Abby Scuito stood in the back of the church in an antechamber, with Ducky, waiting. A small group of friends and family waited in the pews - Mike, Jenny, Ziva, Tony, McGee, Jimmy, her parents, sister, her brother and wife and daughter, the nuns from her bowling team in their black habits. It was a very small chapel in the woods, a monument to people who had died for what they believed in.

She was nervous. The dress she wore was black gothic design, with a small jacket that went over the bodice and simple red embroidery. She still wore her boots and collar, as usual. She adjusted her mini-veil once more, looking in the small mirror.

"Abbigail, you look fine," Ducky said, smiling, handing her a boquet of red roses with black feathers. "It's time."

As she walked down the ailse to meet her beloved, she stopped to kiss her parents, signing I love you to them. This was already planned, but she also stopped to give someone else a hug - Mrs. Todd, Kate's mom, who whispered a few words to Abby and handed her a small tissue wrapped package before embracing her once more and sitting back down.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and soon Abby and Gibbs were pronounced husband and wife. They immediatley went to Gibbs' house for a small reception, but Mrs. Todd didn't show there.

"Was that Kate's mom?" Gibbs asked, helping Abby get out of her dress up in their room.

"Yes, she gave me something," Abby replied, carefully opening the small box wrapped in red tissue and tied with a black bow. Inside of the box was a small silver cross with a garnet in the center on a chain, a picture and a note. She opened the folded paper to read: "Dear Abby, This was Kate's first communion gift from her father and I. I wanted to give this to you for a long time, for you to have something of hers to remember her by. She loved you, like she did her sister. I hope God blesses you in your marriage to Jethro... I know Kate is watching over you all from Heaven. Thank you for being such a friend to her. Love, Roslynn Todd."

Abby wiped away a tear as she looked at the picture. It was the Halloween after Kate had started working at NCIS, and the pair had dressed up as ninjas. She would never forget Kate, she knew, and put the necklace around her neck after changing into a more comfortable black t-shirt with a skull and cross bones on it and black pants with chains. She put her hair up in its usual pigtails.

Downstairs, as her and Gibbs entered, everyone cheered. It would defenitley be a night to remember.