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A month later, Miss Spider was already healphy. She finnaly got out of her room, and surprisely she found the Centipede on the hall... She waved at him and he smilled.

"Hey Love Legs, feeling any better?" he said, when she was already in the end of the hall. "Yes I am, thanks for helping Miss LadyBug taking care of me, it was really gentle" He laughed a bit and went down the stairs. He was such a happy character. He was always laughing, always acting positive, always... optimistic. Miss Spider was very different. She was quite serious and misterious, I guess that's what makes her "the" Miss Spider. She always showed James very motherly motherly acts.
And Centipede was like a father to him...
Today was Saturday, Jame's weekend. He slept untill ten o'clock in the morning. Then he went downstairs to eat a delicious breakfast. All the insects were joined at the table, they were all very happy to have James home. But they all had tasks except the Centipede. Miss Spider was preparing a very special event in the Club, Mister Grasshopper was having an important concert, Mister Earthworm was going to a bar with his friends, Miss Ladybug was going to have a walk in the park with her children and Miss Glowworm was going with the Ladybug. "It seems that today it's just you and me, Jimmy!" exclaimed the Centipede "Good luck, James!" said the rest of the insects all at the same time. The Centiped laughed, not taking them seriously. They were going to the football field for James to play with his friends. And there they were. It was a sunny day. James was playing football in the large field while Mister Centipede was sitting in the audience bench.
"How boring..." he thought. So, he sneaked to another place for some minutes. He went to the garden that was near there, at least there he could take a break and have a walk. He picked his cigarrete and putted it in the right corner of his mouth. Yes, now he felt like himself. He thought what else was near that place...
The Zoo ( not the place for a giant insect like him), the Mall, the Museum, the Club... the Club! The Spider was at the Club! He took a look at the field and the game was still in the beggining so he ran to the club. The guard said that it was closed and they could not let anyone in. "Aw, come oon, I'm Lady Spider's friend!" said the Centipede.
"I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to let anyone in." ansewred the guard, in a neutral tone. The Spider was listening. So she went to the door and looked at the Centipede.
She did not know that it was him when she was listening. "Let him in..." she said. Her accent sounded more beautiful than ever. The Centipede winked but she rolled her eyes to other direccion. He kept smilling. "What do you want now, Centipede" asked the Spider. She was looking at him straightly in the eye. He exitated a bit before he ansewred her question.
"I was with Jimmy at the football field, he's playing with his friends so I came here to see how this is going..." The Centipede's sentence was not completed, Spider interrupted him:
"You left the boy alone? You irresponsible, useless, shameless Centipede! I can't believe I thought that you'd take good care of the boy!" She slapped him in the face and ran to the field, not giving anyone any excuse. She ran as fast as she could. The Centipede followed her, also running. She finnaly reached the football field. James was looking for Centipede. She ran to him and hugged the boy. "James, are you okay?" The spider was crying of anger... but tried to make it look like she was just crying because she was worried "Miss Spider... Where's the Centipede?" she told the boy to forget about that useless Centipede, and insulted the insect several times. The Centipede heard everything. He was hided behind the benches. He probably did not notice but... He dropped a tear... after another and another. They all went home. The arachnid was still furious with the Centipede.
She went to the kitchen to do dinner not saying anyone anything. She did not say one single word. The Centipede entered the kitchen.
"Angel Fangs, sorry about that... I'm sorry, really." said the Centipede. She didn't react, she didn't even look at him. He got closer to her, he just didn't quit.
She still didn't react, she acted like he was not there. He got closer and closer and grabbed her hand that was holding a spoon. She dropped the spoon.
"Stop it, get out of here, now, you impossible, unstandable stubborn!" shouted the Spider. All the insects ran to the kitchen thinking that she was being hurt or something.
The Centipede went to the living room. He did not ansewr any question or say any word. He just sat on the couch to watch the news. "Centipede, my friend what did you do to Miss Spider, what happened?" asked the Grasshopper, very worried.
"It's none of your business, Hoppy." ansewred the Centipede. His facial expression didn't change. He just stared at the television.
At dinner time any one dared to say anything or make any question. Everyone stared at their own plate. After that, everyone went to their beds while Miss Spider washed the dishes and then went to her room. She was sat in her web. The Spider couldn't sleep. She just stared at the floor. Someone knocked the door. She immediatly wondered that it was the Centipede. She opened the door to see who that was. She got surprised when she saw the Grasshoper. He was on his pajamas and wearing a pair of funny slippers. She gave him permission to enter her room.
"Miss Spider, what happened? What did the Centipede do? asked the green insect. The Spider explained every detail very clearly. She trusted him because the Grasshopper was like a father to her just like Centipede was a father to James. She told him what happened and he did not get angry or surprised. He laughed for a second. She didn't understand.
"You're angry with the Centipede because he left James alone? You didn't expect that? You know Centipede very well and you knwo how he is right?..."
"Yes, I do. But James is like a son to me... It was so irresponsable. I know he is like a dad to James and I wonder the panic he was in..." "Just don't be so mad at the Centipede. He is very sad, I can see that. I just don't know why but he cares about you and about what you think about him more than anything else."
The Spider nodded and the Grasshopper went to his room. But she still couldn't sleep. She went to the living room to watch television. The Centipede was there too.
She was in panic, it was too late to go back, he already saw her. He just pretended not to. She sat in one of the sofas and watched the program that was passing on the television.
"Can't sleep?" asked the Centipede, the Spider was surprised that he talked. "Yes..." She said. "I'm sorry okay? It was my fault but you don't have to act like i murdered someone, Jeez!" He said, breaking the silence.
"I'm sorry too... I acted like a child, didn't I? James is like a son to me..." "I know, he's like my son too. I'm just very irresponsible." They were good now. Spider went to her room and so did the Centipede. It was okay now, what happened was in the past...