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Chapter 3-

The leaves rustled upon being moved by a quick gust of wind moving by. Sounds of footfalls on the branches sounded as three silhouettes sped across the treetops, their quick movement concealing their appearances as they appeared to be nothing more than black blurs using the forest as a camouflage.

Tobirama sped up ahead, landing on another branch only to hop up onto another one, his teammates following closely behind him.

"How much farther 'till we get to Tanazuka?" Sasuke asked, appearing right beside the white haired Senju.

"We're nearly there," Tobirama answered him before jumping off the branch and landed on the ground below. Sasuke and Sayuri followed in suit, landing beside him. Three heads, one black, one brown and one silver whipped around to face the small town beyond the gates. It wasn't very large at all, in fact it seemed like it could be just a tad bit bigger than Konoha's marketplace.

"So… I'm guessing this is the place, huh?" Sayuri said, turning to the Senju for confirmation.

"Right," Tobirama nodded, looking up at the sign hanging up above the gates that read 'Tanazuka Gai' and began to step into the small town.

Sasuke followed behind his friend, looking around at the civilians who were all staring at them curiously. He noticed that they zoned in on their forehead protectors first before looking really relieved, possibly at the fact that they were ninja sent from an actual village and not rogue ones who attacked their town.

Sayuri was also taking a look around and noticed that while some people looked relieved, others looked somewhat scared. Her brown eyes caught sight of a pair of men whispering to each other and throwing curious looks at them.

"Hey, isn't that… Senju Tobirama?" she heard one say. Her eye flew to the white haired Senju walking before her and was surprised that he didn't seem to notice… Well that or he was just plainly ignoring them.

"Heh, I can't tell if they're happy to see us or not," Sasuke whispered to the two of them, beginning to feel the uncertainty of some villagers.

"Well, can't really blame them," Sayuri shrugged, "it was ninja who attacked their village in the first place, they must be all rattled up sti-"

She stopped mid-speech, hearing the familiar whizzing of some weapon cutting through the air. Reacting quickly, she turned around and grabbed the weapon aimed at her and stared at it. It looked to be an ordinary dagger.

Tobirama stared at the weapon before looking at the civilians. "Who on earth could've-" Suddenly, he heard a loud yell from the side which seemed to be coming closer and closer to him. He spun around, catching a young man's fist just in time before it could land on him.

"Get out of here right now!" the boy screeched, pitching his strength against the Senju co-leader, "you ninja don't belong here! We don't need your help!"

"I seriously think you got us wrong," Tobirama told him, shoving him away, not wanting to cause any harm to the young man, "we're not here to cause you any trouble!"

"Shut up!" the kid frowned, shaking his head of dark blue hair, "ninja like you are the reason why my daddy is dead! I don't like ninja!"

"Listen kid," Sayuri said and pointed to the forehead protector hanging from her neck, "do you see this symbol? We're from Konoha. We're here to help you get rid of the pesky ninja!" She got ticked off upon seeing that the kid shook his head in disagreement.

"I don't care! All ninja are the same! They're all out to ki-"

"DAIKI! Stop it!"

All three of them flicked their heads up to meet eyes with a man who looked to be somewhere in his mid-fifties. He had greying hair, wrinkles on his face and a small goatee down his chin. His eyes were a greyish-black in color and he wore an outfit similar to what Tobirama and Sasuke would wear off-duty.

The boy named Daiki clicked his tongue in annoyance, glaring at the older man, "They're ninja! They're up to no good, I swear!"

"Daiki, these are ninja the Hokage himself sent to us to help us with our problem. Now, go back home. We'll talk about this later." He instructed in a stern tone. Daiki frowned and scowled at the team before grudgingly turning back home.

"Sheesh…" Sayuri sighed, eyeing the boy as he walked away, "what's his problem?"

"I'm sorry for my grandson's attitude towards you, I'll take his dagger back and make sure he doesn't get a hold of it," the older man apologized, giving them a small polite bow before extending his hand to receive the weapon that Sayuri handed to him, "but I'm really glad that you finally came to our town."

Sasuke nodded curtly, "You must be Takahashi Setsuo, right?"

"Yes I am." Setsuo grinned at them, "now will you follow me please? We'll discuss more of your mission once we get to my house."

Tobirama, Sayuri and Sasuke all followed Setsuo down town. All the time, they kept their eyes open, looking around to see if anyone suspicious was around or if anybody was thinking of doing something funny.

"So… What's the deal with that Daiki kid again? Why exactly did he attack us?" Sasuke questioned. Setsuo sighed, as he turned around the corner, headed towards his house.

"Were you… Were you notified of a recent account of murder when the Hokage explained the mission to you?" the older man inquired.

"Yes, we were." Tobirama nodded to confirm it, "was it someone related to Daiki…?"

Setsuo nodded slowly, his face taking on the expression of sadness and a bit of anger as well. "My son, he got killed while trying to protect Daiki when those rogue nins attacked our town not too long ago. Daiki didn't trust ninja anymore, heck, he wasn't that thrilled when he heard I was hiring ninja from Konoha to help solve our problem."

