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Infinite Stratos

-Sacred Twins-


Izuru Yumizuru & Okiura

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V1 Chapter 05: Calm before Storm

That night, I had a dream….a dream about my childhood life, and surprisingly, I can remember them very clearly, no imagination to twist it up.

"Madoka, cheer up" Her expression was frozen in a frown

"I was born with this face"

"Ma…don't emulate Houki, girls are more pretty when they smile" I reached up and tried to curve her lips, but I was unsuccessful.

I was that bold when I was a child? Uh…that's embarrassing.


"Yeah, you remember that girl"

By the way, I was still five. I and Madoka sometimes undistinguishable at that age…now that we're 15, we're do not resembles each other much except for hair and a little of our facial structures.



"Teach me Kendo too"

This is the first time Madoka asked me something with begging expression, I don't think she EVER did it, as far as I can remember anyway.


"…because Ichika-nii spending too much time in Shinonono-baasan' places"

Yes, she also quite possessive when we're still young.

Both Houki and Madoka are quiet; putting them in the same spot will cause an eerie silence that is very uncomfortable. We did it once when I was 8, by making they play the devil in 'Hide and seek' game, and they did not talk whatsoever if I can remember, as I was hiding on top of a tree at the time.

As the result, they are not QUITE friendly, not that they hate each other or something. They just…my words can't do justice about their strange situation.

"…I'm not having too many friends, Houki was one of them. But you have a lot of friends… Madoka"

By the way, when I was little, I never got along with the other children. I was also somewhat hot blooded and fierce, if they bullied Houki or Madoka, I'm always retaliating in their defense, and very often reprimanded by teacher for doing so. But, I always believed I was obligated to protect them because I was a boy…

Come to think of it, Houki was often picked on when she was younger. If Houki was here to witness her child self, I would think she would be revolted at her weakness.

"Shinonono? Hairband? Ha-ha, it doesn't suit you at all!" The older kids inched closer with a sneer.

"…not your problem, go away" It was a weak response, one that lacked self confidence.

"Ha? Look at that, she's a tomboy…don't look cute at all"

"How silly, thinking that change of hair will make you pretty" One of the boys reached out and grabbed the hairband, causing the girl to yelp out in pain.

"You're ugly! Look at the mirror, Shinonono!" The girl was thrown to the ground, several strands of hair was pulled out, tears poured out from her eyes, her eyes are begging for help and why she has to face this injustice. Without mercy, the boys were laughing at her…

My patience just ran out once I saw her crying visage, I shouted out to Houki's tormenters, "Apologize to Shinonono, or I'll send you to Hospital" My fists clenched in fury, despite that I was smaller, my physical strength was nothing to be scoffed out, even by boys older than me by one year.

In the end, I saved Houki while I suffered several bruises. Chifuyu scolded me afterwards, but what I could I have done instead? Houki was crying.

Madoka was also a victim during our childhood.

Madoka was often isolated in her childhood; she was smart academically and was pretty much gifted in everything, which meant that she was also gaining negative attention from her fellow classmates.

One day when she was waiting outside for me, I went back to the class to get my homework because I was forgetful when I was younger, she was approached by 2 boys and 2 girls, all 4 of which was in her class. The lead kid pointed at my sister, "We don't like you, Madoka"

"…" A blank stare back at them.

"Are you messing with us?" The tallest kid lunged at Madoka

*KTUNK* they threw her an empty can; she did not react even as she dived headfirst into the can.

"Go away, you're sick, you're never talk"

*SPLAT* they threw her a handful of mud, she still didn't react as the brown smudges splatted on her face and clothes.

"You have no parents! How sad isn't it?"

Now, they went too far…I heard everything *ORIMURA BITCHLECTURING*

"Hey, shut up! Madoka don't care about spoiled brats like you, ungrateful witches!"

*Throwing any disgusting object in sight*

Unfortunately, I was caught by the teacher and I knew I was in trouble.

Madoka ran to me. I reached out and pet her head, "Don't worry Madoka, nobody would hurt you ever again." The smile she gave me was beautiful; it was a smile I vowed to protect. At least, I knew that I didn't regret my previous actions as I knew that Chifuyu would hear about this.

Come to think of it, the very reason Chifuyu-nee pressed me into kendo is because she said Martial arts help me control my emotions, seems like it work.

Madoka however, despite being quiet, is liked by both boys and girls alike (mostly anyway, as noted above); they say that Madoka is quite 'mature' and 'cool'. If only they knew her inner spoiled side…

As we starting to grow up, I found that it was increasingly difficult to keep Madoka all to myself, she really deserves to have more friends. I was becoming a burden to her.

