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Infinite Stratos

-Sacred Twins-


Izuru Yumizuru & Okiura

And everyone else!

V1 Chapter 01: My Brother's Classmates are all female

"Everyone's here, right? Then let's start the SHR (student homeroom meeting)-"

The short and petite assistant homeroom introduced herself, sigh, even though she's short and thus petite –why I'm repeating it?- her incredibly-sizable assets are distracting.

Hey, even my niichan is interested! Uh, it's not the time for me to feel happy!

Well…the vice-homeroom teacher don't look like she's in her twenties, late or early I don't care. But hey, she looks even younger than me, something weird if you think about it. The Clothes are irrelevant, it's adult clothes…wait, it does look striking too.

The fact that she's wearing glasses did not make her mature, at all. Ichika-nii, even you realize it don't you?

"Then everyone, let's get along with each other for the next year~"


Your own embarrassment makes tense atmosphere. I screamed mentally.

Seems like she's not experienced enough, at least in the front of students. At least she looks and act nice.

"Now, let's move on to self-introductions. Mm, we'll go by seating arrangements."

Oh whoever made the arrangement, curse you. Why you placed Ichika-nii in the middle, look at how everyone's eyes turned to him.

Ichika-nii seems like he's uneasy.

I bet because he's the only male here.

Everyone enjoy the first day of the school, except him, because his classmates are all girls, and he's the only boy…wait, that's very redundant.

And he's distracting himself from the problem by looking intensively at the teacher…and that bi-err…I mean that first childhood friend of him.

Pleading for attention it seems, and this childhood friend of him instead turned her gaze away from him.

HOW DARE YOU! Shinonono Houki, after those six years he spent mourning after you!

Oh no, he's not mourning, a little sad maybe? I'm sorry for being overdramatic.

Well, finally, his gaze turned at me.


I gave him a cool smile and reassuring look, seems like it was effective enough to ease his fidget, though his expression still shout loud that he's going to snap.




JEEZ, how embarrassing. Everyone is almost breaking out of control, laughing. Thank God, only snickers and spurt here and there was heard.

Truth to be told Ichika-nii, you're not that bad at handling girls (if that bossy tomboy - I mean Gotanda-Imouto is any indication)

"W-well, I'm sorry for calling you out so loudly. Are, are you angry? Sorry, sorry! But, that, self-introductions, we started from 'あ' (a), and now we're at 'お (o)' for Orimura-san now. So, pl-... please, could you introduce yourself? Could, could you?"

She bowed politely, and her spectacle sliding down…ah, what a ditz…wait, that kind of submissive attitude! It's dangerous sensei! Even Ichika is bothered, oh whatever, I don't care anymore! Stop staring on those jugs!

Oh he's not staring on them.

"No, about that, there's no need to continue apologizing... besides, it's just a self-introduction, so please calm down, sensei."

"Re-really? Really? Really? Ok, yo-you said it, so you better do it!"


Guh, no wait, it's his fault. Why? Ichika-nii why? You're at least five years younger than her! You attract a lot of attention!

Besides, I'm here cheering you from behind, even if mentally. Ichika-nii!

He stood up in an instant, leered aside and behind. Everyone's eyes were pointed at him in a manner of Armor Piercing bullet, and it made him nervous. Even I could feel it!

Oh, why he ended up in this heaven-no, girly hell? It's my fault, somehow.


"Uu—so cold..."

In the middle of February, we, as third-years, were heading towards the examination center.

"If I want to get into the high school nearest my house, why must I go to a place that's four stops away from it...and today's so cold..."

"Stop complaining, you're the one being enthusiastic abut this darned exam"

My Twin sister complained to me! What an useless brother I am.

Due to a cheating case last year, the government would only divulge the location of each school's entrance exams 2 days before the actual thing. Though I feel that it's completely redundant, as you all can imagine, I was only a third-year at the time. Besides, what could I say? Basically, I could only bear grudges as I headed towards the examination center.

My ideal school was Aoetsu Private School that was near my house, average standard in education, and has a school festival.

