New Domino City: a fast-paced center for turbo city was majorly different from what it was like in Yugi's time. Now the city is a high tech place where you can catch a duel anywhere!

Speaking of turbo duels, there's one happening in Domino Stadium right now!


The MC warmed up the crowd for the exciting match as people poured into the stadium: "Duelists young and old, professional and amateur alike, it's the moment you've been waiting for! So make some noise for the number one ranked turbo duelist in the world, Jack Atlas!"

A blond-haired, purple-eyed boy burst through the presenter tunnel in the duel stadium. His white, circular duel runner tore through the air and theatrical smoke as adoring fans cheers roared through the arena.

"As he looks to add to his undefeated streak today, one asks the question: can anyone take this man down?" the MC continued.

Jack let go of the runner on his right side, and pumped his fist in the air. "What say we kick this duel into overdrive!" he yelled with a proud little smirk on his face.


There was something farther beyond the stadium, though. It was called Satellite, an island several hundred yards from New Domino, and very different. Satellite was a ripped-apart relic of what it used to be when it was still connected to the main city. The people in Satellite were ridiculed and looked down upon for living there. Criminals roamed the streets and life was hard, but not for everyone.

In an abandoned and falling apart subway tunnel drove a different boy. Racing through a different kind of track than his old friend Jack, Yusei Fudo still knew the best way to live life in the fast lane.

His friend Lise rode behind him. A bright orange cut-off top that left her shoulders bare stopped at her waist. The sleeves started just below where her shirt ended. Lise's blond hair blew backward in the breeze, apart from the portion she had tied back. Her dark blue jeans and converse played down the striking orange (her favorite color) so it was less blinding.

I'm comin' for ya, Jack, Yusei thought. His red runner seemed to be working well as he and Lise sped through the tunnel. So far the new chip was performing all right.

And this time, I'm gonna settle the score!


Again at the stadium the MC announced, "And Hunter Pace has finally shown up here to redeem his title!"

Both duelists revved up their runners at the starting line.

"Duel Mode engaged, autopilot standing by," the autopilot on the duelist's runners alerted them as the speed world field spell flashed on their monitors.

"With their Speed World field spells activated, the action's about to start. Now, for those of you joining us for the first time, let's review the rules of engagement. Once speed world has been activated, the only spells a duelist can use are speed spells! Normal spells now take a back seat to the action. Additionally, a rider's strength is now governed by a duelist's speed counter. The more speed a duelist has the stronger the move they can make!" the MC explained as the tension in the arena heated up.

"Turbo duelists; countdown initiated, ready set duel."

"You're all mine," Hunter claimed as he began the duel.

Jack: 4000

Hunter: 4000

"Turbo duel! Turbo duel!" the cheerleaders shouted as they waved their pom-poms.

"And Hunter has played a powerful trap! Can Jack Atlas recover?" the MC questioned as the duel flitted by.

Jack smirked as yellow light glared past his right. "You've had your fun, but it's time for my victory lap! Now I'm sure you remember my Red Dragon Archfiend from our last match, Hunter. And since you worked so hard to get back here, you can have the honor of falling to my most powerful beast again!" A giant gray and red dragon appeared next to Jack.

Jack spun around so that he was drifting backward and yelled, "Archfiend! Send him back to the junkyard with Scorching Crimson Flare!"

Archfiend opened its mouth and unleashed a blazing inferno of defeat on Hunter as he screamed and lost to, as the MC stated, the best turbo duelist in the world, Jack Atlas.


Yusei's runner had failed the chip inspection. He slid to a stop, and got off to check the damage, Lise following him. She couldn't really do much more; mechanics wasn't really her thing. She wiggled her foot around nervously in the dust, unsure what to say.


"And Jack Atlas's undefeated streak continues!" the MC told millions of satisfied fans cheering Jack on as he took his victory lap.

Hunter's runner was steaming and he threw his helmet onto the duel track in frustration.

"Who's the one Master of Faster? Who rules the duels? That's right, it's me!" Jack bragged as he pointed his right hand to the sky.


"You can fix it," Lise said confidently. "I mean, you made my duel disk, so you can fix anything." She helped push the runner towards their home.

Yusei smiled a little. "Thanks. I just need a new acceleration chip."

Lise merely nodded, since she had only a small idea of what that actually was.

The two of them stopped when they heard Jack's duel interview on somebody's T.V.

"Mr. Atlas," the MC said, "Can we get a word? Ever since you burst onto the scene with your first duel runner, the competition hasn't been able to keep up. Is it the power in your ride that has catapulted you to the number one ranking in the world?"