"I don't care about them, I want Ichika-nii"

I gave up to her stubbornness, "Really, then…for one hour of each day, I promise I'll spend one hour teaching you whatever I got in my Kendo class"


She pointed her pinky and smiling brightly, ahh, how innocent.

Since that day, we indeed spend one hour, with me teaching her whatever I learned at Kendo class in Shinonono's shrine.

Because they don't interact a lot, Houki and Madoka did not know each other that much, it's feels like I'm a bridge that connect those two, actually.

When we're 9 years old, Houki moved away as the Government secretly announced a protection program for her family. Madoka also left me, because our old elementary school recommended her to move into a prestigious boarding school.

Anyway, Gender separated school became even more common as society changed, and now, only all-girls school got the title of Prestigious or something equivalent, mixed gender school tend to be average private-owned institute, while the government-supported all-boys school are full of stressed out delinquents and pitiful in terms of condition, most of the time.

Madoka at the time is rather confused, and Chifuyu-nee just ask her that it's her choice, but I encouraged her to do so (hoping for her good future). Chifuyu has a relation inside the school, apparently the very caretaker of the dorm.

Madoka left home about few months after Houki, exactly when two of us became fifth grade.

And then…I meet her, a girl who's even more furious and hard to handle compared to even Houki, like tempest, but that's another story…

Anyway, Madoka also returned during each vacation. This means every time we meet each other, both of us have changed.

For example, Madoka has taken a liking for airsoft guns when she turned 10; sometimes we use them to train my reflex.

In those vacations, something crazy often happens.

For example, when we're both just finished our final exam in elementary (and in my case, already accepted in a local junior high) we're kidnapped by 'Mysterious people'.

"Onii-chan, I…I'm scared…uuu~"

That was actually the first time I saw Madoka whimper and cry, while embracing me, or maybe the only time?

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." To be honest, it was an empty promise, there was no guarantee that we were really "alright"

Well, it seemed like our prayers were answered, a light from heaven showered us in its warmth, could it be? It was her!

Chifuyu-nee came to rescue us, with her IS! Who I noted remarkably similar to Kurogane somewhat, now I remember.

"Are you fine, Ichika, Madoka?"


Because Chifuyu-nee broke several rules regarding the usage of IS (on top of that, she's flying from Italy just to rescue us), her final match in Mondo Grosso 2 was annulled thus her opponent became Champion by default.

Chifuyu-nee retired from active service, and left for grand total of a year after that, and became less and less frequent spending her time in the home after she came back.

Another less terrifying but just as absurd is when we're spending time together when we're in the second year.

I was smacked by a woman for not offering her a seat in a bus trip, and kicked when I grumble while doing it.




(Yes, I said it very loud, it's very out of character even for hot blooded me, and of course it became a problem)

Madoka does not accept that well and she literally dragged her out of the bus in the next bust stop, and pulling out her new guns (which is for a good reason, AUTOMATIC!) and toying with the poor women until she…ahh, what they call it, 'leaking'.

"For-forgive me"


(This was the first time that Madoka really scared me, but then again, so did the woman and her action. The catch? Such random assault to men appears in random places, to random poor innocent guy, of various ages, only in Japan…no, more frequent in Japan, the irony. I was lucky I'm having Madoka, I might ended up jailed for harassment, which I don't really deserve)


Subtle but nice smell and something squishy rushed onto my face, wake me up from my little slumber …

This is deja vu, oh well; maybe it's just the morning accident once again.

Except not, it's just Madoka's Stuffed Plushie that ended up in my face because she's being wild again during her sleep and threw everything around including her pillows…

Is the bed really uncomfortable?

"Mmmmh" I threw it as hard as I can and moaned, stretching my body…I could feel my joints cracking in response, yesterday training with Houki is damn tiring.

…morning has come, and we all gathered in the field, except for Madoka, who did not present after Chifuyu called and talk with her. Maybe an errand or something on that line, I guess.

"Well then, let's start practicing some basic IS maneuvers. Orimura, Alcott, trying flying with your IS."

It's near the end of April, and this is the time when the late-blooming Sakura petals fall. Today, I'm seriously learning from the instructor from hell called Orimura Chifuyu.

"Hurry up! A properly trained pilot doesn't need more than a second to deploy the IS."

Speaking of which, why is my IS a gauntlet? They said when an IS is inactive, it'll transform into an accessory.

Although, it's cool and really-really useful as protective apparel when Houki started to reach her Bokken and beat me senseless.

