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Naruto (c) Kishimoto

Chapter 1- First impressions

The sun shone high above the sky, pouring light over everything under its domain. A hawk flew in front of the star's rays, casting a shadow down on the ground. Sayuri looked up to the soaring creature as she strode along with her clan, the Inazuma, as they travelled towards the newly founded Konohagakure. She sighed, envying the flying hawk for its freedom, free to fly wherever it may please.

"We're almost to the village," Aina smiled turning to look at her family riding behind her and her husband, "shouldn't take long now, really."

"Did you hear that, Nee-chan?" Kyou said excitedly, trotting up beside his sister, "we're almost to there!" Kyou was Sayuri's younger brother, the second child of the Inazuma's clan leader, Inazuma Kaito. He had short flowing black hair which reached just above his shoulders and fair skin. He had clear onyx eyes and a slender, but toned body and he wore indigo colored armour with a long sleeved black shirt and pants underneath.

"I heard, Kyou. I'm not deaf." Sayuri shot back at him, a playful grin on her face. She had black hair, tied back into a ponytail, with two bangs that framed her face. She had the same fair skin as her brother but instead of black eyes, she had brown ones. The grin quickly disappeared from her face as she turned her doe brown eyes up to the sky, shielding it from the bright light with her hand, "and it's about time too! We've been riding for ages and it's insanely hot today!"

Kyou chuckled; he knew his sister wasn't always the patient one. "I wonder what the village will look like…" he mused to himself.

"Probably full of trees," Sayuri shrugged, "since its founder is the great Senju Hashirama, right?"

"Yeah," the younger boy nodded, "well, technically he built the place, but he wasn't the only one who founded it. It was originally founded by the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan, the two greatest clans on earth."

"Of course, trust someone like you to know about these things." Sayuri half-spat, a trace of envy in her tone. "But I also heard that one of the founders, Uchiha Madara defected from the village not too long ago. Probably went all butt-hurt because he wasn't chosen for the seat of Hokage." She snickered.

"Yeah," Kyou grinned back at his elder sister. He tore his sight away from her and focused his eyes up ahead, grinning even wider when he saw the giant gates right up ahead. "That must be the village!"

"Finally…" Sayuri sighed. She kicked her horse on the side slightly to make the mare gallop faster. Kyou followed, riding closely behind his older sister as the village gates came closer and closer to view.

Despite still being recently founded, the Konoha streets were buzzing with activity. Carpenters were going to and fro; off to go build more infrastructure in the village. Shinobi and civilian alike were gathered around stalls, checking out what was for sale. Children ran freely in the streets, playing a game of ninja tag or hide and seek.

"Man!" A brown haired shinobi cried out, folding his hands behind his head, a contented smile on his face. He wore a simple black kimono-like top, held closed by a brown obi. Underneath, he wore a fishnet shirt and brown pants. He also had the symbol of the Sarutobi on his back. "I can't wait for that bath house to be finished!"

"Heh," the shinobi beside him smirked. He had snow white hair and a relatively paler complexion compared to his friend. He had bright red eyes and three red streaks on his face, two on his cheeks, and one on his chin. He wore an outfit similar to the Sarutobi but with a blue top and black pants. And he also bore the symbol of the Senju clan on his sleeves. "Knowing you, Sasuke, you'll probably end up peeking on the ladies' side of the bath once it's done."

"Will not!" Sasuke pouted, looking very offended, "if anyone's going to do that, it'll probably be you, Tobirama!"

"Excuse me?" Tobirama stopped walking and looked at his friend incredulously. "Who exactly was the person who spied on the kunoichi while they bathed in the river?"

"It was by accident, damn it!" The Sarutobi stressed, but Tobirama simply shook his head, that sly grin never leaving his face.

"If I remember correctly, you enjoyed seeing them like that."

"Who doesn't enjoy looking at women while they're bathing?"

"I don't."

"Liar, you were there with me and your mouth was practically hanging open!"

Tobirama blinked, a small blush crawling up his ashen cheeks. Sasuke smirked, enjoying his victory over his best friend. "I… It was… Y-You pulled me over and FORCED me to see them naked!"

"Save your excuses, you're just as big as a pervert as I am." The Sarutobi smirked.

"So you ADMIT that you're a pervert?" Tobirama arched an eyebrow and smirked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, "Sheesh, and you wonder why Mayu always hits you."