If there's any special advantage that's worth mentioning, it's that the private school's fees are extremely cheap, exceptionally cheap.

Why? That's simple. This is because 90% of all the graduates of this school are employed in jobs related to this school's corporation.

Even if it wasn't like the employment freeze, it's something worth being happy about when you can be taken care of right after your graduation.

And there are too many wonderful jobs out there, and besides, it's all localized. There's no need to worry about flying to one rural place on one day. Really wonderful.

"You're just trying to run from Chifuyu-nee, don't you?"

Ah, the might of magic. No, this is what we call human minds and behavior, there's always someone, somewhere in the world able to decipher your expression and act into exact words.

In my case thought, it's my own Twin sister Madoka.

Before you ask, Madoka looks and act like mini-Chifuyu, at first glance anyway. Madoka is really short fused, if you known her better.

If Chifuyu-nee is tungsten, then Madoka is tungsten plated chocolate, he mask crack bigger the harder you hit.

The more you reveal her dark and sweet side, and ah.

"As if you're don't want to do what I want…" I told her and grin.

Her face flushed, and her arms cradling to mine. I noticed how close and intimate this scene is.

This weather must be really cold, colder than I could complain. Besides, they don't lie that it's feels warm if two people stay in close proximity like this.

As for my house, quite a few things happened. My parents are no longer around, and though my older sister, who's a lot older than me, has taken care of me for quite some time, I've always felt inferior for having no parents. I Have this twin sister that also superior in everyway to me, adding salt to the injury indeed.

Of course I love her; she's my sister after all. And she's always stayed beside me, for the best and worst. We're like inseparable pieces of puzzle they said.

On a side note, even though we are not poor since Chifuyu-nee's earnings are good, I'd still feel bad if I continue to be a burden to her.

At first, I thought of working immediately after graduating from middle school, but due to my big sister's overwhelming strength -—- primarily brute strength -— I couldn't overcome them, so until then, I was still an examinee.

However, getting into this Aoetsu Private School was like finding a job. At the same time, I could reduce Chifuyu-nee's burden—however, it doesn't really have anything to do with reducing her burden, it's just that I wanted to do it.

It was strange, in case of Madoka, she could easily enter most of the prestigious school and ensuring a bright(er) future. Why she follows me into this definitely ordinary High School remains a mystery.

Thanks to a year of cramming, I was designated as a class A student. Madoka however always been All-star student…

…and hilariously pressed to join remedial summer class due to laziness and bad attitude.

Even geniuses are human, they can do mistake, even if rarely. From that day, she swore an oath that she'll become ultra-disciplined student, hey, now you're more like Mini-Guan-Yu than ever!

As usual, I went about taking exams, and as usual, I was accepted as per normal, so I wasn't nervous when I walked into the examinations area.

Where's the place again? Oh, how the heck we've ended in this place? Second floor? AH! Why they have to make this city hall so complicated! This is a labyrinth? Glass wall? And what with those stupidly high ceilings?

Who design this place! You call this true art? I call it inefficiency! And they call me stupid for stating the truth?

Rambling aside, there's a door, and curse Madoka and her mischievous curiosity, she entered it without thinking. As screw it, I've been tired of walking anyway, so I've follow her.

"Ah—you should be an examinee, right? Alright, head over to the opposite side and change. We're in a rush here. Here, we can only loan it up till 4 o'clock, and we can't extend it any further. Really, I don't know what the government is thinking here..."

The hell what's with that thirtysomething woman? She gave Madoka instruction even though she's not looking at her at all. Madoka even so far gave her a red-eye! And then she left…

"What a lazy examiner" Madoka snorted.

Talking about yourself huh, Imouto?

"Shut up"

Don't read my mind, damn it!

Speaking of which, why the examiner told us to change clothes? Is this anti-cheating measure? School these days is very creative…

Pulled the curtain, we found something interesting, or rather, mysterious.

A knight bow in the might of Orimura twins and swearing its eternal allegiance! Thy lord shall come to bless you!

NO WAIT! It's really an armor suit, huge, bulky, yet and the time sleek and elegant. Graceful and yet at the same time showing its rigid strength. It was posed as kneeling.

