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Is It Destiny?

Chapter Nine

That evening after the children were send to bed, Petunia knew it was time to discus with Sirius the issue of custody. However, it was not Petunia that voiced the custody issue but it was Sirius instead. Sitting down around the kitchen table with a pot of tea to share for the discussion that was about to take place.

"Petunia, we have to determine an iron-clad custody agreement before Harry and Carina starts school" begins to say Sirius passionately before adding "Because we don't want Dumbledore to move any legal grounds to infer with them as Hogwarts students" in disgust at finding out that he has been stealing from the Potter fortune but also leaving him in Azkaban for the last eleven years.

Vernon mentions before getting down to matters of a custody agreement, he says "We should find a lawyer (AN: not using the term of a solicitor which is common in the UK) that specialize in law in both our world and the wizarding world" knowing it is important to make it legal in both of these world which Harry and Carina would be a part of.

"That would be a good idea" states Petunia in response to her husband's statement in hiring someone familiar with both set of laws.

Sirius thinks about their concerns for a moment before saying quickly the name "Andromeda" without realizing that they did not know who he is talking about. He the goes on to explain "Andromeda is my cousin who is a lawyer that only deals with wizarding law; however, she works with her muggle sister-in-law on cases that cross over into the muggle world"

Petunia concerns the matter over their lawyers for this custody agreement before nodding her head in agreement. As she knows that Andromeda has familial ties to Carina as her second cousin.

Sirius simply states to couple before him "You two shall regain custody of Harry and Carina in the muggle world, while I have the responsibility of their magical guardian" knowing that is only way possible to divide guardianship before he adds "You will have permanent physical custody. We shall spilt summer holidays and winter holidays between us"

"That would be fine" says Petunia knowing that this would be the best solution before adding "However, if we decide to take a vacation outside of England with Harry and Carina we must inform the other party"

Sirius thinks about for a second before saying "Of corse that would be fine and I will tell Andromeda if our agreement to make a legally binding contract both in the muggle and wizarding world" before thinking of where was he going to stay the night.

"Sirius, that will be a perfectly acceptable" says Vernon in response to Sirius statement before adding "You will spend the time being in the guest bedroom until Harry and Carina go off to Hogwarts"

Sirius nods in response to Vernon's offer while Petunia takes him to the guest room which will be his temporary room until September. Also he knows it would take time to prepare one of his inherited properties to live in.


Once alone in the room, Sirius quickly sends his grim dog patronus to Andromeda with this message: Andy, I need your legal help for custody of Harry and Carina who is actually Regulus daughter and Harry's adopted cousin. The Dursley and I have worked out a custody agreement already but we need it to be legally binding. Send an owl and I would send you the written notes that we made tonight.

Minutes later, an owl arrived at the window with a letter attach to its leg and once Sirius untie the letter and it read: Tomorrow morning my office in London and send me the rough draft for the custody.

Sirius quickly ties the piece of paper with the written agreement of the Dursley and himself from earlier. Off the owl went to his cousin's house.


The next morning bright and early, the Dursley family plus Sirius gather around the table for breakfast which consisted of bacon, eggs, and toast with tea for the adults and chocolate milk for the kids.

Sirius causally mentions to them "My cousin agreed to meet with us this afternoon in her London office"

"That sounds perfect" states Petunia wanting to get it over and done with before adding "Before meeting with your cousin, we will take Sirius clothes shopping as well"

Carina nods in agreement with her mom about the shopping trip for Sirius because anything that has to do with shopping has her vote. While the boys in the room look terrible at the thought of a shopping even if it was for Sirius.


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