Chapter 3

An hour later Sentinel and his small group came walking back to the castle being followed by another small group of terrified and trembling bots.

As soon as Optimus saw Sentinel he immediately lungged at his former friend so fast that Sentinel didn't even have time to react.

Optimus punched Sentinel square in the chin, knocking the mech clean off his peds and skid across the floor in pain. "You sun of a Glitch you broke your promise in more ways then one." Optimus growled but before he could attack the down bot again Megatron ordered him to stop...for now.

Sentinel laid where he was on the floor. Optimus was alive and well. The blue and orange mech lifted himself up with a groan. He was in for it now. Optimus and Elita had sacrificed themselves to keep their son from being a offering. Sentinel thought that since so much time had passed that Optimus and Elita were gone and he could get rid of the annoy bumbler but he thought wrong.

Optimus continued to glare and snarled at Sentinel each time he either glanced at him or tried to speak to him. Elita stood in a corner of the room watching them while she held Bee close to her. She too threw heated glares at Sentinel for doing what he's done.

Megatron felt that it was time to intervene before he had a fight on his hands. "Sentinel thank you for doing what I told you. You and your men may leave. My advice is to do that before I let Optimus and Elita lose on your aft."

Sentinel nodded hid helm before he and his men turned tail and ran for it beofre they were killed, leaving the sacrifices and vampires behind.

Once Sentinel was gone Megatron looked over the bots that were bred to be sacrifices. They were mainly younglings with a few older bots and mostly mechs. They also had been shackled and wore chains around their necks.

Megatron stepped closer to them and frowned as they all cringed away, huddled closer to each other, and whimpered in terror as they watched in with great fear in their optics but Megatron only smiled comfortingly to them. "Shh, it's alright."

Optimus stepped forward to give his master a hand and show the frightened bots that they were not going to be harmed. Once a long time ago when he was going to be sacrificed did he think what the frightened bots were thinking. That they were going to be eaten. But Megatron wasn't as evil as the stories made him out to be.

"It's alright, no one here will harm you. here, you will be treated better then you ever have, all they ask is to feed from you now and then and I promise you they will try to keep it as painless as possible." Optimus tried to explain.

One of the bots stepped forward. He was red and white, the colors of a medic and quite old. "Optimus is that you?" The old mech asked not believing his optics.

Optimus gasped at who he saw and stepped up to the mech. "Ratchet?" He gasped.

Ratchet wasted no time in hugging the mech that he helped deliver into this world millions of years ago. "Never would I have thought that I would see you again kid." He said.

"You too my old friend." Optimus replied as he hugged Ratchet back before he gripped his shoulders and held him back so they were looking each other in the optics. "Ratchet, what are you doing here, your a medic, why are you with the ...sacrifices?" Optimus asked.

"Like you I volunteered to be a sacrifice. I tried to convince the Aft head Sentinel to take me instead of Bumblebee but he wouldn't listen and I was also the medic that helped bring most of these bots into the world and I wasn't going to let them go through Primus knows what alone." Ratchet answered his young friend's question.

Optimus smiled at Ratchet and reached up and patted his shoulder. "You're a good mech Ratchet." Optimus said.

As Ratchet and Optimus were talking Megatron began removing the shackles and collars from the necks of the bots that had been brought in. One of them, a big green enforcer like Bot had showed no fear towards him and that pleased him greatly. A soon as Megatron removed the shackles from the green mech's wrist he immediately ripped the collar off of his neck and started to do the same to his comrades.

But when Megatron came to a small red minibot and tried to removed his shackles for him but frowned sadly when the little mech flinched away from him and curled up into a ball, not letting Megatron help him.

When Optimus saw the red minibot who was just a little bit younger than him curl up in to a ball at the sight of Megatron he decided to show the minibot that no one was going to hurt him and that he was safe from pain.

He walked over and knelt down in front of the young bot and smiled as he petted his helm. "It's alright, he's not going to harm you." Optimus whispered.

The young minibot whimpered as he looked at Optimus but still couldn't stop shakeing in great fear.

By this time Bumblebee had woken up from his small stasis nap and noticed that his friends were in the palace looking scared to death.

Bumblebee gasped and wiggled free from his mothers hold and ran to them.

"Guys it's alright! They're not going to hurt you. So just relax." Bumblebee told his friends who seemed calm down at the sight of one of their own looking relaxed and safe.

The little red minibot that Megatron and Optimus were trying to comfort perked up at the sight of his friend and grinned. "Bee."

"Hey Jumper bet you never thought that you would see me alive again?" Bumblebee said with a smile as he hugged his fellow minibot in an attempt to comfort him

"Oh my Primus Bee, I...we thought we'd never get you see you again." He the red minibot returned the hug.

"So did I with you guys." Bumblebee replied as he hugged his friend. He knew that he had to calm everyone down. "Look everyone you have nothing to fear with the Vampires. They are not going to hurt you. Take a look at my parents." Bumblebee said as he pointed to his mom and dad showing the group that they were safe and unharmed.

The large bulky green bot perked up when Bumblebee said this and gasped. "Those are your parents bee? but I thought you said they were sacrificed?"

Optimus decide to step in and explain what had happened to them since they were sacrificed to Megatron.

While Optimus explained everything to them Bumblebe hadn't noticed Megatron come up behind him until he felt him place his hand on his shoulder.

"When was the last time that you had something to eat?" The vampire lord asked his newest edition to his servants.

Bumblebee frowned and looked down at the ground. "Two days ago." He replied.

Megatron frowned at this. "Don't the Autobots feed you everyday?" He asked as he lead the youngling away from the group.

Bee looked away and shock his head. "They didn't think bots that were going to be sacrificed soon didn't need to eat like other bots since they were going to die soon." Bee answered.

Megatron growled in anger. "And they call us monsters!" The vampire lord snarled out as he reached in to on of the containment units and pulled out several cubes of energon. "Take these to your friends. It will come them down, after words I will show them where they will be sleeping for the night. Tell the femmes that they will be treated with respect and will not have to worry about their honor being taken as I have a speical room prepared for them and femme guards for them." Megatron said as he handed the cubes to Bumblebee who ran off to his friends as fast as he could.

As he watched Bee ran back to his friends Megatron smiled when he relized something inside him warmed at the mere sight of the minibot.

Find out what happened soon.