On a side note, it has no torso and head.

"Whoa, Infinite Stratos!" Madoka chirped, "Look Ichika, an IS"

"I knew it"

Intended as space exploration machines, IS has performance level so high that one unit singlehandedly turned a medium nation's worth of naval fleet during an Incident known as 'White Knight Incident'.

From that day, IS was well known as some sort of Weapon of Mass Destruction, thus require a strict regulation in possession and deployment. Alaska Treaty was born.

Problem is, only girls can operate them. In front of me, an IS is nothing more than an Inanimate suit of armor, so heavy I can't even lift my finger inside it.

"Hey! Hey! Can I try this?"

"We're almost late for the Aoetsu exam" Not that I care anymore, anyway "But go ahead"

Cheerful and excited, you know, I'm not overstating it that this side of her is a rare sight, probably not even one week once.

My chest felt warm and somehow I gained 200% spirit every time this happens.

The arrangement of torso section somehow accentuated her figure, now that is uncomfortable, really.

Chuckled, I try to touch the 150cm long leg…and somehow it reacts.

Information flowing into my minds, so many information that is alien, yet at the same time seems like they're always been in my brain for years. Basic movement, range of engagement, operation time, utility tool, safety measure, basic armament, maneuver, enemy recognition, sensitivity, gyroscopic control, armor residual, etc. etc.

"Ichika… this is-"

"Wha, what happened?" I gasped.

"It couldn't be!"

"But he's a guy"

By the time I get a grasp of reality, I was inside the IS, and the world that I saw through the data of the 'IS' was like—


"Hm— ...well, I'm Orimura Ichika. I'll be in your care."

Oh well, that's a good start, look, only this time I'll allow the girls gave you some sort of expectation.

You had to make a good first impression, after all.


why it's so silent? I thought...

"That's all"

My head fell to the desk, so did everyone else's. Stupid niichan is stupid, he seems like realized it and have some sort of stupid internal monologue again during that introduction, the reason he's distracted.

Speaking of which, only 85% of the time I can guess his mind right, contrast to everyone's thought that Twins shared their minds all the time.

"Ichika, you baka" I muttered rather loudly.

Oh, looks like he heard it.

And ouch, there was legendary Guan Yu in action, smacked Ichi-nii in the head. Cue epic war music start, enhancing the badass entry of Guan Yu, oh my oniichan is awesome, still alive in front of her might...

Wait, she said she's not Guan Yu? And OUCH!

"Ah, Orimura-sensei, is the meeting over?"

Now everyone will know our ties to the legendary Guan Yu, I mean Orimura Chifuyu. Sayonara, normal school life...

"Ah, Yamada-sensei. It's been tough on you, forcing you to make them introduce themselves."



Great, we synchronized our wail. Maybe we should form a romantic singing duet...wait a minute.

By the way, why the HELL Chifuyu-nee is here? She only came home once or twice a month, and the hell I and my niichan did not know what kind of job she did! I was never informed of it, at all. And what's with the tight fitting black suit? How ecchi!

"Orimura-Imouto, show him more appropriate way"

I stand up rather calmly and blinked twice.

"My name is Orimura Madoka, younger twin sister of Orimura Ichika. I have no doubt about my brother and my own potential and that's why we're sitting here. I hope we can be friends and achieve our goal to be exceptional students together! Nice to meet you all!" I shouted, in a voice could be mistaken for terminator, err... my older sister.

Oh the reactions, Jesus, THE REACTIONS! They squeaked and squealed, cried "How cool" and "So happy to be your friends!"





And then come the climax introduction, BEHOLD! CHIFUYU ORIMURA! MY BELOVED BIG SISTER!

"Everyone, my name is Orimura Chifuyu, and my duty is that for this one year, I'll be training you in the operations and controls of IS. Everything I teach, you have to remember, and understand. To those who can't understand, I'll teach till they can. My job is to thoroughly train you in your youth, from the age of 15 to 16. You can oppose my attitude, but you have to listen to what I say. Roger that?"

Cue the shriek of excitement, Chifuyu-neesama is awesome!

