"Analytical And In Love"

Big Bang Theory

Sheldon/OC (Penny's Roommate)

Length: 1,367 words

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It wasn't a long night. Almost as soon as Rebecca was asleep he followed her into sleep. He dreamed she kissed him. He didn't know why. It was absurd. He hated human touch. But in the dream it had felt nice. Pleasant. Would it be as pleasant in real life? Maybe he could- Wait, what was he thinking! He couldn't kiss her! He didn't involve himself in that kind of physical activity. Unlike Penny, his body was his own and he didn't like it to be touched. He just had to keep reminding himself of that fact.

He woke up wrapped in her arms, with her laying on his chest. Her hair was everywhere, a mass of wild red curls that completely surrounded his face. He couldn't even see her because it blocked out his entire vision.

He tried to wait patiently for her to wake up. She seemed to sleep forever. He wanted to hear her talk. She said the most amusing things. Not that he wouldn't die slowly before telling anyone that. He always had a hard time not laughing at her jokes and teasing. Not that he could always tell when she was teasing, but he was more astute than he let on.

This was crazy. He thought she was funny, intelligent, even attractive if one cared about the physical aspect of things, which he didn't, he told himself. From his standpoint that didn't matter at all. That's what he told himself anyway. When one was asexual one didn't care about such things.

"Good morning," she said, putting her chin on his chest and looking at him with big green eyes that made him feel funny inside. Who had green eyes these days anyway?

"You're laying on me," he said petulantly. Like he even minded.

She grinned and he felt even funnier.

"Yeah, sexy, how about that?" she said.

"Did you just call me 'sexy'?" he said, surprised.

She blushed and giggled and his heart started pounding. Why were his pants so tight? What was wrong with him? This reaction wasn't quantifiable!

"Excuse me," he said, unceremoniously shoving her off of him and running from the room. He needed to call his mother and have her do an exorcism. This had to be something supernatural.

"What did I say?" she said to the empty room, looking completely deflated.