"Boy! Clean up-"

"Help! Dement-"

"Fuck! I'll-"

"Harry! Wak-"

"Dirty little-"


"What's wrong! Profes-"

"You'll live to regre-"

"-not Kissed, but-"

"Nobody loves y-"

"-nothing but a whore!"

"Bloody hell! Harry!"

"-should have died, Fr-"

"Stop crying Gin-"

"-need to learn your place!"

"Don't you say a word!"

"-ust making this wor-"

"Ought to kill you-"

"Such young fle-"

"-bledore, hurry!"

"Hate you-"

"Please come!"

"Or I will kill them-"


"Shut UP!"

"-edmaster, is that Potter?"


"Slut, bow to m-"

"Catatonic, but why-"

"Why won't you learn!"

"Poppy, do shed light-"

"Don't think it'll fit in there?"

"-won't stop twitching!"

"You made me do this!"

"-can't examine! You bi-"

"Stop bleeding all over my-"

"Won't be one for long-"

"Just stun him!"

"Next time I'll-"

"Saving yourself, how swee-"

"Nothing diagnostically wro-"

"Stop whining!"

"-his worst memories-"

"-tight as the Virgin Mary!"

"Trapped! But what will happen-"

"You deserved a good whipping!"

"Only time will tell."

"You liked being fucked senseless"

"-has to face his fears."