"Wha-? No she doesn-"

"Sasuke! Tobirama!" The two shinobi turned their heads towards the direction of the voice that cried out. A young woman came walking towards them. She was not very tall, but she did have that curvy, buxom figure. Her hair was done in a simple bun atop her head and she had side bangs that just brushed to the left of her face. The woman wore a simple kimono, which would fool the normal man into thinking she was any normal civilian if not for the hitai-ate that was strapped to her hips. On her left arm, she carried some bags which contained various items from the market and on her right; she carried a little boy who looked to be about two. Sasuke and Tobirama grinned, walking up to meet the kunoichi halfway.

"Mayu!" They both called back, smiling as she approached.

"Hi, Hiruzen!" Tobirama smiled, ruffling the young Sarutobi's hair fondly. Hiruzen gurgled happily, grabbing hold of his godfather's arm hand as it stayed on the top of his little head. Mayu giggled, passing her son over to Tobirama who cradled him in the crook of his arm, chuckling when Hiruzen decided to play with his hair.

"I thought you were going grocery shopping today, Mayu." Sasuke said.

"I just finished," Mayu grinned, holding up the bags she was carrying. "I was just here to tell Tobirama something,"

"What do you want to tell me?" Tobirama questioned. He looked and saw that Hiruzen was reaching out for Sasuke, so he made the motion pass his godson over to his father.

"Oh, well I happened to run into Mito-san in the market and she wanted me to tell you that Hashirama-sama wanted you to-" The bronze-haired kunoichi paused, giggling behind her hand as the Hokage's brother yelped when Hiruzen tugged on his hair a little bit too hard. "-She wanted me tell you that Hashirama-sama wanted you in his office,"

"Good boy, Hiruzen!" Sasuke encouraged his son, earning him a piercing glare from Tobirama, "that's right, you go punish your naughty godfather for calling your daddy a pervert!"

"You ARE a pervert!" Tobirama shot back. "Anyway, I gotta go. I wonder what Nii-san wants with me, this time." He smiled at the little Sarutobi, moving away before the kid's hands got a hold of his silver locks again. "You coming, Sasuke?"

"Huh? Oh yeah!" The Sarutobi said, passing his son to Mayu. "I have to pass my report from my last mission anyway," he flashed his wife a grin, waving at her as he began to follow after Tobirama. "See you later, Mayu!"

"Bye!" Mayu waved, disappearing off into the living section of the village, leaving the two men to walk off towards the Administration Building.

"Hiruzen's growing up pretty fast," Tobirama grinned at his best friend. Sasuke returned the Senju's smile with a proud smirk.

"Yeah, he is. He's a quick learner too!" He boasted, the proud expression remaining on his face. Tobirama rolled his eyes and shook his head, "You know, Tobirama, Hiruzen's actually quite fond of you."

"I noticed," Tobirama smiled, staring off into the blue sky above. Sasuke blinked before a sly smirk crept up his lips and he nudged his friend on the side with his elbow. The white haired Senju looked at him, a confused expression on his face, "What?"

"If you want kids that much then… Why don't you go off and marry someone already?"

"Who ever said that I wanted kids? Tobirama asked, "I just said that Hiruzen was growing pretty quickly, that's all!"

"Liar," Sasuke made something akin to a pout, "I could see it so clearly in your face! Plus, if you don't get married now, when will you?"

"When I get tired of living my bachelor life, that's when," the Senju deadpanned, brushing way past the Sarutobi. Sasuke sighed, rolling his eyes before catching up with his friend, "Now come on, I wouldn't want to keep Nii-san waiting,"

And with that, Tobirama hopped up onto rooftops, headed off to the administration building with Sasuke in tow.

Hashirama sat on his desk, his eyes scanning a document vigorously. Once he appeared to be satisfied with what was in it, he smiled and nodded silently to himself, setting it down, stamping on his seal and signing it. He smiled at the document one more time and handed it off to the ninja waiting by the door.

"Here you go," He said. "Notify the Akimichi clan that they may move into the village by tomorrow if they wish."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." The ninja nodded curtly and formed the ram hand seal before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The Senju leader sighed, leaning back on his chair. That was one more clan added to the village… One more clan added to their family. He turned around, casting his brown gaze onto the lively village streets below. A small smile began tugging on his lips as he saw ninjas and civilians interact with each other, children playing on the streets with no fear of being harmed, it was all too good to be true that sometimes Hashirama was convinced he was dreaming.

