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Is It Destiny?


During the first few months of their marriage, Petunia brought exciting news to her husband Vernon and to both of their families that they were expanding their family by one more. As it seemed that Petunia was expecting their first child who they later discover was a little boy that they would call their son. Over much debating they decided upon the name of Edward Christopher Evans and decorated his nursery.

Their little happy family came to drastic end. As it was soon discovered during a routine ultrasound a month before Petunia's due date that baby Edward no longer had a heartbeat. Therefore, before the sunrise the next morning she had to deliver her dead son into the world with the support of her mother Rose and her sister Lily. Knowing that it would hurt to much for Vernon to be in the hospital room with her.

Spending those months within a empty nursery, Petunia knew that it was time to start living her life again not only for herself but for Edward as well. After realizing this both Vernon and Petunia decided that Edward's nursery would once again become a guest bedroom and store the baby furniture at her parent's house. As well as realizing that all of the baby supplies such as diapers and bottles and Edward's newborn clothing could be donated to families that were in need of those items.


Week before the date marking the first anniversary of Edward's death, it was discover during a doctor's appointment that Petunia will more then likely never carry a child to term if she was even able to get pregnant in the first place.

A miracle had occur that brought joy into the family once more. As it turn out that Petunia was once again pregnant with the couple's second child. However, just mere days before Christmas Eve, Petunia had an ultrasound done. During the ultrasound visit, it was discover that she was three months pregnant with twins.


That Christmas day brought great news to the Evans family as both of their daughters along with their respective husbands were adding new additions to their family the following year. However, it was discover then that the cousins where going to be borne a mere months apart.

Lily told them that evening after performing a charm on the womb the news that the twins would be a boy and a girl as she was currently training to be a healer.


What Lily told them about the gender of their children was confirmed by Dr. Broughton when Petunia went for her ultrasound.

With the official reveal of twins genders, Vernon and Petunia knew that it was time to create two separate nurseries for the twins. Knowing that this would be the only opportunity to truly experience the joy of decorating the nurseries as Petunia might never become pregnant again.

Therefore, the boy's nursery was painted in a pale green with a mural of painted onto the wall with monkeys. While on the other hand, the girl's nursery was painted in a pale pink with simple flowers on a vine painted throughout the nursery.

Along with the completion of the nursery they chose the names Dudley Michael and Elisabeth Rose.

Now all they had to do is wait for their arrival.


During the last few months of her pregnancy, Petunia was confined to complete bed rest with the expect for using the bathroom and showering every other day for a limited time period.

Now the time has finally arrive during the beginning of first week of June, when Petunia went into labour. With the first pains of childbirth felt it was time for Petunia to be taken to the hospital for the delivery of the twins.

After being in labour for almost fourteen hours, their first child was borne into the first child was their son: Dudley Michael Dursley who was borne at 5:45 in the morning crying his little heart out.

Then fifteen minutes later, Petunia's daughter and Dudley's twin was borne into the world: Elisabeth Rose Dursley. Unlike Dudley, Elisabeth was perfectly silent when she was born and it was discover that she was a stillborn like her older brother Edward.

Losing the only chance of having a daughter to call their own unless they decide to adopt or try the experimental fertility treatment of IVF.


After the delivery of both Dudley and Elisabeth, Vernon knew it was time to call Christopher and Rose Evans to come to the hospital to see their grandson for the first time and the devastating news of Elisabeth death.

However, moments later a nurse came in to fill in their birth certificates. Dudley's birth certificate reads:

Dudley Michael Dursley

Born on June 1st of 1980

Father: Vernon Dudley Dursley

Mother: Petunia Rose Dursley nee Evans

While Elisabeth's birth certificate reads:

Elisabeth Rose Dursley

Born on June 1st of 1980

Father: Vernon Dudley Dursley

Mother: Petunia Rose Dursley nee Evans

However, their was also a death certificate issue for Elisabeth as well.


After receiving the call from Vernon, Christopher and Rose rush to the hospital to see their daughter. However, it took a while since they where on vacation in Paris. That afternoon after catching a plane they finally arrived outside of the hospital.

However, when the couple were just to go into the hospital they saw a teenage girl with blonde hair who appear to be about eighteen holding a baby in her arms.

The blonde teenager calmly walk up to Rose and hands her the baby with tears running down her face and whispers to them "Please find her a good family that will have a father and mother because I can't give her that. Its all I want for my daughter" who runs away leaving them with a newborn child in their care.

Christopher rushes into the hospital to find anyone either a doctor or nurse to care for the newborn.

Leaving Rose behind to calm down the fussy baby in her arms. That is when she discover a beautiful crafted baby bracelet on her tiny left wrist. This bracelet was created from white gold with the name "Carina" carved into a white gold heart. However, on either side of heart there where an emerald and diamond side by side.

Rose whispers the name "Carina" to the baby while rocking her until she fall quiet looking up at her with her beautiful baby blue eyes that all babies are borne with.


A few minutes later, Christopher returns outside with Dr. Broughton to where he left Rose with a baby in her arms.

Dr. Broughton silently took the baby out of Rose's arms to take her to the ER to be examine by a pediatrician. Before the doctor had a chance to enter into the hospital, Rose shouts out to only say "The baby's name is Carina"

With Carina in the care of the capable hands of Dr. Broughton, both Christopher and Rose went to their daughter's hospital room to comfort their daughter and see their grandson for the first time.


