Roll play by me and Mrs Bumblebee. Casting Moonlight gets a thank you for proof reading this chapter.

Chapter 1

Lord Megatron sat on his enormous spiked throne at the back of the enormous ring of metal pillars(like stone edge). The enormous table at the center of the ring was surrounded by his brothers, the Decepticon clan, the most feared tribe on Cybertron. It was the six hundred sixty-sixth cycle and a sacrifice was to be made to the Vampire clan to ensure the protection of the large city of Iacon. The Autobots inhabiting the settlement had yet to arrive with their sacrifice.

Megatron walked over to the window to see that the Autobots were arriving with a cloaked figure.

'That must be my offering.' Megatron thought as he watched the group get closer and closer to his castle. 'Who ever it is better be better than the last one.'

When the Decepticon's started to believe they were not getting a sacrifice this time, the Autobot's started to appear. The very annoying blue and orange mech led the party as they walked into the circle and up to the table.

Sentinel looked up at the Lord and snarled softly as he did a forced bow to the Vampire Lord.

"I apologize for our late arrival but the sacrifice was a difficult find, my Lord." Sentinel explained.

He then turned to the mech that held the sacrifice in the shadows and gave him the signal. The mech walked forward, holding a chain tightly in his hand and pulled the sacrifice out into view.

The Vampire Lord looked over the offering that had been given to him. It was a yellow and black minibot that looked a little on the young side.

The minibot was shaking up a storm as he was presented to the Vampire Lord.

The mech that was in charge of the sacrifice pulled him to the table, picked him up and put him on it in the center. The mech tied the chain to a loop in the table to keep him on it and then forced him to his knees painfully, making him whimper and tremble as he was presented to the Vampires.

The mech retreated from the table, leaving the minibot.

Megatron slowly walked around the table that held the minibot, looking him over. He was a little on the small size but the Vampire Lord knew better than to judge someone by their size.

The minibot tried to look at him without crying but tears were coming down non stop.

Normally when an offering was given to him Megatron would feast on his energon right away but something told him that this minibot would be something more. Something powerful to him.

Megatron came to a stop in front of the young offering and reached down and cupped his chin and forced him to look him in the optic, seeing this offering possessed the brightest and bluest optics he'd ever seen in his life time.

He then reached around the minibot's neck cables and gave one a small cut and caught a drop of his energon on his claw. Slowly he lifted it to his lips, his tongue flicked out and licked up the drop.

The energon was sweet. The sweetest that he had ever tasted.

Megatron then turned to the Autobots and told them to leave; that they were safe for several hundred more years.

Once the Autobots were gone, Megatron went over to the Offering and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

When the youngling flinched away from his touch it was then that he realize that this was no ordinary Offering. He could tell that by the dents and scratches on his small frame, this youngling had either tried to run or was beaten quiet regularly.

Megatron knelt down to one knee to look less frightening to the youngling but he still towered over the smaller mech, even if he was sitting on the table. He then reached up and gently lifted the youngling's chin and wiped away his tears that spilled over his cheeks.

"What is wrong youngling?" Megatron whispered.

The youngling still shook even though the voice of the Vampire Lord was soft.

He had heard stories about how the sacrifices were drained dry of their energon within several hours of arriving at the castle. He didn't want to die so he ran away only to be caught and beaten quiet badly.

The minibot had been raised to be an offering all his life, as were his parents who were given to Megatron when he was young. He curled up into a ball and waited for the end to come.

Megatron frowned at this and lifted the youngling's face again and hushed him.

"Shhh, come now I'm not going to hurt you and no one else here will either." Megatron said to try and sooth the sacrifice.

The minibot uncurled his head to see the Vampire Lord smiling at him. Something told him that he could trust the Vampire.

Megatron continued to smile softly to the minibot, encouraging him to trust him and have nothing to fear from him.

Slowly the young minibot uncurled himself from his ball and took the out stretched hand very carefully.

Megatron smiled before he reached down with his free hand and broke the chain from the minibot's wrists to free him, knowing he wasn't going to run now, but could still see the fear in his optics.