Yusei and Lise realized it was the computer they shared with their friends. Three of them were watching Jack as Yusei and Lise rolled Yusei's runner into its repair station.

Lise disappeared for a moment and returned with her sketchbook and a pencil. She pulled over her chair and sat down to sketch quietly on the other side of Yusei's laptop set up by his runner.

On screen Jack rudely grabbed the MC's mike. "Let's get this straight," Jack stated. "It's not the power of the runner, it's the rider! I'll take on anyone on any ride and I'll still be victorious! Anymore questions?" Jack asked.

"One more, do you have anything to say to those out there who dream of one day challenging you?"

Before Jack could answer, Yusei gunned his runner. Now the guys noticed him. "Oh, uh, hey Yusei. Hi Lise." Blitz said as Jack challenged "Yes, bring it-"before Tank turned the computer off. Lise waved her hand in their direction, but kept her eyes on her drawing.

"Sorry bout' that, we woulda watched the duel somewhere else, Yus, honest, but the cable we rigged couldn't stretch any further," Tank explained as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"Jack was amazing as always," Nervin added.

"Zip it, Nervin," Blitz scolded as Yusei hooked up his runner.

"What? What I say, Blitz?" Nervin asked.

"He don't wanna hear about how amazing Jack Atlas was," Blitz reminded him.

"Oh…Sorry," Nervin remembered, too late.

"Only one person should be sorry," Yusei said.

"Right," Blitz agreed with a nod. "Jack still owes ya for what he did."

"Got that right," Yusei said absentmindedly.

"Where ya been, Yus?" Tank asked next, trying to change the subject. The guys looked more to Lise than Yusei. She was more garrulous than him. She didn't seem to be listening though.

"The tunnels, testing a new acceleration chip," Yusei answered.

"So are you gonna tell us if the new chip worked out or what?" Tank wondered, a bit slow on the uptake.

"Duh, Tank, does it look like it worked?" Blitz said in his pointing out the obvious voice.

"I guess not," Tank realized. "Although, hey, your other runner looked great on T.V."

"Tank!" Blitz jammed his left hand into the back of Tank's head to get him to shut up.

"Just trying to make our friend feel better is all!" Tank defended himself as he pushed Blitz's hand away. "That is Yusei's duel runner. I mean if it weren't for Jack double-crossin' Yus and stealin' his ride, Yus woulda been givin' that interview. Well cuz Jack got all famous with Yus's runner, all the fame fortune and glory are Jack's now!"

"Tank!" Blitz yelled again, and Lise snuck a peak at Yusei's expression. That slight biting curl to his lip meant he wasn't okay. She had to be able to read his face; he wasn't exactly the most expressive person.

"You okay?" Lise whispered so the others couldn't hear.


"YUSEI! Hey, Yusei! Are you down here?" echoed throughout the tunnel.

Rally burst into their home, a little out of breath.

"In here, Rally!" Blitz said, raising his right hand to say hi.

"What's up little buddy?" Tank greeted.

"Wait till you see what I got for Yusei!" Rally cried, and ran towards him.

"Yeah?" Yusei said.

"What is it?" Lise leaned over Yusei's shoulder to see better.

Rally dug in his pocket for the item. "Check it out! A Skyline-30 acceleration chip!"

"That's a Skyline?" asked Nervin as he and the others gathered around to see the chip. "Aren't those incredibly expensive?"

Blitz grabbed Rally's arm and examined the chip closer. "It looks like its never been used. Don't tell me you stole this?"

"I didn't steal nothing! It was just layin' on the ground in broad daylight. Maybe someone dropped it," Rally pulled his hand back and hid the chip in his clasped hands as the three guys exchanged looks of doubt.

"Rally ya shouldn'ta taken what don't belong to ya!" Blitz lectured.

"You know how things are here. Nobody leaves nothin' just lyin' around," Tank agreed.

Nervin crouched behind Rally. "If they saw you, they'll track us down and mark us all!" Nervin brushed his left index finger across the little triangle mark on Rally's cheek.

"Chill guys. We'd get through it," Lise rolled her eyes and returned to shading in her drawing.

Yusei nodded. Rally shot Lise a small grateful look as Yusei stood up. "Rally," Yusei held out his hand. "Let me see that." With wide eyes, Rally handed Yusei the chip.

"This is just what I needed," Yusei said, and turned to put the chip in his runner.

"You can't use that, Yus," Nervin warned.

