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Dan's first student

I hate them. I hate them so much that I want to die. The only thing that keeps me going is that I did this for Dad and Sensei.

Knowing that I was so close to freedom, but unable to grasp it was killing me.

Damn Pluto, damn them all.

I've been under their control for about ten years, but I'm still defiant.

They used duct tape to tie my hands and feet. Then when I tried to bite them, they duct taped my mouth. They then shoved me into this closet and told me to pay close attention to anything I see. They keep trying to make me help them, though I refuse every time.

I heard footsteps and looked up to see who it was. There was a boy who would be about the same age as my dear Kyuu. He had blue hair and was breathing heavily.

Then more footsteps and someone said, "Welcome, Ryu-sama."

ANUBIS? What is he doing here? And, Ryu-sama? What's going on?

"Where is Dan-sensei?" asked Ryu.

"Please come back to us," replied Anubis.

Come…back? Who is this kid?

"You're saying that if I do, you'll tell me where he is?" asked Ryu.

"Of course."

"Is this an order from King Hades?"

"No, Hades-sama doesn't know."

That's impossible! I was placed here under his orders! He knows! I better listen carefully. Maybe Anubis doesn't know that I'm here.

"What are you planning Anubis?" Ryu demanded. "Just bringing me back won't erase your failure. What are you going to do with Dan-sensei?"

"Impressive indeed Ryu-sama. I see that I can't deceive you. I will control Dan Morihiko's mind."

"Control his mind?"

"If I can control the leader of DDS, who is a threat to us, and who has absolute trust of the police, it'll be the same as us having every bit of information there is. Then King Hades should forgive my failure."


"This is the final battle between you and me. If I lose here, I will have no choice left to me but death."

"Anubis, I've found something so important to me that it means that I must defy my fate."

"How long will you be able to resist I wonder," Anubis murmured. Then he flipped a switch on a hand held device and the speakers came on.

A mechanical voice blared through the speakers saying, "A self-destruct mechanism has been activated. 10 minutes until self-destruct. Everyone please evacuate."

"Think it over, Ryu-sama. I will be upstairs," Anubis said, and then ran off.

During this conversation, I was quietly spitting into the duct tape over my mouth, causing it to become loose. Now the duct tape was loose enough to kind of breathe, but if this ship is going to self-destruct, I needed to free my mouth.

Ryu seemed like he was in a daze.

I watched him as I silently worked. Ryu never moved once. The only movement he made was his chest moving up and down as he breathed.

Once my mouth was freed, I debated whether or not I should call out for help. Ryu was obviously a part of Pluto, but it was also obvious that he didn't want to be.

Once a member, always a member, I thought.

So I waited for him to leave. I didn't care if he went up the stairs or out of the room; I just needed him to leave so he wouldn't hear me move around.

I had it all planned out, I would get my hands in front of me by swinging them out from underneath my tied feet. Then I would free my hands first and use my hands to free my feet since it would take longer the other way around. Then, I would abandon ship, on a safety boat if there was one. I would row to land and then find Sensei….

But Dan-sensei was on the ship, and my plan would only work if Ryu left, giving me enough time to pull off my plan before the ship self-destructed.

My brain quickly ran through scenario after scenario. Finally, I found a solution, but it involved Ryu's help.

I lifted up my legs to kick the closet door open, but then a bunch of kids ran in and then ran out with Ryu. I sighed with relief because I realized they were going to save Detective Dan for me, but my new plan was destroyed.

The mechanical voice foretold how much longer until the ship self-destructed and I quickly swung my arms under my legs. I made the decision to free my legs first since I needed mobility desperately with the timer quickly coming to an end.

I found the tip of the end of the duct tape and hurriedly unwound it. It was difficult with my tied hands, which was why I originally planned to untie my hands first, but I succeeded.

"30…29…28…27…" the mechanical voice boomed.

I kicked open the door and ran out the doorway. Remembering the order of twists and turns they took when dragging me here, I went down the hall, around the left turn, past the hallway on the right, up the stairs, and onto the deck.


There was no time. I jumped, hoping that I remembered how to swim from when I was 8…

Kyuu's POV

"Sensei? Is something bothering you?" I asked. His eyebrows were knitted together and he was looking out the window of the helicopter.

Startled, Dan looked at me and smiled, "Good observation young one. Did you see anyone while we were escaping the ship?"

I thought for a moment, "I didn't see anyone. I thought all of the crew evacuated when they first heard the alarm."

Megumi, overhearing their conversation, piped up. "I saw something out of the corner of my eye Dan-sensei. I wasn't really paying attention so I didn't think much of it. But when I heard you talking about someone else on the boat, I remembered the green blob I saw. Now that I think about it," her eyes squinted at the memory, "it looks a lot like a gigantic mess of really long hair."

Dan's eyes closed, "Yes, I saw that too. Do you remember any other details about her?"

My head whipped around to look at Dan, "How do you know it's a 'her'? What Megumi described sounded like a view from behind. It's very hard to tell the difference between a man and a woman from behind and with long hair it's even harder."

Dan looked at me and said, "I believe I know who that was."

Dan had everyone's attention by then and he sighed. He looked like an old man recalling horrible memories when he said, "Her name is Michiko, and she was my first student. I'm glad to see that she is still alive….but for how long?"

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