"But I'm not…" he thought to himself. "This is true… This is all true. The dream that I've kept alive all these years, the dream that I thought was nearly impossible… is finally coming true." He sighed, an image of Madara suddenly flashing in his mind. "If only you stayed long enough to see it grow, Madara…"

A sudden knock on his door tore him from his thoughts. He turned around again, casually arranging the documents on his desk, "Enter."

Tobirama opened the door, stepping inside the office. Sasuke followed him, shutting the door behind him. Hashirama's smile grew even wider upon seeing his little brother, "Ah… Tobi, Sasuke."

"Hashirama-sama," Sasuke bowed curtly, stepping forward and handing over a rolled up scroll. "Here's my report from my last mission, sir."

"Ah, thank you, Sasuke." Hashirama smiled, taking the scroll from him.

"So, what's up? Mayu told me Mito told her that you wanted to see me." Tobirama asked, plopping down on the chairs situated in front of the Hokage's desk. Hashirama chuckled, he loved it when his brother would still address him in a casual manner, it gave him a break from all the formality everyone was giving him.

"I called you over because another clan is about to arrive to the village soon. I thought it's proper that you should go greet them along with me." Hashirama shrugged.

"Ah…" Tobirama nodded. "Ok, I guess it's my responsibility to do so anyway. Which clan is moving in again?"

"The Inazuma."

Sasuke blinked, "They're the clan in the Land of Fire that specializes in Raiton jutsu, right?"

The Hokage nodded in agreement. "Not a very big clan at all, but yes, they are excellent with Raiton techniques. Father once mentioned facing off with them, if you recall, Tobi."

"Oh yeah…" Tobirama gave a reminiscent smile as he remembered his and Hashirama's boyhood and their father's tales of life on the battlefield and how he and Hashirama would listen and watch with eyes wide with wonder. "But… We never faced off with them personally, when you became leader, Nii-san."

"Now that you mentioned it… We never did." Hashirama thought about it for a while.

"We did though," Sasuke said, grabbing the attention of the two Senju brothers. "They're a formidable clan and their lightning Justus are… Well, not necessarily the best, but they're strong."

Tobirama was about to speak when suddenly a puff of smoke appeared in the middle of the room. When the haze cleared, it revealed a tall brunette woman, her hair done in a peculiar ponytail. She had a pointed chin, fair skin and wore silver coloured armor with a black shirt and pants underneath. The kunoichi looked at the three men in the room before bowing curtly in Hashirama's direction. "Sorry to have interrupted, Hokage-sama."

"No, it's fine, Toka." Hashirama dismissed, "So, what is it?"

"I'm just here to tell you that the Inazuma clan has arrived." Toka relayed. Hashirama nodded and stood up from his chair.

"Let's go meet them, shall we?"

Tobirama nodded, following his brother outside of the office before looking at his best friend, "You coming, Sasuke?"

"Nah," The Sarutobi shook his head and grinned, "I don't think I have any business with the clan as of the moment. Want to meet up at the training fields after this, though?"

"Sure," Tobirama grinned back, watching as Sasuke waved at him before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. And with that, he shut the door and began to head for the village gates, ready to greet the new clan.

"Sheesh, how much longer do we have to wait?" Sayuri growled, only to get a look from her father.

"Patience, Sayuri." Kaito reprimanded his daughter. "The Hokage has many things to attend to, not just us."

The clan heiress huffed, rolling her eyes in annoyance. "We're the newly arrived people in this village, shouldn't we be on top of their agenda?"

Kaito glared at Sayuri, "Sayuri." He said, voice stern as ever, "stop being rude! Hokage-sama is-"

"Inazuma-sama!" A deep voice sounded, cutting off Kaito. He turned around and gave a curt bow upon seeing who it was that addressed him.

"Hokage-sama…" The Inazuma clan leader said. Hashirama smiled and made a motion for him to stand up from his bowing position. "My clan and I are very pleased to be welcomed here in your village."

"Ah, Inazuma-sama, it's not only my village, it belongs to every single one of us here." Hashirama grinned at the man. He turned to look at the sea of shinobi, all belonging to the Inazuma clan and said, "Welcome, all of you to Konohagakure!"

Tobirama's eyes scanned the crowd as murmurs erupted from it and a bunch of bobbing black heads came. His sight however landed on one particular young lady standing behind the clan leader, looking like her patience was slowly running dry. He felt his eye twitch slightly, not liking the blatant disrespect that she was giving his brother.

"Now, we have some business to settle, I believe, before your clan can permanently settle in the village." Hashirama stated, a slightly more serious expression coming on his face.

