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Tension could be felt in the air. The faces of some of the military students quite tense after all, it was their graduation exam. Most of them were going over whispered recollection of battle strategies, attack formations and so on. Even the examiners; who would usually be the ones with the happy-go-lucky faces seem agitated.

Teito Klein, a short fifteen year old brunette, was feeling none of this. He was apparently, sleeping; head tilted a bit to the left with a sheepish smile on his face. How he could even be sleeping at a time like this was unknown to even Mikage, his blond best friend/roommate.

"Oi, Shorty! Wake up! Don't you think it's a bit impertinent of you to be sleeping at a time like this? Oh well, I guess you can expect nothing less from a sklave like you." Shouted Shuuri Oak directly at Teito's only exposed ear. A smirk was plastered on his face; his two cronies snickering delightedly behind their hands.

Everyone in the vicinity turned their heads in their direction. All eyes focused on Teito and Shuuri, anticipating on what could; would happen.

Teito didn't stir from his sleep, his head still tilted though the smile was wiped clean off his face, replaced by a very deep frown. No one knew whether this was just a subconscious action or completely voluntary.

Teito opened his eyes, a brilliant jade colour; glaring death bringing daggers at the boy in front of him who had dared call him sklave and not to mention shorty. Being sixteen and yet to still have not grown taller, his height was a very sensitive matter.

"Alright everyone please get into the groups you were assigned to and head to the foyer of examination hall" said Shigure sensei, one of the examiners. Stopping a would be fight between Teito and Shuuri. "Once there, group 1; head into exam theatre 1, group 2; exam theatre 2, group 3; exam theatre 3, group 4; exam theatre 4. The rest are to wait until they are called to be evaluated."

"Lucky we're the ninth group huh?" said Mikage, his otherwise happy grin marred by anxiousness.

"Humph!" exclaimed the giant man. Though giant seems to be an understatement, his limbs were humongous; it could send the hulk running with tails between its legs. "Can't any of you fulfil my…., thirst for blood; before they let me out of this rat hole? I ain't seen the sunlight for a long goddamn six years and I just need to delete you brats and I'll be outta here faster than you can scream "Godspeed!" " Exclaimed the giant gleefully. "Now why don't you boys be good and let me kill you, eh?"

The Oak and his goons cowered and begged for mercy from the proctors; pointedly ignored by them, Mikage stood his ground and silently went over battle plans. Teito… He smiled at the man…

"This'll be fun." The man heard this and readied himself to charge down the brunette with a smile so evil that it would bring shame to Lucifer himself. "Are you ready?" Teito mockingly asks the man; he licked his lips; and with that, he attacked, short sword glinting menacingly in his small hand.

"Aya-tan!" said Major Hyuuga; who is currently sucking on a cherry lollipop. "You seem quite excited about seeing this examination take place. What's up?" He asked with a slightly girly giggle; successfully annoying his otherwise calm superior. Earning him a death glare from said superior.

"I think you'll do well to SHUT YOUR TRAP unless you've had enough of being a male, I could help you out personally." Said Ayanami coldly; his hand traveled to the hilt of his sword threateningly. He headed for the examination hall, briskly walking; ignoring the people saluting him.

Said man shivered, he found it very wonderful to be a male and he liked to keep it that way, thank you very much, and (fortunately for everyone) stayed quiet for the next few minutes until they reached exam theatre 1. They were just in time to see Teito attack the man with his short sword; not a really "thankgodImadeit!" moment.

Seeing him strike the criminal was both beautifully captivating and horrifyingly terrifying.

His lithe, agile movements avoided the punches thrown at him, his hand moving forward to stab the man confidently. It was simply captivating.

His face pulled back to form that psychopathic smile; the joy that seems to radiate from him from being able to cause pain. His stunningly bright jade eyes darkened, clouded by bloodlust. That was just….. downright terrifying.

Everyone in the room practically flinched with the amount of Killing Intent seeping from the boy. All except Chairman Miroku; who was staring at said brunette with sad, pitying eyes. Everyone who saw this turned to stare questioningly at the man; who simply sighed and just shrugged it off.

"Tell me mister. What did you do that was so bad that you were sent to serve your jail sentence at Barsburg's most terrifying prison which most definitely does not give out parole or even allows visits and almost no chance of seeing sunlight? I'm curious." Said Teito, honest curiosity showed on his face.