"KYAAA—! It's Chifuyu-sama, it's the real Chifuyu-sama herself!"

"I've always been your follower!"

"I came to this school from North Kyuushuu because I admired you, onee-sama!"

"I came all the way from southern Hokkaido!"

"I'm so happy to be taught by Chifuyu-sama!"

"I'll gladly die for Chifuyu-sama!"

"'s really quite a sight to see so many idiots gather here every year. What a surprise? Or is there a special reason? Are these idiots here only to attend my class?"

Thanks sherlock, it's very obvious isn't it?




Oh no, now they're being masochist too?

That aside, Ichika-niichan seems to be relieved that the attention now all absorbed by Chifuyu-nee. I also understand how surprised he is that now our beloved oneesan is our Homeroom teacher.

God is a sitcom writer for sure.

"Oi, so you failed to make even a simple greeting?"

WA! So cruel, how can you do that to Ichika-nii?

"No, Chifuyu-nee, I—"

He's getting slapped in the head again, Chifuyu-nee, you realize that without beating, his brain is already broken aren't you?

"Call me Orimura-sensei."

"...Yes, Orimura-sensei." he whined, poor him.

"Eh...? Then, it means that Orimura twins is Chifuyu-sama's younger sibling...?"

"Maybe that has something to do with him being the only man in the world that can use the IS?"

"Ah~ Great. I really wanted to switch him over."

KNOW YOUR PLACE! I roared mentally. Seriously, this is getting out of hand!

"Even her little sister is cool just like her"

"KYAA! Madoka-sama is not bad too!"

BUDDHA! PLEASE! SAVE THIS ACADEMY FROM SEXUAL DEVIATION! for that matter, at least protect me from some sort of sexual Harassment -except if it's Ichika, wait NO-!

Wait, does that means Ichika-nii is 'The Savior of Heterosexuality'?

~Ichika POV~

I came here to this public IS Academy as the only male in the world who can pilot the 'IS'.

The IS Academy is, as its name suggested, an educational corporation meant to nurture IS operators. The Japanese government sees it as a principle and duty to fund it and run it.

However, the results of the research are revealed to the entire world due to the common agreement, and at the same time, Japan has no right to either remain silent or hide them. No matter what happens in this school, the Japanese government has to intervene fairly, and has the obligation of settling these matters under the premises that the other countries in the treaty have agreed upon.

Also, the school has opened its doors to foreign students without any conditions, and the Japanese government is to provide protection—as according to the contents of the IS treaty regarding IS pilot training agencies.

This is the school's code of discipline.

Basically, it's like 'you damned Japan, creating that IS and causing chaos in the world, at least you should build a school to train people in this field of discipline. Hand over your research and technology. Ah, you'll bear all the financing costs'. A certain country A is really a rogue.

(Why am I at this school? ...Well, because I activated a test IS in an IS examination arena, but speaking of which, how did I end up walking there?...)

—Are Aoetsu Gakuen and the IS Academy similar? Anyway, that seemed to be the case.


Suddenly, in this extremely emotional classroom, I felt a low gaze.

Looking back, Houki, who was looking outside the classroom only just now, turned around to stare at me.

(Hm—, though she doesn't look angry... did I do something?)

Never mind, I'll ask her later.

Just as I thought of it, the bell rang.

"Oh my, SHR is over. Everyone, I'll have you people memorize the basics of IS within the next 6 months. After that, it's practicals, you must let the basic maneuvers sink in as a part of your body's actions within half a month. Okay? If you understand, answer me. Whether good or bad, answer to whatever I say."

Oh, a demon trainer from Hell. Right now, Chifuyu-nee should be a demon in human skin. No, I could still handle it if it was a demon, because those aren't humans. And yet this person in front of me could only understand half of the human functions, how inconsiderate.

Either way, this Orimura Chifuyu was the first generation IS pilot that represented Japan, and was undefeated in an actual match. However, one day, she announced her retirement and disappeared... so that meant that she came here to teach... she should at least tell me as a family member... I was an idiot for worrying about her.