Maybe because I'm a guy, thus ByakuShiki evoke old era masculinity by forming an armor (toughness) than accessory (beauty). So far, it's my belief.

"CONCENTRATE!" Chifuyu-nee smacked her shinai near my feet, broke my daydream and made me shout.


In less than 1 second indeed, my body is surrounded by lights, ByakuShiki formed around me and I can feel its armor clamped to me right away, unlike when I first use it.


"What are you doing? Are you a 5-year old brats or something?" After whopping me with her Shinai, she asked.

"Uh, that's because you startled me"


"I'm sorry, I won't repeat it, sensei!"

It's not advised to call IS (or in case of Gen-2, their weapon) verbally, verbally calling them helps to concentrate though.

In Chifuyu-nee's case, she definitely against it and forced us to use 'mind focus' method in the first place. She got a point though, she wants us and especially I, to develop much faster than students of the other class can, because of the upcoming Class Representative match.

Chifuyu-nee did not want her pupil to fight badly, it's a form of favoritism, not that we enjoy it…

"You two can take-off now"

Both of us taking of at the same time…but for some reason, Cecilia letting me behind.

"What are you doing? In terms of specs, Byakushiki has a higher power output!"

Which translates to higher acceleration, by the way, I just learned the way of moving the IS properly, imagining the movement…mid-air pyramid or something…

"Ichika-san, just think the form you're comfortable with"

Really? I prefer not to think of any form, speaking of which, how exactly is an IS able to fly?

"Aside from being the locations of booster, the wings are meaningless to explain IS ability to fly in completely 3D vector, right?"

"Do you want to know? This includes various theorem of Anti-Inertia system located in the wings and flow interference-"

"-of Earth magnetic field that therefore turned into additional levitation force" I finished her explanation "What I mean is, the levitation force of this kind of interaction is barely enough to function against earth level gravity"

I actually fell asleep during my study when Madoka said something along that line… even then I knew that that alone is not enough.

"Well, that's where thruster came into use alright, as you said before, the supposed anti-gravity system is not even enough to hover…fu-fu-fu"

She smiled, neither ridiculing nor courteous; it's really an honest smile, a happy one even.

She keeps pestering Madoka to let her join my daily dose of training, Madoka did not let Cecilia in for various reasons, and neither did Houki. Madoka said something the line of "Childhood friend privileges" when I asked why she allows Houki, and that Houki is close combat instructor.

Even then, once or twice a week I'm doing a mock battle with her, and unlike the first match between us, it's really hard to keep with her, sans counter her, maybe she learn something from it, me too, but they said Genius learn faster.

She's not a Cadet Representative for nothing.

But the first thing I notice that her treatment of people, to me most notably, became different. Her proud, high-and-mighty remains unchanged, she refrain herself from insulting comment, mostly that is.

"Ichika-san, if you want to, I can teach you after school. We'll be alon—"


Ha? What are you doing Houki, snatching speaker from a teacher is bad you know? The teacher in question is Yamada-sensei, and unintentionally, my eyes focused on those…classes again.

"Let me add on a bit, right now, the sensors are still limited. The IS was originally intended for space activity, and since the IS has to grasp objects at tens of thousands of kilometers of distance, it's expected that we can see so many small things at this distance, so clearly."

Houki's clues are less easy to understand, especially her 'interpretation' of activating an IS (If my 'Translation' is correct. If not, I'm really clueless)

"Like a 'mm' feeling."

Referring to the chill feeling as IS armor began to form.

"With a 'dong' touch."

When the armor began to fit themselves in our body, causing a jolt.

"And also with a 'clang' mode."

The way our visual is enhanced when the hyper sensor is active.

Yeah, Houki is bad when it comes to express her own feelings; maybe that's why she looks really cold in our first meeting here.

And it really made me felt headache, and think those weird clues a little too seriously. This is infuriating, and I can bear to spill it at her, she'll retaliate three times harder, no, ten times harder.

Worse, Cecilia would always rebut Houki's explanation, and then both of them would start to squabble. If so, she's soft to me, yet antagonistic to Houki. Why is that?

Girls are bothersome.

"Orimura, Alcott, try doing a sudden dive and come to a complete halt. The target is 10cm above the ground."

"Roger that" Cecilia replied confidently, then looked at me and said "I'm going first, Ichika-san. Please give attention since this maneuver is dangerous"


Dashing toward the ground, Blue Tears' presence became much smaller since I'm currently about 200m above ground.

She stopped just before her legs are touching the ground, hovering.

My turn then.

