him first, before you see him. He's been through a lot and is in rough shape right now. I'd like…"

"No way!" Dean interrupted, "Cas, you know what we've been through, what I've been through, to find him. I need to see him right now! Come get me and bring me to him."

Castiel shook his head, but sighed as he stated "Of course, I'll be right there."

Within moments Castiel was with Dean and Bobby, who were very anxious to get to Sam and see him with their own eyes. Cas was less than excited to bring them to him just yet.

"Now, I need to tell you both some things first." Cas started.

"Cas, I told you…."

"No, listen Dean. I need to tell you both some things, and I need you to both listen to me first. Otherwise, I will not let you come with me. Understood?"

Dean had a look like he was going to kill Cas, but Bobby managed to calm him. After a moment, Dean settled and did his best to remain still and let Cas speak.

"Okay, that's better." Cas continued. "Now, first of all, I have Sam out of the lair and in a very safe place. No demon would ever be able to locate him where I've hidden him, so rest assured he is safe. Secondly, I need to caution you both that Sam has been through an incredibly rough ordeal. He's been used as prisoner and a slave. There is undisputable evidence of extreme physical and mental abuse, and he has several marks on his body that may be alarming when you first see him. He hasn't spoken yet and is very unwilling to make any eye contact. We need to approach him very, and I mean very gently. Please let me make the first communications with him, as I've had some experience with this type of situation before." Cas looked directly at Dean. "Do I have your cooperation so far?"

Dean looked as though he had been kicked in the stomach. Helplessly he looked up at both Cas and Bobby. Bobby's chin dropped to his chest and he shook his head. He then looked up at Dean and nodded to him, prodding him to return the nod to Cas. They really didn't have any other options but to follow Cas' lead on this one.

"Yeah," Dean answered, "You have our cooperation. I'll let you do all the talking at first." He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. "Cas, how bad is it?"

Cas thought for a moment, "To be honest, I'm not sure yet. I'll know more after I've had a chance to examine him. I did scan him quickly for internal damage, and found none except some broken ribs and a broken collarbone. I can also tell you that he was able to walk on his own, but he was shaky." He sighed briefly and continued. "You should also know that he is wearing a collar, which indicates that as well as a labor slave, he was also used as a… what you would call…..a….." Cas was struggling for the right words in this situation.

Dean raised his eyebrows. He couldn't believe he was about to say this. "A sex slave?"

"Y-Yes." Cas stammered as he looked incredibly uncomfortable. "I'm very sorry, Dean. I know this must be very painful for you to hear."

Dean's anger got the better of him as he paced back and forth like a caged animal. He pointed to both Cas and Bobby. "As God as my witness I will find the sons of bitches who did this to him and I will kill them all!" He growled.

Bobby went to Dean and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I know how you feel, Dean, and when the time comes, I'll be right there with you to hunt them all down and send them straight back to Hell where they belong. But for right now, we have to focus on what's best for Sam and make sure he comes through this alright." He looked Dean in the eyes. "You with me on this?"

Dean took a few very deep breaths before he answered. "Yeah….I'm with you." He looked again at Cas. "Can you please take us to see him now?"

Cas shifted his weight back and forth on his legs. He then exhaled and placed his hands on both Bobby and Dean. "Remember, we approach him gently, and let me make the first contacts with him."

Dean and Bobby both nodded in agreement.

"Very well." Cas stated. A moment later the room was empty.

I hope this was easy to follow. My intent was to use a shorter first chapter to set the scene for the second, which will have much more description and information. Please let me know what you think of it so far.