"Heh," Sayuri scoffed, "once we're done with those pesky rogues, Daiki's going to have a different view on shinobi." She frowned upon hearing Tobirama's loud sigh and saw his head shake slightly.

"Hopefully," Setsuo smiled sadly, reaching the house and stepped inside, followed by the shinobi behind him. "Anyway, I was going to ask why you were sent as a team. I thought only Tobirama-sama was going to come for this mission."

"Originally, that was true," Tobirama spoke up to answer Setsuo's question, "but then, the Hokage decided we were going to try a new team system. To test that out, he sent me here with two additional members."

"Ahh…" the middle aged man bobbed his grey head, looking at the two other ninja standing behind the Senju. "And from what clan are you two from?"

"I'm Sasuke, of the Sarutobi clan," Sasuke grinned at the man.

"Sayuri, of the Inazuma." Sayuri said. Setsuo smiled at the team, nodding in approval.

"Well what a fine team we have here then. I trust that you'll be able to complete this mission without a hitch," his wrinkled hand slid a door open, which lead to his office. He sat down on a chair, folding his hands in front of his face. "Now, do you have any other questions?"

"Are there any particular spots where the ninja like to attack often?" Tobirama asked.

"Well… There is the marketplace. Lots of people are around there, it's a perfect place to go wreak some havoc." Setsuo shook his head, "also, there's the gates and the forest beyond it. They might be coming from there too."

"Mmm," Sasuke nodded, "luckily Tanazuka Gai is not a big town, it shouldn't be difficult to go around and watch out for these ninjas."

"Right," Tobirama and Sayuri said simultaneously.

Setsuo nodded, "Well then, you're dismissed. Best of luck on your mission."

"Hai." All three nodded curtly before exiting the office premises.


"So... where do you suggest we look first?" Sayuri asked her two teammates, "There are three spots where the rogues are most likely to attack, which one should we look into first?"

"The market would be a great place to start," Sasuke started, pointing towards the direction of the busy place, "and plus, there's more people there. It would be a good target for anyone looking to stir up some trouble."

The white haired Senju nodded in approval to Sasuke's statement. "But…" He gave a thoughtful look, "I think we should all split up. If we do that, we can cover all three prominent spots, that way they can't escape us no matter what."

"True…" Sayuri nodded, "and if they attack, we just go ahead and face them head on, right?"

"Yes," Tobirama nodded his head, "but take extra caution when it comes to combat. We don't want to cause any unnecessary casualties, now would we?"

Seeing that this was reasonable enough, both Sayuri and Sasuke bobbed their heads in agreement to Tobirama's. The Inazuma grinned, about to open her mouth to tell him where she had wanted to be stationed, but Tobirama beat her to it.

"Ok, so Sasuke, you'll take watch over the gates, that includes the forests beyond." The white haired Senju instructed his senior, pointing towards the direction of the village gates.

"Right," The Sarutobi affirmed.

"Sayuri, you take the marketplace and I'll go keep tabs on the rest of the town just to make sure they don't pop up anywhere unexpect-" he slowed down his speech until he finally came to a stop, frowning when she saw the only kunoichi in their group frown at him.

"Is there a problem?" Tobirama half spat at her.

"Oh nothing," the black haired kunoichi shook her head casually, "it's just that I thought… Who died and made you team leader? I think it should be fair that we get to choose where we want to go, no?"

"Well, I'm just trying to send you to places where your fighting style would be much more effective should enemies ever attack,"

Sasuke gulped, he could practically see the angry vein pop up on his best friend's head and he knew that Sayuri's arrogant smirk wasn't helping at all.

"For example, you're a lightning style user. You can use your jutsus directly on the opponent without having to harm other people! That's perfect for the marketplace where there's bound to be plenty of them so Sasuke can't exactly use his Doton techniques nor can I use my Suiton techniques!"

"Well, you could do smaller jutsus to be concentrated on one enemy! Nobody's asking you to make an entire ocean right here, right now! You just want to show off-"

"That's not even the point-"

"GUYS!" Sasuke stood between the two shinobi who just turned their piercing glares to him.


"Calm down! Both of you!" The Sarutobi frowned at them both, "for now can we just follow what Tobirama ordered and just go to our designated positions? The more time you two spend standing here and bantering, the more time we're wasting!"

Tobirama and Sayuri glared at each other before huffing and tearing their sight away from each other's faces. Sasuke sighed, relieved that he had managed to stop their quarrelling before things got embarrassing.

"Fine, remember take caution when attacking," Tobirama said, sliding an eye to look at his teammates, particularly Sayuri, "got it?"

"Heard 'ya loud and clear, captain." The only kunoichi in the group jeered, smirking when she saw Tobirama's eye twitch. Before he could say anything else, she smirked and took off on the rooftops, headed towards her designated position.

Sasuke blinked, looking up at the kunoichi headed towards the market and whipped his head when he heard an exasperated huff beside him. "Man, she seems like a real handful... But I gotta hand it to 'ya," he smirked, "Sayuri's really something, huh? I don't think I've met anyone alive that can push your temper this far, Tobirama."