"Ahhh, yes." Kaito replied, his voice sounding more serious as well.

"Your clan is free to have a look in the village, by the way, if they want to." The Hokage added, turning his eyes to look at the clan. "You can explore the village on your own and if not, my brother Tobirama will be more than happy to help you find your way around."

And with that, the Hokage and Kaito turned around towards the Administration Building to settle things. As the clan began to disperse one by one, Tobirama came and stepped closer towards Sayuri, who stared up at him not even flinching in his presence.

"What do you want?" She glared at him, brunette eyes meeting sanguine ones.

"I would just like to know why you looked so bored earlier while my brother was welcoming in your clan." Tobirama drawled on, voice sounding casual but had underlying tones of annoyance in it.

"Well, can't blame me," Sayuri shrugged, "I'm not really the type that has a lot of patience on me."

"I bet it can't kill you to at least pay a smidgen of attention, right?"

"I don't understand why you're getting worked up over this," she crossed her arms, facing the Senju. She was only about two inches shorter than him so he didn't really intimidate her. "It's really none of your business and plus the Hokage didn't even seem to notice,"

"Look, it takes a lot to get me worked up but I DO NOT take kindly to people who show disrespect towards my older brother,"

"Oooh, a little protective, are we?" Sayuri smirked, slightly infuriating Tobirama even more. "I would imagine so; I mean you do hide under your brother's shadow,"

"Shut it," Tobirama growled, annoyed that this girl had touched something in him that he thought he had buried a long time ago. "And I suppose you have all the confidence in the world,"

"Hn," Sayuri smirked, "test me."

"Nee-chan, what are you doing?" Kyou snarled, yanking his sister's arm. "You can't be serious about challenging him! Don't you know who that is? He's Senju Tobirama! The greatest Suiton user in the ninja world!"

"So? There's no body of water around here," She shrugged, "plus… lightning is dangerous when it comes in contact with water," A smirk played itself out on her pretty little face. "So, you wanna fight?"

"Hn. But we obviously can't fight here, in front of the gates." Tobirama said before shrugging and turning away, "and I really have better things to do than pick a fight with a newcomer."

Sayuri glared daggers into his back as he turned around to walk away. "Sheesh, Nee-chan," Kyou whined, shaking his head. "We just got into the village and you're already causing trouble!"

"Hey!" The Inazuma clan heir shot back at her brother, "he approached me first! He was the one who started getting his hair in a knot over me!"

"Well, not listening while Hokage-sama was talking was disrespectful, Nee-chan. And what you said to him was really offensive, especially the one about him hiding behind his brother's shadow-"

"Who's side are you on?"

Kyou sighed, "I don't even know why I bother to argue with you… Can we just go explore the village now?"

Sayuri smirked, before grabbing hold of the younger boy's hand and began dragging him off to explore Konohagakure. "Sure, why not? Let's go hit a food shop first, I'm starving!"

A breeze brew by the grass, making them dance and bow in its mighty power. The tree leaves rustle in response to its touch, sending some leaves falling down onto the ground. A shuriken came whizzing, interrupting the wind's peaceful blow before imbedding itself onto the log.

"Wow…" Sasuke whistled, looking at his friend, "new arrival and already showing signs of disrespect, huh?"

"Yeah." Tobirama said, firing another set of his weapons at the log, all landing perfectly on the target, "she has some gall to talk back to me AND ignore her superiors."

"Heh, is she hot tempered?"

"Seems like it." The white haired Senju rolled his eyes, watching the kunai Sasuke threw imbed itself into his target log. "She even challenged me to a fight…"

"Why didn't you agree?" Sasuke asked quizzically, only to be sent back a look that screamed 'isn't it obvious?'

"Are you kidding me? I'm not going to start a fuss out there, in front of the village gates while they're wide open, nonetheless." Tobirama stated as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. Sasuke nodded in agreement when suddenly, a rustle from the bushes came by. On instinct, the two shinobi were immediately on high alert. Even though Konoha was a safe place to be, caged away from all the conflict of the outside world, years of battlefield experience taught them to be on guard always so that the enemy cannot sneak up on them. However, the duo relaxed when they saw Sayuri and Kyou stumble out of the bushes.

Tobirama's eyes narrowed at the sight of Sayuri and when the kunoichi caught sight of him, he was returned with a similar reaction.

"Oooh…" Sasuke smirked, elbowing the Senju on the side, not noticing the current glare he was sending Sayuri's way. "She looks like real babe. Slightly short changed in the B&B department, but still has a pretty face, hmm?"

