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I was running, running as fast as I could but still it felt like I was going nowhere. I could still feel their presence, closer now, like they were right behind me. It was like being stuck on a treadmill. I could curse my stupid human speed, knowing the bloodthirsty creatures coming after me were fresh on my tail. Yet, I couldn't stop. Stopping would mean failure and imminent death.

Screw fighting, I stood no chance. It was funny how long it took me to realize that and weird how liberating it felt.

In the distance I could see the sun igniting the clouds as it slowly rose. I knew if I could just make it over the hill, I'd be near human civilization and would finally be safe.

It puzzled me, I could feel the vampires were so close, yet I knew if I looked back I wouldn't see anything. Not as if I had time to look back anyways. I could feel freedom in my grasp; I could taste it even.

This would be my story, no more Jerry, no more captivation only mom, Peter, Amy and Ed. Yep, fighting wasn't for me it was easier to run.

Hours earlier

How could I betray my family like that? How could I feel anything other than revulsion for Jerry? Where had my self respect gone or did it leave with whatever shred of morality I had left? I pondered this in the early hours of the morning, unable to sleep for the disgust I had for myself blocked out my petty human needs. I couldn't- wouldn't believe that I had actually enjoyed what happened last night for the thought was as horrifying as it was terrible.

To think that for once Jerry's touch did anything else but alarm me was a notion I really couldn't entertain yet the thoughts simply wouldn't leave my head no matter how hard I tried to dispel them.

I was fed up of tossing and turning all night, so I crawled off the bed and took a seat on the floor as far away from the door as possible, curled into a ball and studying the ceiling.

And that was how Jerry found me the next morning.

He gave me his trademark grin in greeting and in return I gave him my worst scowl. He was always so god damned happy, no matter what time of day it was or whatever happened and that among the other things he did, annoyed me to no end.

Living with him for as long as I had there were things a simple human like me could notice. Like, the way he always whistled whenever he did something even something as mundane as ensuring every crevice of his house was darkened or the way his eyes would change color in different lighting; which was probably one of the things I detested the most about him for as hard to read as Jerry was, it was even trickier when his eyes lied too.

It was a ritual; he would check on me every morning, to check if I slashed my wrists I supposed. I could just imagine his disappointment or probable glee when he found me alive and breathing; hating him with all the senses I had left.

Today was no different except perhaps the grin he wore was wider than normal. A sign that should've maybe been a warning but instead just set my teeth on edge as angry fire boiled in my blood. I really didn't find myself even half as amusing as he did.

"I heard a sound last night, like a car pulling in. Who was that?" I asked, revealing way more of my curiosity than I planned.

Jerry closed the door behind him before slowly making his way over to me. He looked like a panther, walking with grace and majesty but also with a great ferocity. But I stood my ground, after all I was as stubborn as they said.

"The police, they're looking for a missing person; a certain Keith Leo. Sound familiar?" He raised an eyebrow but the flash of white across the murky depths of his eyes showed that he knew damn well that I had no idea who it was.

A surge of panic shot through me. Did Jerry kill someone else? He was close enough for me to smell the copper and mint off his breath from his morning feeding. Probably some poor teenager he picked up from the club last night.

I was both frightened and repulsed. "You killed someone else?" I shouted, the shock evident in my face. I was feeling very unsteady plus the hours gone of no sleep felt like they were finally catching up to me, though some optimistic part of me hoped I was hallucinating the whole thing.

Jerry chuckled, a lion's rumble while revealing perfect pearl white teeth. "What do you care? You can't save him."

For an instant, I felt a buzz of genuine fury. Simply and I find this hard to admit, because I knew he was right. All feeling seemed to dissipate out of me like helium in a balloon. I dropped his gaze; defeated.

Jerry chuckled again but this time giving me a gentle pat on the back. Perhaps, if I was foolish I would've thought it was an attempt to cheer me up. But I was smarter than that and all his touch did was bring me back to the present with shuddering speed.

I didn't shrug him off though, partially because it was physically impossible and also because I hadn't the strength anymore. Where had the fight in me gone?

Jerry's cool breath ghosted over my ear, his words did even less to comfort me. "I shall leave you to get some more rest. You have a big night ahead of you."

The day had passed reasonably well, if only for the fact that I had returned to slumber in a matter of minutes after Jerry's departure. I slept through breakfast and lunch and would've probably slept through dinner too had Jerry not come in to wake me.

I poked at my salmon and asparagus, not able to find much of my appetite as his words rung through my head. Unfortunately Jerry's cooking made it increasingly hard to deny any food and I finished with my plate being left very clean.

After dinner I got ready rather mechanically; unsure of whether or not I was preparing for my own death sentence or a casual surprise. I knew better to think that with Jerry any surprise would be "casual" however but I couldn't just jump out the window.

