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Chapter 1: Reunited At Last

Jane winced at the pain that coarsed through the lower half of her back. She strained in the restricting office chair she had occupied for a good part of the day already. Before her on the desk where unfinished reports and paperwork she had been trying to concetrate on. But this latest wave of pain had her pushing aside the paperwork and laying herself upon the desk, half her body hanging off the front of it as her back arched into a more comfortable position. Frost looked over at his partner with a concerned look. Korsak saw nothing out of the ordinary and went on with his own paper work.

"You alright there, Jane?" Frost asked breaking the silence they had fallen into. Jane groaned and rolled over trying to get comfortable again as the pain eased its way back into her lower back.

"No." She finally concluded. No matter what the woman did it did nothing to subside the pain.

"Is it those pesky Yoga lessons?" Korsak joked knowing damn well Jane had had a falling out with the Yoga instructor weeks prior. Jane only glared in his direction before sitting back up.

"Maybe you sould see a chiropractor?" Frost offered. Jane groaned even louder at the comment as she hazardly threw herself off the desk and tryed to stretch.

"How can I fix a problem when I don't even know what's causeing it?" Jane demanded, at witts end.

"Easy. Seek. Professional. Help." Korsak answered punctuating each word as he leaned closer towards his former partner, glasses hanging of the end of his nose, half hopeing the Detective would take his advise.

"Fine!" Jane said throwing her hands up defeatedly before walking out of the Bullpen.

"Where are you going?" Frost called after her.

"To see Maura!" Jane called back as her figure disappeared from view. Korsak shook his head as Frost laughed knowingly.

"That's not what I meant." Korsak said as he returned to his paperwork.

Jane couldn't help but notice the concerned glances towards the Medical Examiner's personal office from her many interns as she entered into the morgue. The door had been closed. Something very out of the ordinary since it was well known for the Doctor to keep and open-door policy. Reaching said door she knocked before letting herself in.

"-just didn't want to talk to you!" A young woman shrieked clearly keeping a good distance between her and a very flustered Doctor Isles who stood rigidley behind her desk. "You always sided with them, I should have know this wouldn't be any diffferent!" She continued ignoring Jane as she let crept in. Immedietly Jane tryed to calm down the situtation, forgetting why she had even been down there in the first place.

"Woah, woah, woah." Jane interjected throwing her hands up to stop the argument. Maura never dropped the other woman's glare as silence fell. "What is going on?"

"Jane." Maura answered although somewhat pointedly. "This is Jennifer. My sister whom I have not seen nor heard from for 5 years." Jane had a feeling that that statement had not only been directed towards her as Jennifer looked away, still fumming. Completely taken off gaurd Jane mouthed stupidly at a loss for a comeback as she gave Maura a questioning look. Maura Isles had a sister?

"Sister?" Jane blurted out, regaining her speech. "You never said anything about a sist-"

"Well! That doesn't suprise me!" Jennifer spat. "What, did you all decide to disown me now too?" Maura's piercing glare died at the direction the conversation took. She dropped her gaze and fell back into her chair sadly.

"I thought you had... I thought you where dead." The doctor confessed, tears staining her beautifully hazal eyes. Jennifer's demeanor changed as well as a guilt she had long shrugged off hit her like a baseball bat to the chest. Jane's intrest only stregthened with this new found information and Detective Rizzoli kicked into action. Piecing together the info she had gathered already she swiftly but softly directed her attention towards the younger girl who couldn't have been over 21.

"Where have you been for so long?" Jennifer shifted uncomfortably, looking anywhere but the detective's face, her eyes finally resting on the woman's badge and gun. There was no escaping now.

"Off the grid." She confessed finally, choosing her words carefully. Jane had a hunch, that like Maura, the younger Isles was unable to lie and only skirt around pressing questions.

"She was arrested and brought into custody only 20 minutes ago." Maura interjected, eyes scanning her sister for any sign of remorse. Finding only a newly fueled anger.

"What? For what?" Jane questioned looking between both woman. At this Jennifer smirked, knowing good and well it would only infuriate her elder sister.

"Drug possession and criminal trespassing." Both Isles sisters holding each others glare once again, neither backing down. At this Jane took time to study the younger woman.

Wavy unkept honey brown hair flowed from the half heartedly pulled ponytail, length just bellow what gave way to strong shoulders. Her clothes, wrinkled, torn, and just as unkept, hung loosley on her oviously fit form. Wherever she had been, she had to have been physically fit to be there. Her scars showing pure torture and a very strong-willed girl. All pulled together by the eyes that witnessed a past most woman her age should never see in hundreds of years.

"Frankie brought her down from booking after learning who she was." Maura finally added hopeing to give Jane the whole story with one sentence.

"Broke his nose in the process." Jennifer offered, giving her two cents. Janes eyes shot towards Maura in a comforting way before what the other girl actually said registered. She gave Jennifer a double take.

"What? You broke my brother's nose?" What had been the chances that this Detective was the other officer's sister. Jennifer was just having no luck today. At all.

Since Jane had a younger brother only now just being mentioned I thought why shouldn't Maura have a younger sibling as well. It will be a very twisted and unexpected plot I can assure you. Reviews are great.