Brooklyn, in his (comparatively) young age of 38, had seen and experienced a great many things both on and off the battlefield. On the battlefield, he had seen everything from swords, maces, and arrows, to catapults and magic; and he had come to both know and understand these weapons intimately at his time at Castle Wyvern.

None of it prepared him for one woman with a can.

He was currently sitting down in Elisa's kitchen, tears streaming down his face and rubbing his eyes because they burned with the wrath of Hell, or what he assumed Hell would feel like. He knew his rookery brothers, Lexington and Broadway, were concerned for their friend and that Goliath was also standing in Elisa's kitchen trying to fully understand what exactly happened.

"The woman freaked out! She attacked Brooklyn with some sort of sorcery!" Broadway cried out, voice raised in his upset state.

"It wasn't magic; it was some sort of can. I think she thought Brooklyn was going to attack her and tried to defend herself." Lex said, sounding a little unsure of himself.

"Yeah, and if I had been attacking her it would of worked wonderfully." Brooklyn grit out.

"It sounds like the woman had a can of pepper spray." Elisa said, understanding quicker than Goliath. She didn't sound terribly pleased with the thought either, Brooklyn decided as he heard their detective suck air through her teeth. "It won't last forever, but your eyes will sting until sunrise for sure, longer if you keep rubbing them."

Brooklyn immediately stopped rubbing his eyes, instead clenching his fists in an effort to ignore the pain and simultaneously not grab Elisa's countertops. He doubted they would withstand his grip very well.

"What is peppery spray?" Goliath asked cautiously as Brooklyn heard the sound of the fridge opening.

"It's a liquid that's made from peppers really; the peppers have an oil that causes a burning sensation. I know a way to help with the pain."

"It wouldn't happen to involve taking my eyes out would it?" Brooklyn quipped.

"No, I think you might need those yet." Elisa tried to joke.

"What's the milk for?" Broadway asked.

'Milk?' Brooklyn thought. 'How's milk going to help?'

"The fat in milk helps counteract the oil in the peppers. It won't completely stop the burning, but it will help." She said, boots tapping the tiles as she walked over to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn felt Elisa's hand on his arm. "I'm going to lean you over the sink. I need you to hold your eyes open when I do this." She said.

Brooklyn nodded mutely and let Elisa tip his head over then sink and then hold his eyelids open to pour cold milk over his burning eyes. His eyes kept trying to twitch shut, but with gentle coaxing and half a gallon of milk, his eyes did feel a lot better. He didn't have to fight to open his eyes anyways, though he still squinted and his eyes ached.

"Better?" Elisa asked.

Brooklyn cocked his head to look at her; she looked to be a bit worried and was holding out a dish rag to him. "Much, thanks." He said taking the cloth and wiping milk off his head, daubing lightly around his eyes. "Where'd you learn that trick?" He asked.

"My dad likes really hot peppers in his food, found out the hard way not to rub my eyes after cutting up a bunch." She said, flashing him a grin as she stowed the milk back in the ice box.

"Did you know it would work on pepper spray?" Lex asked, ever the curious one. Though Brooklyn admitted he was curious about it too.

"Yes. Yes I did." She said.

It was Broadway that asked the next question. "Why? Did you get sprayed once?'

Brooklyn noticed Elisa grimace, but she answered honestly. "Yeah, part of cop training. They show you all the non-lethal weapons, how they work and you have to understand how it feels to have them used on you." The look on her face showed that it was not a pleasant memory.

"You mean other cops sprayed you with it?" Brooklyn painfully glanced at their leader; he didn't look terribly pleased himself.

"Yes, all cops have to go through it once. It does two things: the first one is that if we were to be pepper sprayed or tazed out in the field, we wouldn't lose our heads because we already knew what was happening. Secondly, it's a deterrent; it keeps cops from being too liberal with the stuff."

That seemed to satisfy Goliath, though he still didn't look happy about it. Though once Brooklyn thought about it, he didn't like the idea of Elisa getting pepper sprayed or tazed either. "Why on earth would anyone make such a vile substance?" Brooklyn finally asked, trying to resist the urge to rub his eyes some more.

Elisa leaned against the fridge. "Protection mostly." She said. "As you've seen, it's rather hard to attack someone if you can't see and are in a lot of pain." She explained. "Women especially carry it if they have to walk by themselves at night, my sister Beth does whenever she visits. It doesn't leave her hand until she's safe inside where she's staying."

It made sense, now that he wasn't in agony and everyone had calmed down some, it actually seemed like a very useful substance when one thought about it. He still hated it though, and vowed that he would never go near the stuff again if he could help it at all. It was worse than being electrocuted by Macbeth and the Steel Clan combined.

"How long did you say my eyes were gonna hurt?" Brooklyn asked.

"Hours. It feels like forever, I know. Hopefully you won't get sprayed again." She said.

"Boy I hope not." Brooklyn mumbled, wiping off a rogue tear, and wincing as the burning sensation began again. 'I hate pepper spray' He though violently.

Okay, I will admit, this is my first ever fanfiction. I don't really write them, but this nugget popped about what would happen if the gargoyles experienced pepper spray and it wouldn't leave me alone. I may add more drabbles, but not likely, so don't hold your breath.

Now, I'm sure people are going to argue about Brooklyn's age, well I looked it up on the GargWiki, found the year he was hatched, did some math and found out that he's almost 40 when season 1 started. Then you have to remember that they age at half the rate we do, so his comparable age in human years would be 19 or so.

More people are going to get onto me about the cops pepper spraying each other, well guess what, that is an actual part of police training. One of my brother's friends went through it and he was tazed and pepper sprayed. He hated it. Go figure.

Oh, and this is set right after they woke up, like within a few months I would think.

Hope you enjoyed!

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