If I Die Young

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This has a bit of Charlie/Ed, but mostly Charlie/Jerry. I chose the song mainly because it's sad, beautiful and so inspiring.

Ed survived but he was badly injured both physically and emotionally in case anyone was wondering. Do enjoy.

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I didn't know what I was doing here. The familiar smell of death clung to every fragment of life paving the narrow streets. The sound of my faltering steps echoed around the desolate houses like a funeral march and the darkness, quelled a little by a lone street lamp seemed as menacing as ever. I would've turned back right now if it weren't for the thought of Ed, waiting for me back at home, scarred by what Jerry did to him.

That God Damn leech was going to pay for ever laying one of those blood encrusted claws on him. I was sure of it.

Ed told me not to go. Said he was fine and glad that I wasn't hurt. He should've known that that wasn't going to be enough to stop me.

I was sick of living in fear. Sick of hiding, while everyone I loved was getting hurt and why? Because I was afraid it would kill me? So what if I died? I'd lived long enough on this planet. How long was I supposed to sit and watch as Jerry destroyed everything around me? My life was a small price to pay.

My only regret was that I would leave Ed, my mom, Amy and even Peter behind. Ed, who had told me he'd love me forever. Ed, who gave me my first kiss so good I couldn't ever desire to kiss anyone else but him. Ed, the only person I ever gave my heart to. Ed, who'd have to watch them carry the lifeless remains of my body away after he refused to let me go. He'd have to forgive me somehow.

It'd be easier to deal with my passing because it'd also be my victory, because there was no way I was going down without bringing Jerry down with me.

These were the people I loved. The people who made my life what it was today. I couldn't let their love be in vain.

And in case I didn't make it out alive. At least I was around long enough to let them all know how much I truly loved them.

I didn't even care if death hurt. It wasn't like I'd be going to hell. No, hell's where Jerry was going.

I halted my steps as I approached his house. I didn't bother to look at the charred remains of my old house. It would conjure too many painful, unneeded memories. I had plenty of motivation.

He was close. I could feel him. The unmistakable fervor of his power wrapped itself around me like, the links of a mystical chain.

It was always like this with Jerry. No matter what I did. No matter how strong I fought against it, I always felt the sickening slither of his presence whenever he was near.

Despite having swallowed my fear, my knees buckled at the familiar feeling that I hoped never to feel again. The feeling that always haunted my dreams, since the day I moved in with Ed. The feeling I was lucky to escape from once and was now coming back to.

With one last dose of courage, I knocked on the slightly damaged front door.

It swung open with ease and standing there, bold and brash, with a sadistically dark smile on his face, was Jerry.

"This is a pleasant surprise." He grinned maliciously, revealing the brutal fangs behind his lips.

I didn't smile back. "You know why I'm here."

His smile grew wider as he didn't bother to pretend like he hadn't a clue what I was talking about. "Your boyfriend?" He grinned and his eyes flamed with an excitement I didn't understand. Was he enjoying this? Did he think we were playing a game?

I nodded. Discreetly, patting the wooden stake in my left pocket.

"You've come for your revenge, have you?" He said getting more amused.

I tried to look him in his flaming red eyes, the eyes that seemed to get more excited as he stared back at me, drinking in my appearance as if he could already taste my blood. I shuddered. What a disturbed being.

"No," I mocked "I've come here because I want you to have me. I'm tired of living. I just want it to end." There was a rumbling sound, like that of a lion's growl. And I realized he was chuckling.

"You're a feisty one." He said, and to my surprise he grabbed the stake that was safely hidden in my pocket. "You want to slay me." He chuckled, waving it in the air. I wanted to wipe the smirk off his pale undead face.

"Go ahead. I'll give you a free shot," His voice was grave, void of any underlying signs of amusement. For a moment I was stunned, until he spoke and his tone took on a much more sinister shade.

"But in return I want something else, something more than the pathetic lives of your family and friends."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Dream on." But my breath hitched. Did he seriously think I was going to give him something? And why was he so sure he'll survive this time?

His eyes burned into mine and it felt like my entire body was on fire. I saw myself in their crimson depths and strangely it looked like I was dancing in their flames. I could do no more than swallow.

"It wouldn't hurt," he purred "in fact you might like it."

It hadn't occurred to me that he was studying me, waiting for my reaction with a ravening look in his florid eyes.

"Wait," I felt the blood rush to color my cheeks. He couldn't be serious. My blood couldn't be what he was pining for. "You mean you want me to give myself," I struggled to form the words. "t-to you."

He nodded and I burst out laughing again. "You're sick."

Jerry shrugged his solid shoulders and I could see just how well built he was. He shot me a menacing look. "It's your choice. You could try to kill me again. I won't protest. If you succeed and I die you go back to your pathetic life, but if you fail, then you're mine. It's as simple as that."

Then he flashed a crooked smile, the crimson tint of hunger flaring across his eyes. Taking advantage of my now undivided attention, he slipped a cold hand under my shirt, gently grazing my stomach and earning a light gasp from me.

His eyes held me captive as his hand found my back. Before I knew it, I could feel the cold, hard planes of his chest as it was pinned against mine.

I tried to fight the steel grip he had around my waist but it was no use. His grip seemed to get tighter the more I struggled. I felt my heartbeat spike and I knew the sick bastard was enjoying the sound.

I refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing me cry out in pain as he dug his stone fingers further into my hips. It was evident how easy he could bite me. I was defenseless and he was so close to my neckā€¦

It caught me off guard when I felt his breath veil my ear. His voice dark and sultry as his next words sent another jolt of fear down my spine. "I assure you. I don't intend to lose you a second time."

With that he swooped me into his house with nothing to prove we were ever there but the slight tremble of the door as it gently closed behind us.

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