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The world steadied into view as the throbbing pain slowly subsided. He felt himself being touched, of being patted on the cheek. His head hurt the worst. He groaned as he felt hands grip his shoulders before the world shot white.

Master slapped him again, threatening to send him back into the dark world from which he had only suddenly just left.

"Who am I?" he had hold of his chin, forcing him to stare straight ahead into the glassy, amber-gold eyes of the man before him. He tried to speak, to force air up from his lungs and out his mouth only to have it become entangled in a knot in his throat.

"Who am I!"

"M-Ma-" he shut his eyes tight as he threw all of his concentration into making the painful sounds, "M-Ma-st-ter?"

"Yes," the man ran his long fingers through his hair, "yes…"

"M-Master?" he hiccupped as hot tears ran down from his sunken eyes, "Y-you're M-Mast-ster?"

"That's my little boy," he caressed his cheek, "my good, sweet, little boy."

He felt himself smile at the words and leaned into the man's cool touch. Master…

The scene changed. He was on his belly on a nice, soft, warm bed. He didn't remember-

Master ran his hand up and down his sore back. "My, my, what a good boy you are. So soft. Did you like our game, Sasuke?"

He turned his head to face him, his eyes barely open as he struggled to remember why he was in Master's warm bed.

"I-I don't remember. My back hurts-"

He opened his eyes a little more and smiled when Master laughed, only confused slightly at whatever was supposed to be the joke.

"I bet it does. We both had a very fun night."

He was in the dark room again. It was cold and dark, with his bed made of straw and his clothes the white pajamas he had always and forever worn. His weak body shook and convulsed again his will, but he kept his mouth shut. Tears, hot and salty as the soup he was given, sank down his sunken cheek as he tried to keep silent. He had to be silent. If he was good and quiet, if he didn't make a mess, if he was a good little boy, Master would take him home. Master had said that he was getting better, that the other man had said that he would be all better soon and that he could go home if he was a good little boy who didn't make a mess and was quiet-

The door opened, letting in the harsh light. But he didn't dare move from his spot on his bed. Master would tell him when he could move.

"Sasuke, there you are," Master, a black shadow against the light, glided into the dark of his room and patted him on the head. Behind him stood the other man, but Sasuke paid him no mind, for Master was with him.

"Shh, what's the matter?" he hushed the boy who had begun to cry and try to grab at his legs.

"Is Mommy coming? I-I want my Momma!" he begged. Master, his face ever the same, slapped him and gripped his shoulders hard.

"You little bitch," he held him with one thin, long hand and hit him with a closed fist to the side of his cheek. Master, his face contorting more with rage and fury at some misdeed Sasuke could not remember, was still for a moment. Sasuke wanted his Mommy, it would all be okay, because Master was punishing him because he had to be quiet and polite or Mommy wouldn't love him and he would never get to go home ever again.

Master was half pulling, half dragging him down the hall. His legs could barely keep up with Master's long strides. The other man would push and shove him if he fell too far behind. Two times he tripped over his shaking legs and was dragged against the rough, cold floor. Soon, after much turning and dragging, he was outside. The grass tickled his bare feet as he marveled at the large trees that surrounded the area.

"Sasuke," Master said, his hands cupping his face, forcing him to look into his eyes, "since you're feeling better, Kabuto and I have decided that you get to play a game. If you win, Master will give you a wonderful treat."

"T-treat? Mommy? C-can I-I go h-home?"

"Oh, well," Master caressed his cheek where only minutes before he had hit him, "I don't know. But-" he forced Sasuke to look in the direction of the other man who now held a small wooden box, "-if you catch the blue butterfly, you'll find out."

And then the other man opened the box. A small blue butterfly appeared to float up and about. Sasuke tried to catch it. Master would give him a treat if he caught it. So he ran all about for the butterfly, until-

Itachi was holding him tight, despite his struggling and crying. There, across the small stream, was the blue butterfly. If he caught it, Master would give him a prize. He would be able to go home with Mommy, to his toys and warm bed. But Itachi would not let him go, not matter how loud he screamed in protest.

"Blue butterfly! Blue butterfly!" he cried as loud as his sick lungs could manage.

"No!" he tightened his grip on Sasuke's small chest, "Sasuke, no! You can't swim-"

Sasuke's hits were much harder than he expected, however. His kicks, of course, were even worse. Where he had gotten the strength Itachi did not know, but he held tight. Though he strained his poor eyes, he could not see the "blue butterfly" Sasuke so desperately wanted. He could feel the heat as it radiated off his twisting body; could this be another seizure?

