My Turn,Lightning

This is a One-Shot until Final Fantasy XIII-2 Comes out. If its how I hope it will be then this will remain a one-shot. If its not then it will be Hope's own Adventure on his search for Lightning(Possibly with Noel and Serah Maybe.)I also Might write a Story called Letters To Light,that is about Hope writing letters to Lightning while she is missing. If you think its a good idea say so. It is Lightning/Hope so if you don't like,Don t read. If you do please read and leave a review! Enjoy! Kinda short sorry DX

My Name is Hope Estheim.

Three years ago,Myself and Several others were marked as l'Cie,all brought together by fate. I was 14 at the time. I met a strange girl named Vanille,A guy named

Snow,Cheerful man named Sazh,and a wise cracking woman Fang. Then..There was her..My

Mentor,My Motherly Figure..My friend..Lightning..or at least..That s what I used to think of her..I

thought a lot about her since we all were last together. I always thought of her as a mom..but then..I felt

like..I really like her..Crazy right? A wonderful strong woman going for the kid..Like hell she would,I

wish but I guess things don't go like that,I'll admit it..I was just a kid who still a child who

clung to his to his mothers side, A crybaby who was always afraid of what was happening. I was just a

kid. I was scared and angry about the whole situation. I blamed others for things I couldn t control.

I ve grown up in these last three years. I trained harder,so..when I see lightning..I could show her how much stronger I became..and maybe..just maybe..she me..more than a friend..

Remember how much I annoyed you Light?

I know from the start you didn t like me..But what made

you change your mind?Light..why did you disappear after we saved the world? I thought you were


Its been three years Lightning..three years since I saw your pale aqua eyes,since you taught me how to grow up. I know your not dead I can feel it..

You always looked out for me Lightning. Now..Its my turn.