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The three stared at Ichigo. They had apparently entered in on the grounds of the Kurosaki mansion in the Soul Society. So they were confused was an underestimate.

"Maybe we should move to a quieter place," Ichigo said avoiding eye contact.

"If it was any quieter," Ishida said, "then someone would confuse us with a graveyard."

"I….We meant a more private place," Ichigo said, "We do not like being in a big crowd."

"What do you mean 'we'," Orihime said.

"It's what nobles use," Ishida said narrowing his eyes.

"That seems annoying," Orihime said cocking her head to the said.

"We find it annoying as well," Ichigo said. "However, we must use it for a while; for we must talk to a clan that is very traditional."

"What," Chad said.

"We will tell you more when we move to a more private area," Ichigo said.

"Umm….What's going on," Orihime said.

Ichigo sighed in frustration. How could they not understand about him not being at the liberty to discuss things out in the open? What exactly was hard about that?

"We will talk more about this when we feel like it," Ichigo said walking away.

"Lord Kurosaki," two people came running up to Ichigo.

Ichigo slightly flinched. It was obviously that Ichigo didn't like them very much.

"It is good to see you again Milord," the slightly haughtier sounding said.

"We are glad to be back," Ichigo said. "We need to do a few things. We demand that they be done immediately."

"Of course Milord," the other one said.

"Seikatsu," Ichigo said to the haughtier one, "We need to have a meeting with Kasumiōji Clan. Shi, we need to meet with Shiba Clan, at different times."

"Very well Milord," Seikatsu and Shi said.

Seikatsu and Shi ran off to do their jobs. Ichigo sighed. This was going to be a long day.