"Careful now, Sasuke…" Tobirama whispered sharply, "'cuz that's the girl I was talking about."

"NE?" Sasuke looked genuinely shocked. His brown eyes went from Tobirama, then to Sayuri and back to Tobirama. "She doesn't look mean! In fact she seems almost sweet!"

"Well, looks aren't everything, Sasuke."

"Huh, never thought I'd run into you again," Sayuri drawled, a small smirk replacing her scowl, "I'm guessing this is the training field, huh? Are you still up for my challenge?"

"Are you serious about fighting me?" Tobirama questioned.

"I just want to see what you're capable of," Sayuri shrugged, "and to test if you're really as great as everybody says… Or just someone praised just because his brother is considered god of the ninja world…" she smirked, seeing the really ticked off look on his face.

"You're treading into deep water girl…" Tobirama growled low. Sasuke and Kyou backed away from the two ninja, not wanting to get caught in the flurry of jutsus about to happen. The Sarutobi looked at the younger boy and said,

"Is she always this rash about things?"

"Unfortunately yes." Kyou sighed, shaking his head. "Once she gets her mind set on something, it's difficult to try and make her change her mind…"

There was utmost silence in the training field all of a sudden, and the wind blew shaking the trees and making leaves dance around them. The silence was broken when Sayuri threw a bunch of shuriken at her opponent, the whizzing noise breaking the once silent surroundings.

Tobirama smirked, hopping out of the way and into the air, taking some kunai out of his holster and sending them flying Sayuri's way. Quick to retaliate, she threw a kunai there too. The clang of metal against metal rang through the air as the kunai crashed into each other. She bolted towards Tobirama who was now down on the ground, raising a fist to punch him.

The Senju caught her fist and smirked, "Got anymore than that?" The kunoichi's eye twitched and sent her next fist flying, only to be caught by Tobirama as well. She smirked, "Raiton: Rakurai!" She chanted and a crackling noise was heard as electricity poured forth from her hands sending the electric chakra flowing in Tobirama's body.

A growl of pain came escaped from the Senju's throat as the Raiton user hopped back, smirking in her victory.

"Whoa… Using a justu without even weaving seals?" Sasuke said in awe, turning to Kyou for an explanation.

"That jutsu is a technique that is common to our clan, in fact anybody who's an Inazuma can do this. We use it so often that it's almost second nature to our clan members, we practically don't need hand seals." The young shinobi explained before both of them turned their eyes towards the two who were fighting. Tobirama had managed to recover from Sayuri's electric strike and began to furiously weave seals.

"Suiton: Teppodama no jutsu!" He cried, firing several bullets of water at his opponent. Sayuri dodged most of them, only to have missed one which was coming directly at her. Quickly, she brought up her arms in an attempt to shield herself. The high-speed water torrent hit her arms full force, propelling her back until she hit a tree.

The water master smirked, charging at Sayuri while she was disoriented after the hit. His hand formed one unique seal and chanted, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu!"

Kyou watched in wonder as droplets and eventually streams of water came out of practically no where until they moulded itself into the shape of a dragon, headed towards his sister. "SAYURI!" He called, "LOOK OUT!"

Sayuri snapped out of her daze just in time and hopped out of the way, dodging the water dragon that slammed into the tree, clearing out the rest of the foliage behind it, leaving a cloud of dust. "What the hell?" she thought, "there's… there's no water source nearby. So how did he manage to sum up that much water out of thin air?" The dragon burst out of the flurry of debris, still aiming for its target.

"Shit…" the kunoichi cursed under her breath, rapidly forming seals with her hands. "Raiton: Kaminari Hari!" Lightning chakra poured forth from her hands and she pressed them against the dragon. The lighting began travelling through the water.

"Shit!" Tobirama thought, letting go of his control over the water beast so that he could separate himself from the current that was just aiming for him. The technique fell apart, leaving the training grounds wet as the water began raining down.

"No… No wonder he's called the greatest Suiton user on earth…" Kyou whispered silently.

"Hn, that's not even close to his full potential." Sasuke bragged, "He's really holding back, I tell you. If he wasn't, that dragon would've been twice the size that it was right now!"

"Doesn't he exhaust a lot of chakra though?"

"Well… in addition to using his own chakra to create water, he also uses the humidity in the air so it doesn't tire him out completely,"

"Ah…" Kyou looked back to the battle waging on between water and lightning. The two ninjas were already wet from the water dragon collapsing yet they still kept at each other.