Once the chain was removed the minibot brought his hand up to his neck to rub away the soreness. The Autobots that brought him here had taken great joy in pulling him across the path leading to the castle.

Megatron watched the minibot get his energon flowing freely in his joints and wrists before he looked back up at the Vampire Lord.

The minibot looked up at the Lord of the Vampire and said only one word. "Why?"

Megatron cocked his head to the side.

"Why what?" He questioned.

"Why are you being so nice to me and not eating me like you did the other offerings?" The minibot asked still wary of the Vampire.

Megatron was confused a bit before he understood.

"Oh is that all, well I didn't want to traumatize you since you seem to interest me so much. And as for the others, who told you I ate them?" Megatron explained.

"Sentinel did, sir. He told me that you would eat a scrap like me up in a instant if I wasn't pleasing enough to you." The minibot said fearfully, afraid of what would happen to him.

Megatron snarled at this new information and stood up and looked over to one of his men and hissed.

"Go after them and bring them all back here... NOW!" Megatron roared.

The vampire didn't argue and shot off after Sentinel and his group.

The minibot started to shake again at the yelling. Megatron saw this and pulled the small Autobot into his chassis to comfort him.

"Shh, I am not angry at you little one, shh you have nothing to fear." Megatron whispered.

Suddenly Megatron and Bumblebee heard a commotion at the castle entrance and saw the vampire Megatron had sent out was back, dragging Sentinel and his small group back. Sentinel, who thinks he's higher then anyone else, was cussing up a storm for being dragged back.

Megatron just glared at the blue and orange mech with a look that could melt metal. "Are you the ones that are telling every sacrifice that I eat them as soon as they arrive." Megatron asked.

Sentinel glared back at the vampire and snorted. "Well it's true ain't it. All I've seen is at least one of you vampires jump the sacrifice the instant they step foot in here and are gone within a blink of an optic. What did you expect me to believe!" Sentinel yelled.

One of the vampires step forward and backhanded Sentinel, sending him across the room. "You will not disrespect Lord Megatron like that Autobot or you just may be called for as the next sacrifice."

"And why was he covered in dents and scratches when I asked for a clean sacrifice?" Megatron asked after he gotten control of his underling.

Sentinel snarled as he spat out some energon in his mouth from the punch and got back to his feet, biting his tongue to to keep himself from giving the vampire that punched him a tongue lashing. "The piece of slag tried to run so we had to punish him for it."

"By beating him so badly that he was frightened by just a simple touch? And you call us monsters!" Megatron yelled and restrained himself from killing Sentinel.

"The slag was willing enough to endanger other lives just to save his own." Sentinel argued back.

"I told you that I want a willing sacrifice not a forced one!" Megatron argued. Despite what the Autobots thought Megatron wanted willing offerings not forced ones.

"What bot in their right mind would want to sacrifice themselves to a bunch of vampires? We've had to have certain groups of bots be raised and trained for it, so we didn't have to worry about it all the time." Sentinel snorted.

Megatron saw red. Who knew how many offerings he had received were not acting on their own free will like he ordered. Bots were being breed just to be Sacrifices and that was something that he didn't like one bit.

"How many?" Megatron hissed.

Sentinel stood shaking in his place. "The past few hundred or so."

"No, I want to know... how many have we received have been forced?" Megatron snarled, his rage building up.

"The last 50 my Lord, were bred and trained to be offerings including this one's Creators." Sentinel replied as he tried to keep his voice from cracking.

"What!" Megatron roared which made everyone in the whole castle flinch and cower away from the enraged Vampire Lord.

"How dare you do that to your own people! Do you want to know the reason why I ask for a willing sacrifice? Well I'll tell you right here and now! I want a willing sacrifice so that they may stay by my side as a companion not as a slave. To think that all these years I was having bots that were forced to be sacrifices and that is not acceptable at all!" Megatron yelled as he brought the cowering yellow and black minibot closer to his chassis to calm him down.

But poor Bumblebee continued to whimper and tremble in the vampire's gentle hold as he yelled at Sentinel.