"You gotta make Rally take it back," Blitz concurred.

"I knew you'd like it! Will it make you faster?" Rally, Yusei, and Lise looked on with undeterred excitement.

"Absolutely!" Yusei assured him as he took the old chip out and put in the new one.

"Well, then maybe he shouldn't return it!" Tank decided, grinning goofily.

"Way to join the rebels," Lise smiled and held out her hand for a high five.

Tank's grin widened and he returned Lise's gesture. Nervin and Blitz glared. "What?"

"We know how you feel, Yus, but I think it's time to bury the past, move on and forget about Jack Atlas," Nervin attempted to dissuade Yusei.

"But Jack also took Yusei's best card, remember, Nervin?" Rally shouted indignantly.

"And you remember Jack's in the city, and the people over there don't take too kindly to those of us from the Satellite."

"Yeah, and? In case you forgot sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself! I'd watch what you say, Nervin. Lise is from the city."

Lise's face flushed a light pink.

Nervin ignored Rally. "Yusei, us Satellites should just stay put."

Yusei was on his computer as he retorted with; "Jack didn't stay, so why should I? And Rally's right. Not all city folk are bad." Yusei's eyes slid past the top of his computer to look at Lise.

"Let him go, bro. Don't risk your freedom for some wheels and a card. I think Nerv's right. It's time to put the past in the past," Blitz advised.

Yusei's runner made two charging noises. He stood up and boosted the engine. An awesome roar of acceleration filled the entire subway.

Everyone stood in amazement for a minute or two as the echoes bounced off the walls.

"Okay, three words: that was AWESOME!" Lise exclaimed.

Yusei let go of the throttle and patted his completed runner. A proud little smile etched itself into his face.

"Wow! Now that's what I call power!" Rally cried and Yusei nodded. Rally seized Yusei's helmet. "Take it out for a spin! Let's find out what it can do!"

Blinding white light filled the subway tunnel, and the sounds of a helicopter alerted the group that security was less impressed with Yusei's accomplishment.

"What's that?" Tank asked.

Helicopter light beams sweep through the crack over the subway tunnel.

Nervin ran up to peek. "It's Sector Security!"

"Identification number AWX86007, you're in possession of stolen property. Escape is not an option! You're surrounded!" a police officer voice blared down at them. Everybody's gaze locked on Rally.

The officer said again, "We have you surrounded, 86007!"

"Look whatcha did!" Blitz yelled at Rally, utterly furious.

"I didn't do nothin'!" Rally insisted. "Blitz, I promise I didn't steal anything! It's like I said before; it was just lying there and nobody was around!"

"None of that matters, Rally!" Blitz started, but stopped when Yusei cut him off.

"It's gonna be all right," he told them as he dropped his hand.

"But what should we do?" Blitz asked.

"There's nothing we can do. That mark is like a homin' device. It sends a signal to security!"

"I got that covered," Yusei assured, rapidly typing on his computer.

Up in the helicopter the tracking signal blurred. "Agh! The signal! It's been compromised!"

Yusei sat on his runner and Rally handed him his helmet. "I bought you guys a couple of minutes."

He put on his helmet as Blitz said "Where do you think your goin'?"

"You take the East Tunnel. I'm gonna take this chip out for a test drive." Yusei lowered his visor, and held out his hand to Lise. She accepted, and climbed up behind him. Together, they shredded out of their home.

"You heard the man! Let's bolt!" Blitz ordered and they all ran for the East Tunnel.

Yusei rode up the tunnel stairs and straight into security visuals.


"This intel was perfect. The prize is in my sights. Lock on to my signal," a bushy-browed turbo-duelist officer said into his head piece before riding off after Yusei with the police car and helicopter right behind him.

The helicopter's spotlight tracked Yusei's driving.

Man, I didn't think they'd be on me this quick!

"Evening, Officer Trudge!" Lise called out to the bushy-browed officer and saluted him mockingly.

Yusei smiled and shook his head. Typical Lise.

Trudge growled in anger. "Pull over! There's no use trying to escape!"

Yusei turned into an alleyway, easily smashing through a rusty metal gate. He slid to a stop and waited for Trudge and the other officers to do the same.

Trudge got off his security runner and pushed a button to make his visor go up. "It's been quite a while since the center. I'll thank Jack for setting up this reunion. Jack said with the right bait Rally would lead us right to you. I knew we shoulda locked you up when you were a kid. Looks like I'll finally get my wish, and with you and Rally off to the facility, Jack'll have one less thing to worry about. Now tell me, are you going to make this easy and come along quietly?"