When Dr. Broughton came into Petunia's hospital room almost a hour later, she says in professional opinion "Mr. and Mrs. Evans, baby Carina is perfectly healthy according to the pediatrician and seems to be two or three days old"

Since either Vernon or Petunia knew who they where taking about, Petunia asks with envy in her voice "May I ask who exactly is this Carina person is?"

Christopher answers his eldest daughter calmly "Petunia before we came inside the hospital to visit with you, a teenager who appear to be about eighteen approach us and handed your mother her own daughter Carina" knowing that this will not really pleased his daughter that a teenager could borne a healthy daughter but tried to comfort her.

Petunia says with her tears running down her face "Why could a teenager give birth to a healthy child while my darling Elisabeth never had the chance at life?" as a statement more then a question.

Vernon tries to comfort Petunia by saying "I don't know Pet but maybe there is a reason that Elisabeth is no longer with us" believing that they will have a daughter to call their own one day.

Petunia thinks about for a moment before saying while grieving the lost of her daughter "Dr. Broughton, is it possible for us to see Carina" thinking about that innocent baby alone in the world with no one to care for her.

Dr. Broughton says thinking about it for a moment "Of course and shall have a nurse bring her to you" and then she left the hospital room.


Mere minutes later, a young red hair nurse in her mid-twenties who brought Dudley to them earlier came into the room pushing in the typical hospital nursery crib saying joyfully "Mrs. Dursley, would you like to hold Carina?"

Petunia says quickly "Of course" and the nurse picks up Carina from the crib to her awaiting arms.

"I shall leave you alone but call for anyone us to return little Carina back to the nursery" says the nurse politely.

Petunia looks down at the baby in her arms and immediately recognizes that the little girl will have black hair like her own grandmother.

When Carina wakes up from her sleep to only stare back at her with her blue eyes that all babies are born with.

While Vernon look on knowing that Petunia and Carina look like they where meant to be mother and daughter.

At that every moment both Vernon and Petunia knew in their hearts that Carina was suppose to be a part of their family and know they just need to know how to make it happen.


Marie Hall a social worker from a respected adoption agency was called to the hospital about little Carina and with the location of the little girl she heads for Petunia Dursley hospital room.

Once there Marie knock gently at the door before walking in and introduces herself to them "Hello Mr and Mrs Dursley, my name is Marie I am a from adoption agency that will be dealing with little Carina."

Vernon asks wondering "Excuse me, if my wife and I would like to adopt little Carina is it possible?"

Marie then says "Of course it will be; however, it may take a couple of months to be finalize" knowing that these people are already in love this little girl before asking "May I ask why as new time parents want to adopt a child?"

Petunia looks at the angel in her arms before saying "Even though our little Elisabeth is gone, our son Dudley and Carina will be raised like twins being borne mere day apart. However, I feel like she is a gift that Elisabeth send down to us as a sister for Dudley and our long awaited daughter"

Being a former lawyer himself, Christopher says to Marie "If you approve of my daughter and son-in-law as parents for Carina, the process could be completed in mere days since she was abandon by for birth mother" knowing the tricks of the trade as well as having friends in high places including a family court judge that could grant the adoption.

Marie positively happily says "Of course that is true but I will need to have our lawyer draw up the adoption papers to be sign and approved by the family court" knowing that this little girl already belonged to a family.

"I could have the adoption papers brought to use in mere hours and a judge be brought here at the same time" applied Christopher to the situation at hand.

Leaving everyone to their own devices, while Christopher called in two favors: a lawyer that he was a mentor to and an old friend.

By the time Petunia and Vernon left the hospital two days later, Carina was officially known as Carina Elisabeth Dursley and her birth certificate reads:

Carina Elisabeth Dursley

Born on May 31st of 1980

Father: Vernon Dudley Dursley

Mother: Petunia Rose Dursley nee Evans


The months have gone by the happy family celebrated their first Halloween dressed up as two little pumpkins to their Christmas to their first birthday.

However, barely a week after their first birthday did their grandparents Christopher and Bethany die in a car accident. It was a sad time for both the Dursley and Potter families but they where in each other's presence for the shortest amount time as possible. Lily left Petunia to deal with their parents estate.

Grief filled the Dursley house for weeks until Petunia realized that her parents would have wanted her to be the best possible mom to her children.

With everything getting back to normal, she decided right then and there that she no longer that a sister.

As little one year olds with Dudley dressed up like a grey wolf costume while Carina was dress up as little red ridding hood.

However, the peaceful family of four will never be the same.


In the early morning hours of first of November, Petunia knew that it was time to start her morning routine .

Only in her nightgown cover by her house coat with her favorite black slippers on her feet, she want downstairs to get the morning newspaper.

Instead of finding the morning newspaper, Petunia found a sleeping black hair toddler wrap up in a blue baby blanket with a envelope attached to it.

Gently picking up the sleeping toddler, Petunia place the toddler in the playpen in the living room where Dudley and Carina spend when they are watching television.

Petunia decides to sit down in her favorite chair and careful opens the envelope to remove a letter:

Dear Mrs. Petunia Dursley,

I take no pleasure informing you that your sister Lily Potter and her husband James where murder last night in their home by a dark wizard named Voldemort. However, your nephew Harry James Potter survived the attack. As his only remaining relative alive it falls upon you to raise your sister's son.

However, as long as Harry is consider where you live as home both of you will be protected by Lily's last sacrifice on this earth.


Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster of Hogwarts

This begins a new adventure for Vernon and Petunia raising three children equally with their love, attention, and time.


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