Baby Harry understood a lot of things. Sure he was only a year old, but he was pretty sure he had a solid grasp of the way the world was supposed to work. And sure, maybe he couldn't say a lot of words yet, but that didn't mean he wasn't a child of superior intellect.

He knew him mummy loved to give him big kisses every time he woke up. And every time he went to sleep. And every time he finished his food. And…well his mummy gave him lots of kisses, but he didn't mind. He loved getting kisses from his mummy. And he loved it when she sang to him at night. He knew his mummy was pretty, and smart, and perfect. The best mummy in the world. He knew that she loved him very much, and that daddy loved him and her very much too.

He knew his daddy wanted him to play some game called "quidditch" when he grew up. He knew that being a chaser was apparently a great honor. He knew that if he grinned big enough at his daddy, that the man would give him extra cookies when mummy wasn't looking. And if all the red and gold shirts his daddy put him in were any indication, he knew that he'd better be in Gryffindor when he grew up…or Else.

He knew that his Uncle Moony was really soft, and while it wasn't as shiny and pretty as his mummy's red hair, Moony's hair was just as fun to pull. He also knew that neither of them liked that very much. He knew that Moony liked to sit down and play blocks with him, and when mummy wasn't looking he'd sneak baby Harry some delicious chocolate.

He knew…well he didn't know much about his Uncle Wormy. But he did know that that man didn't seem to like him very much. Everyone else loves Baby Harry smiles! Wormy is the only one that never smiles back.

He knew that Uncle Sirius would give him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He knew that Padfoot liked to play with him, and carry him around, and tickle him, and buy him lots of fun toys, and give him big hugs whenever baby Harry would say his name. He knew that his Uncle Padfoot liked to watch him fly around on his baby Nimbus, and laugh as daddy chased him. He knew that Uncle Padfoot didn't like leaving their house at the end of the day, but always gave him a goodnight hug.

What Harry did not understand, however, was why he was suddenly alone, being carried away by this big, hairy man. He did not understand why Uncle Padfoot couldn't just take him away from the man. He did not understand why mummy had just fallen asleep on the ground, and why no one would let him go wake her up so he could play with her pretty hair again. He did not understand why he couldn't hear his daddy laughing like he usually was.

He could not understand why Uncle Padfoot didn't give him a goodnight hug that night, but instead kissed him on the forehead and walked away crying.

He did not understand why Padfoot was crying; Padfoot never cried.

And when he woke up the next morning, he did not know where he was, or who the strange woman dragging him inside a strange home was.

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