"I will," Yusei said, and Lise looked at him like he was insane. "If you can beat me." Lise relaxed and raised an eyebrow at Trudge.

Trudge laughed and sneered at the two of them. "I see you still think you can outduel sector security. It's too bad the rules say you Satellites can't carry cards."

Yusei and Lise held up their cards. "Rules were made to be broken. Weren't they?" Yusei placed his deck in the duel disk. "Now if I win this duel, Rally, Lise, and I are free to go. No questions asked, Trudge."

"The law does not negotiate with-" the officer previously in the squad car started to say, but Trudge put his arm out.

"And what's in it for me should I accept your proposal?"

The other officer tried again; "But Article 4B clearly states that…"

"Well allow me to clearly state this; get moving or else," Trudge threatened.

"This is highly improper!"

"I said move, or would you prefer to be working on trash detail?" Trudge finally lost his temper.

"Back to command center everyone, direct orders," the officer finally went back to tell the others, and the car exited the premises leaving just Lise, Yusei, and Trudge.

"Well, should you accept and win, you'll tell Sector Security to call off their hunt for Rally," Yusei said.

"And how does that benefit me?"

"Cuz I'm gonna say it was me who stole the chip, and that I tried to flee the scene, but couldn't outrun your pursuit. A statement like that'll probably bump you up to Sargent. So what do ya say officer?" Yusei closed his eyes as he turned away.

Trudge raised an eyebrow. "What about Lise? How do I know she won't try anything?"

"I don't cheat," Lise promised, "unlike some people."

"Then in that case, you've got yourself a deal…. fool," Trudge accepted. He mounted his runner.

The two duelists' lined up for the start of their duel.

"Here we go," Trudge said and lowered his visor. Yusei did the same.

"Duel mode engaged, autopilot activated," both runners informed their riders.

Yusei: 4000

Trudge: 4000

"Let's ride!" both duelists cried.

"I can't wait to finally put you away," Trudge said. "And my Assault Dog's gonna help make sure of it!"

(Assault Dog: Atk: 1200 Def: 800)

"With it on the field I place a card face down and end my turn."

"It's my move then! I summon Speed Warrior!" A gray fighter monster with a breathing tank appeared on Yusei's field.

(Speed Warrior: Atk: 900 Def: 400)

"You never were good at math, now were you? I mean, that monster's attack points are less than mine. Why bother summoning him out?" Trudge bragged.

Yusei accelerated, and Speed Warrior's attack points changed to 1800.

"Hey, why'd his attack points double like that?" Trudge questioned as Yusei pulled up next to him.

"I heard you were at the bottom of your class at the academy, and I can see why now," Yusei quipped. "That aside, my Speed Warrior is going to take out your Assault Dog!"

Yusei: 4000

Trudge: 3400

"You always were a know-it-all. Well, I'm about to teach you a brand new lesson, Yusei." As Trudge spoke another Assault Dog appeared. "See, when Assault Dog is sent to the graveyard because of an attack, I can summon another one from my deck to take its place."

"Still using the same old deck I see," Yusei commented, and threw a card face down on the field to end his turn.

"And now that your Speed Warrior's attack points are halved I remove my Assault Dog from play to bring out Handcuffs Dragon!" Trudge summoned a skinny dragon with half a handcuff for a mouth, and the other half for a tail.

(Handcuffs Dragon: Atk: 1800 Def: 1800)

"Here's a great math lesson: with 1800 attack points your Speed Warrior's about to get subtracted from the field!" Trudge declared. Handcuffs Dragon charged.

"Not if I play my face down, Scrap Iron Scarecrow!" Yusei countered. "With this I can absorb your dragon's attack and save my Speed Warrior!"

"You mean that would've happened if not for the Wire Tap trap card!" Trudge used his own counter trap. "Handcuffs Dragon, take out his monster!" Trudge's dragon used its cuff mouth to squeeze Speed Warrior into the graveyard.

Yusei: 3100

Trudge: 3400

"Your deck's made up of cards others threw away! And no matter how you patch it up, trash is still trash!" Trudge was getting cocky.

Yusei's eyes narrowed fiercely. "I summon Sonic Chick in defense mode!"

(Sonic Chick: Atk:300 Def:300)

"Next I place two cards facedown and end my turn!"

"Just like a Satellite to hide behind junk. Well, I'll flush you out!" Trudge declared haughtily. "One, two, three."