"Stupid Ichika"

Yes, yes, I'm an idiot, older and younger sister ganging up on me, god, how cruel.


Ichika-nii started to fidget again, ahh, poor him. Too much of a good thing always backfired huh?

It's break time, seems like he was freed from the torture.

Speaking of which we also taught 'normal' education, math, history, etc etc. The education about IS and whatnot are supplementary, only composing 35% of the scheduled time as a whole.

Speaking of which, the second and third grader acted like a stalker, they hide behind wall and corner of a window, intensively looking at us and mentally calling two of us to approach them.

The news that my brother is able to pilot an IS spread like a wildfire across the globe, and thus, not only the concerned feminist (I hate them) but even a child should know once he said 'My name is Orimura Ichika'.

By the way, even though the IS Academy is the world's only specialized IS school, a lot of schools with the intention of sending students, enter the IS study program, so they can enter advanced studies.

And these kinds of school are for 100% all-girls. In the end, these kinds of schools' girls have almost no immunity against males, and as the boys in a normal society, there's a dilemma about their position.

The current weapons are waste metal in front of an IS, that's why the balance of the world's military has been broken. And because IS was invented by the Japanese people, they have the monopoly on IS technology. The other countries that have became more aware of the threat signed an IS Application Protocol—called commonly as the 'Alaska Treaty', and had convened the IS's disclosure and its information share, establishing the foundation of world research institutions, and prohibiting military usage, among other things.

That's why, the number of IS pilots in a country has a very close relationship with its military force (a credible defense force). Only girls can be pilots, so all the countries implanted a female protection priority system.

That's why, because of the 'woman = great' image that was imprinted in everyone's heart, in only ten years women became superior to men in the hierarchy.

When suddenly an equal 'man' has appeared, it was obvious that there would be curiosity first.

On a slight chance, my brother turned his head, accidentally looking a girl sitting beside him. I knew he's looking for Houki, but the girl is flustered no matter what.

Note that the news about we being Chifuyu-nee's little sister is no less popular, more so now that I joined IS academy. Everyone's expectation of us, especially me was so high bordering on retardation. Ah, and the girl-crush they had on Chifuyu-nee also leaked onto me! I'm not my sister damn it!

Ah, time to help my bother.

"Ichika -" I said coolly.

"...Excuse me for a moment."


Darn, that Houki, now she swoop the chance after the hardship you threw at him hours ago? How hypocritical! Huh, my brother looks afraid. Stop sending him that angry glance! Even if you said you're born with it, can't you even change it?

Truth to be told, Houki is tall, one inch taller than me…well, more like everyone are shorter than us. With the possibility of her gaining it from practicing Kendo for years…

(On aside note, Average Japanese is 171.5 cm for male and 158 cm for female by the time they're 19. I'm 164 cm and Ichika-nii is about 174 cm...)

Seems like Ichika-nii is hopeful of repairing that broken friendship they tied, his smile at me signaled that it'll be fine, she asked for private conversation anyway.


"I-I know."


"And…you too"

Me? Oh, well, I'm still your childhood friend too right, well; at least we're not promise to marry each other when we're older…EWW!

"By the way..."


Why so serious? Oh wait, Oniichan is trying to hold a conversation, still, poor him. Seriously, are you wanted to talk or what, Houki?

"Last year, you won the world kendo championship, right? Congratulations." He said.

"Yeah, congratulations, Houki" I said as well.


After Houki heard us say that, her mouth immediately became a 'へ' form, her cheeks turned red. ... o-ho! Seemingly like something buried deep down there rising up again, must be careful.

After all, childhood friend is a strong contender as his lover candidate.

"Why do you know that?"

"You say why, I saw it in the newspaper..."

"Why, why did you see it in something like newspapers."

Why? Because news about female kendo championship is popular, and something popular will be put in the newspaper, maybe Tv sometimes. Besides, why asked a rhetorical question in the first place? He read it because he wanted to read, not stalking you!




"Ah, no..."

The way she changed attitude left Ichika-nii in disbelief, seriously. Are you some sort of Air Conditioner, Houki? How can you adjust your temperature so suddenly?