"Raiton: Satsuei boshi!" Sayuri chanted after a flurry of seals, planting her hand on the wet ground, spreading electricity like a wildfire. Tobirama cursed, leaping up into the air to avoid getting shocked again, but he knew he wasn't going to stay up there for long, thanks to gravity.

"It's going to be hard fighting her while the ground's wet… She can channel electricity there at any time and if I get hit… I'll be paralyzed…" Tobirama thought as he began his descent towards the ground. "But… earlier when she hit me, I wasn't paralyzed for long."

Tobirama dropped to the ground, only to block a few shuriken thrown his way. "Of course!" he exclaimed in his mind, finally figuring it out. "The technique is only meant to paralyze an enemy long enough to land a killing strike on them. It wasn't meant to freeze them forever, so…" A devious smirk found its way to his lips as he watched the Inazuma begin to form seals again.

"Heh, finally caught you!" Sayuri cried out, "Raiton: Satsuei boshi!" A stream of lightning spread across the wet ground and hit the Senju, caging him in electricity. Tobirama grit his teeth, feeling the electricity seep in right down to his bones. Once the lightning subsided, he no longer felt like he could move any of his limbs, "Perfect…"

"Hn, looks like I win this round, huh?" The kunoichi smirked as she walked towards her opponent, spinning a kunai on one finger. "Looks like I was right, you're not as good as everybody tells me you are, just somebody hiding under Hashirama's great shadow…" she taunted.

"Heh, I guess you're right." Tobirama admitted with a bitter smirk. "I guess I'm really not as great as everyone makes me out to be…" he twitched his fingers slightly and saw that they began to move a bit. "Just a little bit longer…"

"Damn straight!" She smirked.

"I can't believe it…" Kyou gasped, "He… LOST?"

"Heh," Sasuke smirked, "just watch and see..."

Tobirama continued to play along with Sayuri's taunts before sliding his gaze towards his hand again, smirking inwardly when he saw it move not freely, but good enough to cast a seal. "I guess that's just the way it is…" Sayuri closed her eyes and nodded proudly. Unknown to her, the Senju had begun casting a seal with his one hand. "But I guessed WRONG!"

Sayuri opened her eyes, surprised at her opponent's sudden comment when a torrent of water slammed into her and slammed her against a rock wall. Disoriented, she tried to make sense of her surroundings when suddenly another rush of water came aiming for her, effectively pinning down her arms.

Tobirama, having recovered from the paralysis of the lightning justu, stepped over to the pinned down kunoichi. "I win." he declared with a proud smirk, "Maybe next time you'd think twice before belittling someone's abilities."

The black haired kunoichi stared at him for a while before looking down, "Hn."

Tobirama looked at her, letting the water restraints fall before extending a hand towards her. If there was one thing from Hashirama that managed to rub off on him all these years is to help someone fallen, regardless if he was enemy or not. Sayuri just stared at his hand for a while, unable to comprehend why he would still offer her some help.

"Are you going to take it or not?" Tobirama's voice sounded like it was in the middle of amusement and annoyance. Finally, Sayuri gave in and took his hand, using it to help her stand up from the rubble.

"Thanks…" She muttered inaudibly, but the white haired Senju heard it and a ghost of a smile appeared on his face.

"Hn," he just said and turned away from her. "Hey Sasuke, wanna get some dango or something?"

"S-Sure!" The Sarutobi agreed, following his friend out of the training ground.

"Nee-chan? Are you ok?" Kyou asked, fussing over his sister. "See this is what you get for being so rash! I told you not to take on someone of his calibre! And-"

Sayuri managed to tune out her brother's rambling, fixing a curious gaze at the white haired shinobi who left the training field. "Maybe next time… You'll think twice before belittling someone's abilities…" his words bounced in her mind as she watched him disappear from view, she frowned slightly and for the first time in her life, she felt embarrassment cover her like a blanket, thinking twice about what she said towards him.

"Nee-chan?" Kyou stopped talking, noticing that his sister grew really quiet.

"Yeah?" Sayuri asked, looking at him.

"Is something wrong?"

The kunoichi looked at the direction Tobirama disappeared off to before shaking her head, "Nah, come on, let's go find mom and dad or something."

"They're going to kill you once they found out what happened, you know?"

"Hm. IF they found out what happened, that is,"

And with that, the two Inazuma siblings left the training field, leaving behind wet grounds and a mound of rubble in their wake.

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