The man snorted; no one had ever been interested in finding out what he'd ever done. They were all playing the safety first rule like the cowards they were and just ran whenever they see him. "This boy's got guts; it'll be fun mashing him to a pulp as punishment for stabbing me in my shoulder. Hurts like fackin hell." The man thought, and continued to answer; "What did I do? Easy kid! I took little kids that I see and I like from their pissy parents and rape em; gender don't matter to me and then sell them to those slave traders. Watching 'em squirm while I was fucking em; fun like you would never experience, bitch!" The man smiled gleefully; his glory days.

Everyone in and outside the theater shivered in fear; they could feel a rising killing intent radiating from the brunette. They were sure that if his bangs had not covered his eyes, they would see him glaring deathly wishes toward the criminal.

"Monster!" breathed Teito; Oak, having stood close to him heard it loud and clear. He looked to his side and instantly regretted it; Teito's eyes were burning a deep green color nothing like its previous color, with the killing intent and dark aura that seemed to surround him; it looked utterly Demonic.

Breathing heavily, Teito Klein called out his Zyphon; the white (A/N: is it? I just read 07: Ghosts, don't watch it. : P) coloured Zyphon immediately circled around the monster's neck; closing in around it cruelly cutting the air supply from the pathetic bloodied mess pleading for mercy; its gleeful façade lost in the fight that he would remember for as long as he lived, which seems quite short looking at his circumstances, ne?

He could feel himself starting to fade, "this must be my final moments in life…" The dying man thought bitterly at his fate; to die a slow death is torture. Suddenly he felt it easier to breath as the Zyphon constricting his neck slowly, but surely loosened. But it was still there around his neck, he swallowed nervously.

"Miroku-sama, permission to kill?" asked Teito loudly and clearly and menacingly so that the man would know his fate.

"Granted." Replied the chairman, eyeing him warily; the boy never asks for permission to kill, unless he wanted to use that.

Teito took a deep breath, "Miroku-sama must have caught on with what I intend to do" thought Teito wryly. He raised his hand and prepared to kill this man; said man heard the rustling of his clothes and prepared to die.

Ten seconds had passed, yet Teito still did nothing; his hand still outstretched in front of him. Hesitation gnawed at him, he bit his lips; questioning whether or not to kill this man in such manner. The man silently thanked god; everyone waited with bated breath; anticipation charging the air.

Having pushed away his doubts, Teito tensed his outstretched hand. Just as he said "Godspeed." Someone had apparently entered the theatre and said "Coward" and also sent out a killing Zyphon. The theatre was filled with a bright light and a loud scream of pain.

Everyone blinked, staring confusedly at the scene before them-minus the chairman and Teito of course. The cadets' were there but, where was the man? Questioned everyone; the proctors almost panicking with the disappearance of the man, they had almost ordered for a team of guards to hunt the man down when Konatsu, one of the Black Hawks; an elite military division pointed out that the locked door was still, well… Locked. Everyone did the typical anime sweat drop at this. (: P)

"May God have mercy and offer you a place in Hell, you loathsome creature!" spat Teito disgustedly. His eyes still burnt with animosity, his aura a curtain of terror and destruction. No wonder he was one of the best and most feared combat slaves in the military. He looked up, and quite rudely said "Can I get out now? Or do you still want to keep us in here like some fricking fascinating objects on display?" Glare.

The door opened, Teito turned on his heel and made a swift exit; not even bothering to salute at the quite wide eyed Chief Of Staff, General Ayanami-sama. He gave a brief smile at Chairman Miroku and the proctors while nodding in acknowledgement at the Black Hawk unit as he walked past them, entering the hallway, leading to the dormitories; leaving everyone staring amazedly at his receding back.

Echoing footsteps brought them back to earth as they watched the General walk towards the Chairman, in a fashion that would send thousands of men bigger than Miroku run for dear life, but Miroku stood his ground. Cruel though the general may be, he was not without sense.

"Explain Chairman, why is HIS soul radiating an almost perfect match of HER soul? Not to mention the fact that what HE did just now was something only SHE could do. " asked the general calmly, but a note of malice decorated each syllable.

The Chairman smiled apologetically, "That dear Ayanami is something that you must figure out for yourself. Oh and I hope you were pleased with you new begleiter's (A/N : is this the right spelling?) ability?." He chuckled in amusement as he saw a surprised expression slip from Ayanami's cold, indifferent mask; for a while at least, the next second the mask was as perfect as ever.


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