Kyuu's POV

All I could think of to say was, "I have a sister?"

Mom was so happy that she started bawling and she could only nod her head. I was too stunned to go and comfort her, but why did I need to comfort mom? Why was she so happy? Why haven't I heard about a sister? I turned to examine this sister of mine a second time.

She really did have long hair, not long enough that it would seem unnatural, but long enough that it reached halfway down her thighs. Her hair was matted and tangled in impossible rats' nests that would undoubtedly need to be cut out. Remnants of dirt made her skin look like it had patches, despite her earlier swim in the ocean. Her clothes were extremely worn out and much too big for her small frame. Her taped hands along with her ragged appearance made it seem like she was a prisoner of some sort.

That would explain why Mom is so happy to see her. But why was she a prisoner? Whose prisoner was she?

I glanced at Ryu to see if he had come up with the same deduction and saw that he had. The expression my friend wore was the same one he always wore when he had solved a disturbing case.

I turned to look again at Michiko, only to find her so obviously glaring at Ryu over Mom's shoulder. Her previously angelic face was contorted with extreme angst and hatred.

I examined Ryu's expression further, wondering if he knew something I didn't. Unfortunately for me, his expression changed when he noticed her hateful glare. Ryu looked right back at her, but his eyes were full of confusion.

How silly of me to think Ryu knew something!

"Mom?" Michiko hesitantly asked. "I know we just got reacquainted and everything, but the luck of the Irish is not with me today."

Mom was bewildered at the statement, but saw the look in Michiko's eyes and didn't ask questions. Why didn't she ask questions?

"Kyuu, can you help Mom clean up the mess in the house?" Michiko asked.

Mom gently touched my arm before she grabbed my hand and led me inside. Dumbfounded, I looked over my shoulder to see a sandy sidewalk…



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