"It's been a long time since we have seen each other. Even though it's been six years, I still recognized you immediately."


"You see, the same hairstyle." While saying this, he pointed at his own head; Houki immediately starts to play with her ponytail.


"At-at least you still remember."

"That, I can't forget that, since we are childhood friends. "


…I want to broke this lovey-dovey mood, but I don't want my brother unhappy. Speaking of which, I did it anyway, he realized that I'm glaring in anger…no, jealously.


Aye, time has already passed. The bell announcing the second period rings, and the bunch circling Houki and us naturally disappeared.

"Let's return to the classroom too."

"I-I know."

I don't know what to say, perhaps she has changed a lot, or perhaps she's always like this. I don't know, honest.

Speaking of which, she's manlier than any guy I knew, ah, Ichika-nii also has the same point of view, her willingness to work hard and stubbornness makes her manly.

"Why aren't you sitting already, Orimura."

"I'm very grateful to be under your guidance, Orimura-sensei."



"...Thus, the basic operations of IS have to be witnessed by the country. If no permission is granted, we have to pursue criminal responsibilities..."

Yamada-sensei continued with her lesson ever so eloquently. However, I didn't understand anything at all.


Five heavy books were sitting in front of me. Just flipping the top most page, I can only see columns and columns of words with unknown meaning.

(Er, is it only me? Am I the only one who doesn't understand anything? Do the rest know? This active whatever offsets that wide-area something, what does it mean? Does it mean that I have to memorize everything...?)

I took a peek at the girl on the next table, and could only see her listening to Yamada-sensei's words, nodding away and jotting down notes from time to time.

(Ku... don't tell me those rumors about IS students studying before they enrolled is true...)

IS pilots have a direct link with our national security strength, so in a certain sense, this school exists to groom the elites. Also, these were scholars who managed to ace exams several times tougher than entrance exams.

(Though I'm not too interested in being elite... hm-, can't let this continue. Anyway, got to study.)

Feeling somewhat inferior, I lowered my head, and unknowingly, I peeked over at the girl who's jotting down notes.

"Is-, is there something wrong?"

As expected, after the girl noticed me looking at her, she revealed shock and nervousness, showing a forced smile that has a certain kind of expectation.

"Ah, no, it's nothing. Sorry."

"Is-, is that so?"

After hearing what I said, the girl showed me a look of relief and disappointment, before returning back to working on her did I do something to irritate her?

"Is there something you don't understand, Orimura-kun?"

Yamada-sensei noticed me talking to the girl besides me, and specially asked me.

"Ah, that..."

I again looked back at the textbooks —mm, I don't understand anything at all.

"If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm a teacher after all."

Yamada-sensei lifts her chest up and answers confidently. Oh, maybe she is really reliable. Alright, let's give it a go.


"Yes, Orimura-kun?"

An answer that's full of enthusiasm. Seems like this will work, as expected of a teacher.

"I don't understand anything at all."

I honestly said out my shortcoming. If I do this, most of the time, I'll be given empathy.

"Erm...ev, everything...?"

Yamada-sensei looks extremely bothered as she gives a completely stiff expression...that's weird? Where did that reliable teacher go?

"Th-Then...except for Orimura-san, is there anybody else who doesn't understand the current lesson up till this point?"

Prompting the class, Yamada-sensei raised her hand.


Strange, that's too strange. Nobody raised their hand. If they only understood half of it right from the beginning, they'll definitely regret it in the future. Is that right, is that really alright, everyone?


…Could it be that…

"...Orimura, did you read the reference book before entering the school?"

BLOODY HELL, as I expect, he don't read most of it! No, if he read it at all, he at least understands some of the simpler terminology, 100% ignorance is too much even for him. He might be idiot, but he's not that stupid, or maybe it's vice versa, I don't care anymore!

Before he could say something…I want to protect him.


"I borrowed it without him knowing after I lost mine and forgot to give him back…" I said, he's visibly stumbled.

PANG! PANG! My brain lost about ten thousand cells according to Orimura's equation of brain damage. Attendance book combo hit, if someone could say.

