Wolverine Ideas and Scenarios

Wolverine retains certain fragments of his memory, bits of Origins mainly, specifically enough to remember his general age, Rose(and her death, and Dog(who is Sabertooth). Logan joins the Weapon X program, which is Canada based but has some funding from the US, from a sense of repentance of his blind murderous ways, figuring that if he'll kill people, he should at least try and kill terrorists. Logan believes what he is told about the program due to his isolation from general society for most of his adult life post-Rose. He's kept in enough contact to keep up with English language advancements, fight in every major war, and acquire a taste for cigars, but he's somewhat innocent to certain aspects of modern society. When Weapon X scientists attempt to wipe his mind, he breaks his tank restraints and slaughters his way through the facility. Despite this, the process was still half-completed, leaving Wolverine with most of his memory lost. Logan's time after his escape is of no real consequence, other than the fact that he runs into and joins Magneto, more our of simple expedience than any desire to see ordinary humans wiped out. Wolverine serves Magneto with dedication, if somewhat unenthusiastically. He slowly begins to question what Magneto is doing, and ultimately openly defies and attacks him when Magneto forces a newly captured Rogue to kill a human prisoner with her powers. Wolverine subdues Magneto by biting off Magneto's nose, remarking that the adamantium bonding, while thorough, is a little loose in some areas, leaving him some movement leeway. Escaping with Rogue in tow, the two find refuge in the wilder parts of Canada. Things come to a head when a man makes advances on Rogue in a bar, inciting Wolverine's wrath. Attempting to vacate the scene, Wolverine is attacked by a old Weapon X compatriot, who shoots out Wolverine's eyes, ears and nose. Rogue subdues him by paralyzing him with her touch, after which Wolverine stabs him and cuts his head off. Traveling from the carnage, the two come under assault from Toad and Juggernaut, and are saved by the intervention of Cyclops, Jean Gray, Iceman, and Storm. Taken the Xavier Institute, the two are introduced to a X-men First Class-eqsue Professor X. Wolverine remains apart from most of the other students and X-men, save Rogue, while developing a slight attraction for Jean which he does not pursue, remembering what happened to the last woman he fell in love with. He maintains a somewhat tenuous friendly rivalry with Cyclops. The appearance of Sabertooth on mansion grounds brings Wolverine's full fury out in force, with Wolverine chopping off one of Sabertooth's arms, earning him the fear and condemnation of most of the other students. An attack by Weapon X forces sees Wolverine nearly lose himself to a berserker rage as he butchers the attackers to protect the students.

Rogue Ideas and Scenarios

Rogue retains her established ability, along with some slightly enhanced strength and durability from her first use of her abilities and Magneto's test of them. She does, however, have a much more father-daughter(and a bit of unrequited Nancy Callahan-John Hartigan) relationship with Wolverine. She and Wolverine almost serve to complete each other, as Wolverine is a brutal killer who tries to deny his nature but won't hesitate to unleash it, while Rogue is even more deadly than he is, but has no desire to act upon it. Rogue falls for Bobby drake(Ultimate Marvel relationship), but at the same discover that short bursts of physical contact, i.e. kissing, are quite sensational. Rogue plays the part of heavy hitter and little sister on the X-men team, capable of doing serious damage, but rarely wanting to do so.