Lise gasped when she realized what he was doing, and grit her teeth. I hope Yusei knows what he's doing!

"Now by sending those three cards to my graveyard, I can special summon Montage Dragon to the field!"

A giant blue three headed dragon dominated the field, and roared because its attack points were 3000.

"And with a powerful beast like that in play, it's only a matter of time before this duel is over, and I get to turn you in."

"Quite the beast," Yusei muttered to himself.

"I hope you know what you're doing," Lise admitted.

"You worry too much," Yusei smiled reassuringly at her.

"Handcuffs Dragon, take out Yusei's Sonic Chick!" Trudge exclaimed. "And with him out of the way I'm just one attack from putting you away for good. Go, Power Collage!" A red, yellow and green ray of light appeared in each dragon head's mouth. The rays turn into a triple laser that slammed straight into Yusei.

Yusei: 0100

Trudge: 3400

Yusei's speed decrease was synonymous with his Speed Counter decrease.

"There's not a card in your deck that can save you now!" Trudge said.

He's right, but I've never relied on just one card before, and I don't plan on starting now. Let's see what I got for you…. Yusei drew and cracked the tiniest of smiles. "I summon out, the Junk Synchron tuner monster!" An orange machine-looking small tuner monster was summoned.

(Junk Synchron: Atk: 1300 Def: 500)

"You have a tuner monster? That can't be!"

"And yet somehow it is. Next up I activate the Graceful Revival trap card. And it allows me to do what we Satellites do best; recycle my Speed Warrior from my graveyard" Speed Warrior seemed to appear out of the card. It triumphantly returned to Yusei's field.

"Now I tune my Junk Synchron with my Speed Warrior to Synchro Summon... Junk warrior!"

Junk Synchron turned into three rings that encircled two stars Speed Warrior had become. Both the rings and stars flew into the air. An enormous flash of light appeared, and from it Junk Warrior emerged! The powerful purple monster upgraded from Junk Synchron.

"Let's rev it up!"

(Junk Warrior: Atk: 2300 Def: 1300)

"Clever move, but your monster's still not strong enough to stop my Montague Dragon. Looks like after all that, you still underestimated the power of my beast!"

"And you underestimated the power of my deck! Go Vision Wind!" Yusei shouted.

"My Vision Wind? You won that from me on your last day at the Reeducation Center. What are you gonna do with it?" Trudge was starting to panic.

"Win this duel," Yusei answered. "As I'm sure you remember, Vision Wind lets me summon one level two or below monster from my graveyard, and I summon my Speed Warrior! With it on the field, Junk Warrior's special ability activates; making Junk Warrior 900 points stronger!"

"My Junk Warrior's gonna make sure we stay free!" Yusei proclaimed as Junk Warrior's right fist glowed yellow and punched Handcuffs Dragon into the graveyard.

Yusei: 0100

Trudge: 2000

Trudge sneered, "I bet you thought by attacking you'd only be hurting me, but in fact you really just hurt yourself! But that's nothing new is it, Yusei? As I recall you were always one to act first and think second. Reminds me of the time you tried to break curfew with Rally. You never thought you'd be caught, but one never does until they are. I can still remember the scared look on Rally's face, and I can't wait to see it again once your friend is rounded up."

Handcuffs Dragon's ghost appeared and latched onto Junk Warrior, decreasing its attack from 3200 to 1400.

"Well keep waiting, cuz I'm not losing! I activate the trap card Equip Shot! This releases my warrior from your dragon's grip, and lets me use its ability against you!" At Yusei's words Junk Warrior ripped off Handcuffs Dragon and chucked it at Montage Dragon instead.

"You can't use my monster against me!" Trudge complained while the 3000 attack points of Montage became 1200.

"Woohoo! We're goin' home tonight!"

Yusei grinned and nodded. "Junk Warrior, end this!"

With that Junk Warrior ended the duel spectacularly as he punched Montague Dragon, and Trudge's Life Points, down the drain.

Yusei: 0100

Trudge: 0000

Yusei and Lise pulled up a few feet in front of Trudge's parked runner.

"You mentioned earlier about how you wanted to teach me a lesson. Well how bout' I leave you with this: don't underestimate us Satellites or our decks. Because what you see as weakness is what truly makes us strong." Yusei preached.

"That's not cheesy at all," Lise muttered.

The tires of his runner threw up sparks as he accelerated away.

"Tell Jack thanks for the chip," Yusei added.

"See ya, Trudge!" Lise waved.

"Things ain't over between you and me," Trudge vowed, watching them leave.