So I put on my jeans, which was a feat while wearing handcuffs, believe me. I didn't so much as look at the ones Jerry got from some American Eagle store. They were stylish but they reeked of vampire. Besides I liked my clothes. He was lucky I didn't set them on fire.

As Jerry pulled out of his parking lot I couldn't help but feel prickly with worry. So many scenes rang through my head of where we could possibly be going, the recurrent thought being the slaughterhouse. I tried to tell myself worrying was pointless. For pete's sake I was living with a vampire who lusted after my blood. I should be able to flirt with danger and take fear on a joyride.

This calmed me somewhat and I visibly relaxed all but forgetting that Jerry was sitting next to me on the driver's side. He was whistling to some Johnny Cash song that was playing on the radio. As the soothing pitch of his voice rose and fell, I soon found myself falling asleep again.

I didn't know how long we were driving. It could've been minutes or maybe hours. My slumber had been so deep. But I was able to feel when the truck lurched to a stop.

Jerry came around to my side to open the door for me, still whistling despite the lack of music. I gave him my worst scowl again but allowed him to help me get out of the truck. I didn't want him to think I had forgotten how sharp his teeth were.

Hesitantly, I looked around, trying to see if I recognized my surroundings. Nothing looked familiar; we were smack dab in the middle of the desert surrounded by sand. The only building for miles was the one before us. A fully painted black hut with the word La villa de sang flashing in tacky neon lights. I realized immediately that it was a club.

"There is no way you're sneaking me in there. I'm seventeen. I don't even look 21." I argued but Jerry simply pulled me by my arm, gently but with enough force to get me to move toward the unknown building.

Jerry strode with confidence like always but with more assurance as if he knew this club well. It was easy to deduce that this was his main hangout. The bouncers let him in right away without so much as a glance towards me.

Everything would've been fine and dandy if it weren't for the pang, the sharp and alarming sensation that hit me like a punch to the brain, as if all my senses were on red alert, buzzed through me. It was just like it was whenever I was around Jerry only a lot sharper now.

It radiated from my head to my limbs calling me to attention. I felt like a soldier in combat, alive and powerful, though I couldn't explain why. And then comprehension hit me like another punch to the brain, I looked around at the multicolored, mystical eyes of the people dancing around me, remembered the way each one of those eyes stared at me as I entered the room and realized that this wasn't just any club, this was a vampire club.

Fear chased away what little courage I had left. It was as if I was a deer in a room full of gun wielding seekers and it was hunting season. I could've strangled Jerry for bringing me here, if it weren't for the fact that I felt a little safer as we made our way through the crowd of hungry bloodsuckers over to a booth, Jerry holding one of my handcuffed hands.

The booth wasn't empty. A beautiful red head was seated , her long fiery hair cascading down her back and her eyes a feverish scarlet glittered up at us as we approached.

"Cleo this is Charley." Jerry smiled as he introduced us. It was hard to hear over the thunderous roar of the music but somehow I managed. Cleo extended a pale smooth palm to me. At first I considered refusing but one glance at those eyes of hers and I found it hard to ignore the gesture.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Charley." The smile she shot at me was so magnificent; I could see every row of perfect white teeth. She was so breathtaking I couldn't find my words.

Instead after much of my fumbling what with the handcuffs, which she didn't seem to notice, Jerry impatiently and in a half of a second had me seated beside her perfectly as if I had been doing that the whole time.

When Jerry disappeared to get us some drinks, the awkwardness of the whole situation caught up to me. I was sitting so close to a pretty, vampire who smelled like honey petals, and Jerry was nowhere to be found. Being human I knew how intoxicating my blood must've smelled to her; if she only thought about biting me…

When she turned her head to me, I jumped as twitchy as I was. A smile crested her lips at my reaction, "So Jerry tells me you're his slave." Her voice sounded like the trill of bells, she made such an insulting statement as that sound like casual conversation.

I did my best to smile back, but I didn't get a chance to say a word because Jerry came back with the drinks. Three bubbly green concoctions similar to what you'd find in a witch's cauldron were balanced perfectly in Jerry's hands.

I watched as Jerry and Cleo sipped theirs, chatting idly and seeming to forget my presence. I toyed with my drink never once bringing it close to my lips for fear they might've burned off or something. I almost got away with ignoring my drink most of the night if it weren't for Jerry suddenly taking notice.

He gazed at me, with a look that meant a thousand words without saying one. Maybe it was the way his eyes seemed to change crimson like Cleo's or maybe it was the room full of ferocious neck biters that spurred me into downing that drink. There was one thing I did know, the aftereffects hit me like a ton of bricks.

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