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Jane's senses where overwhelmed with the sterile air of a hospital when the steady beeping of the heart monitor at her bed side slowly pulled her from the haze clouding her consciousness. It took her a moment to put two together to realize she hadn't just woken up in her apartment. With a groan she did her best to sit up so she could better asses her surroundings, her attempt being quickly dismissed when a crippling pain in her shoulder stopped her in her tracks. The pain was just as quick to awaken her awareness to the throbbing pain else where as her more capable arm reached to soothe the unmerciful headache pounding between her navels while giving a low, throaty moan. She was slightly shocked to find a spongy bandage wrapped around her head but even more so to the fact she had a silently waiting bedside companion.

"I was wondering when you would wake up."

Looking over, Jane was prepared to playfully banter with her friend, but catching a glimpse of the state Maura was in, she thought better of it. Even though the doctor wore a warm smile it did nothing to hide the deep bags beneath her eyes or the noticeably paled coloring of her cheeks.

"How long have I been out?"

"Quite a while. You had a lot of us worried." The look that briefly crossed over Maura's eyes tore at Jane.

"Was it that bad?"

Maura breathed a small chuckle dropping sad eyes to her hands which laid clasped in her lap. Jane couldn't help but follow suit and travel the same length only to be stopped by the sight of the very unpressed, wrinkled, torn and blood smeared clothes of her friend.

Maura was instantly at Jane's side, dread filling her like ice when her friend lay unmoving and unresponsive. Maura took the other woman's face in her hands as she repeatedly called her name, carefully patting Jane's face, doing anything to get those dark brown eyes to look at her again.

"Please, Jane. You have to wake up. You have to stay conscious for me. Please! Jane!" Fresh tears slipped down the doctor's face as she did her best to subdue the profuse bleeding at the detectives temple, ripping the cloth from her blouse to hold against the wound. Her hands shook as the self conscious fear of hurting Jane even worse flooded her. She just couldn't perform on the living.

She was relieved when the voices around her called for a medic yet refused to leave Janes' side when they called for her. She desperately tried running procedures through her head, anything that would help with the acute subdural hematoma forming and pressurizing within Jane's skull. A hypothesis that was dreadfully confirmed by the slow trickle of blood from the detective's nose. All thought of aiding her friend where once again shot down by her nagging self consciousness. She didn't trust herself enough.

All Maura could do was sit there, next to her friend applying pressure to her wound, feeling more useless than she had ever before in her life.

"You look tired. You should Go home, get some rest." A moment passed before Maura gave a dry laugh and mumbled her reply.

"I've heard that a lot this morning."

Janes hand found Maura's cold ones as they remained in her lap causing the paled woman to finally meet the dark brown eyes she had been dieing to see all through out the night. She found worry in them, a comforting invitation. All at once she was overwhelmed with hundreds of different emotions all at hundreds of different levels from the night she just had. She felt the tears prickle in her eyes as shame was shoved formost.

"I could have lost you. I could have lost you, Jane, and I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it." Jane could feel as much as see the smaller woman begin to break before her. "I wouldn't have been able to save you."

"Don't go blaming yourself, Maura. Do you hear me?" Despite the biting pain, Jane managed to sit up somewhat.

"But I wasn't enough! I'm not... I'm not good en-"

"-Don't you dare think of finishing that sentence, Maura. You are perfect. In EVERY way! I never want to hear you say you're anything less. Ever." Maura was caught off guard at the raw emotion Jane spoke with. It radiated through the simple connection of their hands and spoke volumes. Janes grip tightened over hers emphasizing the outburst. Her eyes where dark with purpose and anger. Maura found herself hypnotized with a new emotion. Adoration.

Without even knowing how it had happened, without any thought or consideration, Maura was overcome with a desperation to show Jane everything she was feeling. There was no hesitation before the doctor found herself pushing Jane back into the mattress locked at the lips with the detective. Even though taken quite off guard, Jane instantly kissed the doctor back like it was the most natural reaction in the world. Any confusion she had had about Maura, any doubt of her feelings, where all thrown to the wind as she shared this passionately loaded kiss with the other woman. It seemed whatever obstacle life had thrown her had been worth it since it had gotten her to this moment.