"There's no butterfly, Sasuke-"

"Lemme go!"

Itachi held tight, his arms wrapped around his chest. There was the butterfly, right across the stream. If he wasn't fast it would fly away again. He ignored the pain in his joints, the raw feeling in his throat. All he needed was the prize and Mommy would come back, and the he could go home-

His body fell limp, his mind faded to black as Itachi lifted his finger from the pressure point near his neck.


"What's the matter with him?" Kisame asked. He had thought that Sasuke was making an improvement; his heart sank seeing Itachi carry Sasuke back to their small camp, unconscious and body covered in a sheen of sweat.

"He was hallucinating," Itachi adjusted his grip on the boy's back. "He thought he saw a butterfly and ran off after it. If I hadn't caught him, he would have ran straight into the river," he said, breathless.

Kisame shrugged. "Here we thought he was doing pretty good too." He sighed, watching out of the corner of his eye as Itachi laid Sasuke in the cool morning grass. They had packed up the tent not long before when Itachi had decided that it would be fun to take Sasuke to the river near-by to fish. Sasuke had been very excited and eager to join Itachi, had practically pulled Itachi by the hand to the river. And now here he was, unconscious and trembling.

"You know," Kisame continued, "maybe it's that curse seal? For all we know, that bastard's messing with us. Hell, maybe he's spying on us right now?"

Itachi said nothing. He rolled Sasuke onto his side before helping Kisame bury their fire and wash their scent from the site. While both men were confident in their power and skill to be able to survive an attack, Itachi, Kisame could plainly see, was scared shitless by the thought he had come up with that Orochimaru would be back for Sasuke, who had clearly thrown away like garbage not but a week before. But there was no clear telling what he would do. And why wouldn't that horrify anyone?


They journeyed in quiet, the day's heat intensifying as the sun rose higher and higher in its lonely, daily path. After much debate and passive aggressive banter they ventured to the relative cool of the open road, for the forest was far too tight and humid for Sasuke who, delirious and groaning, Itachi carried like a baby in his arms. Everywhere, every tree and leaf, he saw and pointed to "blue butterflies". His eyes, glassy and heavy-lidded, raced from spot to spot, his arms too slow to follow as he tried to catch and count the numerous dreamy insects.

"I-Itachi," he whined, "stop…have't get butterfly." He wearily struggled, only to grow quiet as Itachi hushed him, "In a moment. We'll stop in just one moment."

Kisame was silent through-out, keeping his sense open for even the most minor of disturbances. The road was empty of other travelers, though this did very little to settle their minds. He could see out of the corner of his eye how Itachi maneuvered Sasuke's head so as to get a better look at his neck where Orochimaru's curse seal was visible. To be honest, however, in the frenzy of merely keeping the boy alive, they had barely noticed it, instead seeing it as nothing more than just another reminder of Orochimaru's torture and abuse. Kisame would be the first to admit that neither of them were expects in such seals and perhaps they should have been more observant, but-

"Kisame," Itachi's voice was taunt, "how much longer?"


In the brush beside the road there sat a snake. It sat on its tummy, beneath what would appear to most readers as a juniper bush. It tasted the intense heat of the day, but ignored it in favor of observing the two figures that slowly made their way along the long, dusty, dirt road. The snake was a normal creature, nondescript in its brown scales and thin, pink tongue. It was no longer than a man's arm, not thicker than your wrist. Its little black eyes were shiny as crystals as it studied the scene of the large man, with the smaller one with a bundle not far behind, their scents salty in the wet heat of the day. Two different tugs pulled its mind; from the south it felt the pull from its master's string. From not but some yards away it felt pulled towards the smaller figure and bundle it carried tightly.

And from this tug its master knew all he needed to know.


It was well past dark when they made it into a small village of no accord. They found a shabby room in a dark in, complete with rust in the sink of the only bathroom, located kindly in the back near the dumpsters and trash and tears and snares in the single mat in the closet that was their room. While Itachi grimaced at the accommodations, Sasuke, his eyes bright with the fire of fever and his skin almost white, smiled brightly at the blue butterflies that danced above him. He would have got up and danced about the room if Itachi hadn't pushed him back onto his back. Itachi could not, however, stop him from raising his hands and trying to grab at the lovely little butterflies from his place on the mat.

"Maybe we should knock him out again?" Kisame asked from his place by the door. But Itachi's frown deepened.

"I can't keep knocking him out everytime-"

Sasuke's arms stiffened, his happy coos and giggles at his butterflies silenced. His fingers clawed, his arms bent in, his face grimaced as his eyes rolled back into his head. There was no stopping the convulsions or yelps that once again claimed Sasuke's body. Itachi could only try and keep his head from smashing against the hard-wood floor as Kisame secured his arms.