"There's just something… something in the way she acts that just ticks me off," Tobirama shook his head in disapproval. Sasuke chuckled and slapped his friend on the back, hard, earning a glare from the younger shinobi. "You know if I had one ryo for every time you smacked me real hard, I would be so rich right now."

"Hehe," The Sarutobi grinned at him, "meh, I don't like her attitude any more than you do but, she'll warm up to the system eventually. Right now she just wants to prove her worth and is probably just bitter since she lost to you yesterday,"

"Hm, hopefully. Well, we better go to our positions now,"

Sasuke nodded at his friend before Tobirama took off to the East side of the town on the opposite side of the market and he too went off to the gates to keep watch for any suspicious activity.


Sayuri huffed as she walked around the marketplace, keeping her eyes peeled for anything that seemed suspicious. So far, nothing had appeared and nobody had come to attack her with any sort of weapon whatsoever.

"Hmph, who does he think he is, ordering me around like that? Nobody voted him to be team leader…" she sighed in her mind. Her brown eyes flicked upwards and blinked when she caught sight of Daiki appearing right around the corner. Daiki flicked his grey eyes up and frowned at the sight of the kunoichi walking towards him.

"What? Not going to throw a dagger at me this time?" The Inazuma joked, frankly surprised that the boy didn't lunge at her and tried to bite her head off.

Daiki glared at her, "Hn, Grandpa told me not to attack you guys, but that doesn't change my mind. I still hate ninjas."

"Clearly," Sayuri rolled her eyes, as if she needed any proof to prove that, "but seriously, you shouldn't judge every single shinobi based on what one blundering idiot did," She eyed the dagger that Daiki was trying to conceal from her sight.

"So, your grandpa gave it back to you, huh?"

"Who says he gave it back?" Daiki frowned, his grip on the blade tightening. Sayuri cocked an eyebrow and a smirk began to crawl up her lips,

"So you stole it back? Your gramps isn't gonna be happy when he hears about that, you know?"

"Hn." The blue haired boy glowered at the Raiton user. Sayuri sighed, but was still determined to prove Daiki wrong one way or another. The black haired kunoichi began to step away from the boy, off to continue her rounds around the town. Setsuo's grandson continued to eye her suspiciously, not trusting her at all.

Suddenly, Sayuri's brown eyes narrowed considerably before she spun around, reaching into her shuriken pouch and fired several of the metal stars right at Daiki. The blue haired boy clicked his tongue, "I knew they couldn't be trusted!" he brought out the dagger, ready to defend, but the shuriken didn't hit him and instead collided with a couple of kunais aimed at him.

"DAIKI!" Sayuri shouted at him, "RUN!"

Daiki blinked his ashen eyes for a while, too confused to move when suddenly, a bomb dropped between him and Sayuri, exploding with a large bang and covering the place with smoke.

Sayuri closed her eyes, covering her mouth and nose with her sleeve just in case it was anything poisonous. Sounds of screaming and terror rang from all around her as well as the sound of carts and stalls being toppled over. She opened her chocolate eyes, guessing that it was safe to do so, just in time to see the rogue ninja charging at her to her left.

She picked up some senbon from her pouch, channelling some of her lightning chakra into them, "Raiton: Kaminari Hari!" she cried, firing them directly at the ninja, paralyzing him as they embedded themselves into his skin. A smirk played its way across her face as she charged towards she paralyzed sap, drawing out a kunai and thrusting it straight into the man's heart, granting him a quick, painless death. She pulled out the kunai, dripping with blood before turning to face another ninja headed for her.

"AAAAAHHHH!" A cry went out and her eyes widened, realizing who it was.

"Damn it!" Sayuri cried in her mind, doing the Kaminari Hari on the ninja who was charging at her before hopping out of the cloud of smoke into the rooftops. She quickly scanned the area, trying to locate the shinobi who had taken Daiki.

"Found you!" She thought, spotting Daiki's head of blue hair. The Inazuma heiress chased after the ninja through the rooftops and in her haste, didn't notice another rogue trying to sneak up on her from behind.


Sayuri's head snapped up just as a bullet of water zoomed right over her head, taking out the ninja behind her completely. A flash of silver and brown dropped before her and she found herself staring into a pair of red eyes and another pair of brown ones.

"How many ninja appeared down there?" Tobirama asked, grimacing at the havoc below.

"I have no idea; they threw a smoke bomb so I couldn't exactly count,"

"So what are you doing up here?" Sasuke asked her.

"I'm chasing after the idiot who took Daiki," Sayuri said. Tobirama and Sasuke's eyes widened considerably as they turned to look at each other.

"I'll handle the situation down there," Sasuke volunteered, looking at the craziness happening below, "you two chase after Daiki." he jumped down, immediately forming seals and blowing mud straight out of his mouth as the two other members of Cell One continued to chase after the ninja who took Setsuo's blue haired grandson.

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