Maura sat back timidly, partially afraid to see the look in Janes's eyes but even more afraid to break whatever connection had just been established. Sensing the hesitation, Jane cupped her friends cheek and soothed the pale, feather soft skin with her thumb. The detective offered her a hopeful smile. Maura leaned into the touch and let her eyes flutter shut at the secure feeling of the scarred hand returning some of herself she was so scared she lost when Jane wouldn't wake up.

"I'm scared, Jane." she whispered. Jane didn't respond right away. Instead she studied the woman in front of her and began to question herself. Her job was to protect and serve, a job that has already almost cost her her life more than once. But what if one day she wasn't so lucky. What if one day she didn't wake up, didn't come back to Maura. Could she really do that to the woman she loved so much. She saw how frail and weak just this one night made Maura. The proof was right there in the palm of her hand.

"Me too, Maura. Me too."

"Your lawyers say you have a very good chance at getting off with a misdemeanor in accessory." Maura offered optimistically trying to comfort herself as much as her orange jumpsuit clad sister sitting across from her who only scoffed humorlessly turning her attention to all the other visiting families. The hall wasn't packed but they where hardly given any privacy or any piece of mind with all the buzzers and slamming of jail doors. Jennifer did her best to over look the reality of what might have happened had she not learned the truth. She'd most likely being going away for more than just "accessory" to murder.

Only the unfamiliar warmth of Constance Isles' hands wrapping around hers brought her attention back to the two ladies in front of her. Jennifer looked between them before giving them a small smile.

"That's better than anything I could have hoped for in this situation. Especially since I violated my parole. Guess I can thank the detective for that, huh?" She gave Maura an accusatory look, humor playing across her features. Maura gave a small laugh and shook her head softly.

"Jane, really does like you. She's just a "tough love" kind of person." The doctor admitted, adding the last part after getting doubtful looks from Jennifer.

"I'll say." Constance conceded causing all three Isles women to laugh, something that felt like a breath of fresh air for all of them. They sat in a comfortable silence for a minute just glad to be in each others company.

"You know, nothing will ever be the same." Jennifer concluded looking up from her and her mother's intertwined hands to look between her Constance and Maura. She only smiled at their worried expressions, one of her rough hands finding one of Maura's manicured ones. "It will only get better."

"I can walk just fine, thank you very much." Jane bit moodily at the nurse's assistant who insisted she'd be wheeled out. Maura could only hide her smirk underneath her hand as the detective stiffly crossed the room. She had been admitted for a good part of the month and was itching to leave.

"You could be a little nicer, they're just doing their jobs." Maura chastised as she followed her friend out of the main doors of the hospital a few minutes later, discharge papers in hand. Jane laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah, try telling that to all the bad guys I have to deal with." Maura only rolled her eyes knowing full well she could lecture Jane about how she had a good sense of moral values where as criminals usually dont. Instead she opted for a change of topic.

"Mother left for Madrid this morning to meet with Father for a charitable dinner."

"Madrid, wow. Sounds fun. Some things never change, do they." Jane drawled leading them to Maura's hybrid which wasn't parked too far. The doctor gave a sly smile before matching Janes's pace and slipping her hand into the detective's as she slid up next to her.

"I'd say they do, Detective." Maura chershired up at the tall brunette who returned it with a loving smile. Jane gave the smaller woman's hand a squeeze as they approached the car. Stopping at the driver side door, the detective turned to her friend in all seriousness. She studied the doctors curious look before taking a breath.

"Maura, you know how I feel about you. I know how I feel about you. But how could I ever say that I love you if I can put you through this." She ground out in her famous gravely voice, emphasizing her words with a gesture to the hospital. "I don't ever want to hurt you, and I know THIS hurts you." Maura took Janes hand and studied it, studied the scars.

"It would hurt not being with you when we both know there's no other place either of us would rather be. This Jane,-" She held up her friends scared hands, "- this is you. And I love you, everything about you. I want to love you like this as long as you'll let me. I want to be... More. And that's what you do for me, Jane. Everyday we're together it feels like you give me a piece of myself I never knew I was missing. I don't want to miss out on anything more, I want you." There was a brief moment of electric air between them before Jane ducked to capture Maura's lips in the sweetest embrace they've shared since the morning Jane woke up.

Even though life always seemed get in the way for these two, like the vibrations and ringtones of the phones pulling them from this moment, they somehow always knew that wherever there would be one of them;


There would be the other;