The seizure was the final straw for Kisame, who took it upon himself to find the village "ninja doctor", a doctor who, as the title suggests, mostly dealt in ninja and ninja-related injuries, most of which were often far beyond the capabilities of the local physician. They also knew how to keep their mouths shut.

The doctor was easy to find; however, there was only one way to ensure his loyalty and for now, Kisame and Itachi's purse held just enough. The doctor was quick in his examination. Sasuke was quiet, his eyes oddly bright, his body limp and pliant. Itachi was silent, his body tense and rigid.

"Well?" Kisame asked. The doctor ignored him, continued on his investigation of Sasuke's body. He carefully inspected the inside of his mouth, his chest and neck.

"Sasuke?" he asked, not expecting an answer. He brought out a flash-light and shined its light into Sasuke's open eyes. He frowned at the boy's reaction. The boy groaned, shaking for a moment before falling limp once again. Itachi held his breath as the doctor, an older man, sighed, covering Sasuke back up with the thin blanket before looking to Itachi.

"I'm very sorry. There's nothing I can do for him."

"What is it?" Kisame asked, glancing for any reaction in Itachi who stood still as stone.

"He has suffered brain-damage, but I cannot give you anything more than that," he turned to Itachi, "I could try to heal him, but not knowing where in the brain that damage is located or to what extent leaves me blind. I could very well kill him."

Itachi nodded. He lowered himself and sat by Sasuke's side, holding and caressing his small hand. The younger boy groaned, leaning towards Itachi's direction.



Sasuke awoke to a cold, dark room. Itachi and Kisame had left hours before to Pein for more money and time to care for Sasuke until they could leave him in more capable hands. They had left assured by the doctor that Sasuke, under light drugs and his own delirium, would sleep for hours.

He awoke to a headache, to his muscles feeling as heavy and as pliant as wet wood. But he sat up, ignoring all that with his mind still ensnared in the depths of a dream he had been having. His mother was downstairs in the kitchen, making a breakfast of pancakes, all drizzled in syrup and honey and butter, with a large glass of milk to the side.

He sat up and slowly, pulled himself up on stiff legs. He almost lost his balance on the way to the door, but he stayed up-right, a wispy smile across his face, his eyes half-lidded as he slowly opened the door, though it was with some difficulty, his warm bed and blanket forgotten as he tip-toed down the inn's hall and down the stairs, Itachi's traps useless against those leaving the room.

Sasuke didn't notice the cool, drizzling rain in the near-black night, his mind too lost in his dream. The dream led him through the empty village streets, the promise of a hearty, rich breakfast bright in his otherwise dull mind. And Momma would be there, making it all-

The dream led him to a door.


momma carried him. she smelled sweet, soft, like the flowers in aunty's garden. he had been so afraid, his legs wouldn' work, but mommy held him tight, momma hushed him, momma kissed his head and everything was better.


Orochimaru was gentle with the boy, who's breaths were labored and who's legs hung limp, thin and awkward. He carried him gently away from the small village's gate, to the waiting carriage, which sat some ways away. It was for Sasuke, the rain being too cold for him to be carried back to their hide-out safely. A servant held the reins of the horses in the high seat, while Kabuto waited by the door in on the side. Inside, there was a raised cot built into the side of the wall, covered in blankets and sheets, with a large, downy pillow. Sasuke's eyes were opened ever so slightly as Orochimaru laid him on the blankets. He groaned, mouthed silent words as he left from the boy's limited view, and Kabuto began his work.

"Shh, don't worry, Sasuke," he said as he cut away the boy's nightshirt to reveal the sunken, bony chest beneath. His curse-seal was clearly visible, and was red and pulsing with chakra from its recent activation.

"Momma?" the boy turned his head, his eyes suddenly desperate. "Mommy?"

"Shh," Kabuto carefully ran his gloved hands over his chest, stopping every now and then to feel for an abnormality. "Mommy's here. Poor baby."

Sasuke moaned, his face relaxing as the warm hands glided over. He closed his eyes as those hands moved upwards, until they rested on his forehead, stroking through the thick hair. He was fully asleep when he finished. He didn't hear Kabuto tell Orochimaru hat he was worthless, that the brain-damage was too severe for him to ever be fully recovered from even with years of therapy and love. He would, simply, never be fit to be a ninja again. Sasuke didn't feel Orochimaru's hard slap to his cheek, his firm shakes, rough kisses as the carriage was off.

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