"I'll issue you another copy later, but you must memorize it within a week, got it?"

"No, that, the thickness is a little..."

"I'm telling you to do it."

"...Fine, I'll do it."

Ichika-nii, did you saw my sacrifice, oh he did, and he's worried. Ah god, I'm so happy.

Meanwhile, suspicious of something, Chifuyu-nee glared at me. Oh god, and they say I'm like Mini-Chifuyu, does that mean I'm always scary, a devil sergeant all the time?

Y'now, that fullmetal-stuff.

But for some reason, girls are into me. Hey, don't you realize how handsome my twin brother is? On a second thought, ignore him…please?

"Whether it's in terms of mobility, firepower or suppressing ability, the IS far surpasses all the older weapons in that aspect. If you don't understand this weapon 'thoroughly' before operating it, accidents will occur. We teach you basic knowledge and train you to prevent such accidents from occurring. Even if you can't understand, memorize it, and remain firm and steady. These are rules and regulations."

Yes, that's completely true.

Let me add on one thing, WE didn't wish to be here.

On one day, a certain group of black-clad men came up beside him, said something about 'we'll protect you' and left a notification letter regarding enrollment into the IS Academy.

I don't understand, does this 'protection' consist of tossing a boy into a girls' garden and abandoning him? Right now, we want protection, and Chifuyu-nee's the reason.

"...You brats, you two thinking of 'I didn't come here on my own will', right?"

I was shocked. Why did she reveal my thoughts so brazenly? By the way, my brother's reaction is exactly the same. Maybe we indeed share 85% of our thoughts?

"No matter whether you wished for it or not, humans can't get away from a social life. If you want to abandon it, abandon your identity as a human first."


Ichika-nii promise that he won't abandon us like our parents does, he also promise that he'll always try to improve himself, until the day he could proudly announce that he's Orimura Ichika.


As if he really will do that, let's see when he got a girlfriend or something…

Or not…aahh, with so many girls around him, his shell will crack sooner or later.

"Th-Then, Orimura-kun, I'll teach you everything that you don't know of, so you must work hard? Right? Right?"

Yamada-sensei tightened her hands and closed in. As she's shorter than him, it naturally became that she's shyly looking away.

"Yes. Then, I'll leave it to sensei after school."

After saying that, he sat down. Chifuyu-nee also returned to the side of the classroom.

"After-, after school... a teacher together with a student, two people alone after school... Ah! No, no, Orimura-kun. Sensei will become very weak when she's forced... and this is my first time with a guy..."

WHAT? What with that's reaction? Have you no shame whatsoever? Basically, you're saying that you won't resist if he comes for something indecent? How lame!

"How-However, if it's Orimura-sensei's younger brother, then..."


Instinctively, I slapped my desk, hard, everyone except Chifuyu-nee chilled in response. I also broke Yamada-sensei's radical-I mean lewd fantasy.

"…Sorry, there's a bug on my desk"

Coughed twice, Chifuyuu-nee saved us from the brink "Yamada-sensei, continue with the lesson."

Yamada-sensei frantically moved back to the stage— and failed.

"Uu—it hurts..."

Ichika-nii, if only you realize that this is just the tip of a massive iceberg…

DarkJak2050, I believe I owe you thanks for your warning, so I put the spoiler tag in and out of chapter.

Meanwhile, it's because of Blitz 1/2, Box and WaveHawk, I have just enough confidence to post this story.

Hahaha, I know I know, you see, my version of Madoka is a Kuudere type if you want to ask me.

She maintains a cold, indifferent attitude but actually upbeat, hot blooded, and somewhat lovely inside.

Yes, she threw a snarky remarks here and there, but she'll never hit Ichika for being dense, or even with her being jealous.

Adding her Brocon tendencies in the mix, mostly she'll protect him from the haremmettes instead; at worst just leave him tormented.

But she could be herself in front of Ichika or Chifuyu, and probably the rest of Harem... if they could be closer with her of course...

Oh and yes, in her monologue, she always called him 'Ichika-nii' but in conversation she did not add honorifics, talk about pride...

Next is confrontation with Cecilia