Imagining myself as a projectile, ByakuShiki's booster roared and I'm diving straight to the ground…

And failed to stop, but hooray for my reflex, I kicked the booster hard to change orientation.


"Wha, that's too close for comfort"


Instead of making a giant crater, I'm making a shallow, spiraling trench with my hydraulic-powered feet. Now, I look stupid, no, I look even more stupid than few second ago…I should just let myself crash normally.

"What are you? Hero of justice?"


"Ichika, have you forgotten what I taught you yesterday?"

"No, 'mm' feeling, 'Dong' touches, and 'Clang' mode?"


"Hey, you asked!" Bingo, Houki shut herself but then again, no…

"Basically Ichika, ever since the past, you've been—"

Interrupting Houki's supersonic rattling; Cecilia popped out in front of me and obscured my view with her face.

"Ichika-san, are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"I'm alright" stop touching me randomly please.

"Fuh, I'm really scared, didn't you know that?"

Girls are strange, their change of emotion is borderline surreal, if you put them on canvas, there'll be a scribble that somehow has high artistic value.

"Anyway, might check your leg-"

Madoka lift Cecilia easily as she's inside Kurogane, she then gave me a giant, IS scaled spade. Oh right, my task.

"…why are you looking at me?"

"So you're going to retrieve Kurogane, huh?" Now I know why I don't see her back then.

"Yes, Chifuyu-nee told me to"

Attendance book humorously flew toward her head, but I was able to catch it easily thanks to ByakuShiki.

On a side note, Madoka prefer a tight, hot pants custom model than bikini-like lower outfit the rest of the girl had, she still retain the knee high sock though.

….strange as it may seems; her uniform is perfectly standard. If she not spoke something and just standing behind a crowd of students, you can mistake her for a nondescript girl, unlike Houki or Cecilia.

Then again, the CROWD tends to be loud about her presence because of her similarities to Chifuyu-nee…

…Why I am thinking about it now, I'm such a pervert brother.


That boost kick in the last few seconds, average student might not be able to do that. Not bad, Ichika-nii…

I want to say that, but then Chifuyu-nee will scold me for spoiling him.

"...How could he possibly be injured when he is equipped with the IS..."

"Ah, Shinonono-san, isn't it normal to be concerned about others? Even if he's equipped with the IS, this is common sense, right?"

"You're one to talk, you wolf in sheep clothing."

"Well, it's better than donning the clothes of a demon."

Those two are at it again, why don't you date each other instead of chasing Ichika-nii half-heartedly? You shall seriously think about your tone, Houki. And Alcott is being hypocrite…Oh; Chifuyu-nee is approaching them.

"Can't you two just keep quiet?" Chifuyu-nee pushed their face apart "Alcott, deploy BT once again"

"H-hai" she sticks her tongue out to Houki before doing it.

I wonder why Chifuyu-nee asked me to retrieve Kurogane from the storage this morning; on top of that, she said I should reduce mobility and add some Vernier motor for extra stabilization.

She did not said anything about returning them to the factory, strange, it's like Kurogane her private IS or something along that line.

"Madoka, how about it's current performance?"

Mobility: 135%, Stability: 95% check, Combat Efficiency: 86%...tch.

As anti-shift limiter has been placed inside Kurogane, the IS so-called 'growth' will be stunted, it's performance is frozen at default instead of steadily increased overtime, besides from the usual compatibility uses.

"…no problem, Orimura-sensei"

"You'll act as an Aggressor, Alcott, your task is to defeat her, Orimura will use anything to bring you down. Understood?"


I'm fired up, ever since that day, Ichika-nii always interrupt our confrontation, this time, we'll solve it with IS battle for real.

I unleashed a .545 Caliber Sniper Rifle out of inventory.

"Haa? Using a rifle with a Close Combat Mech?"

"Save your words for later" I told her calmly.

I held my rifle downward in a ready position; meanwhile, she's holding her sideway, as if she's intentionally making a 'cool pose' or something, flaunting the gracefulness of her IS and its armaments…

Bad move, Cecilia-sama. Did you ever learn how to handle a real gun? Chifuyu-nee, don't tell me this is what you're aiming for.


As we took a distance from each other, the only thing I'll say.



Eyes widened in surprise, Cecilia lost her balance and stunned as my bullet pierced her scope. By the way, the scope of an IS' sniper has a camera that's slaved to her visual directly, this it's almost like she saw a bullet going through her eyes.

The second bullet was deflected by her shield, if not, there's no longer Cecilia Alcott here, at least not her head.


"You're already dead, Cecilia-sama" I said to her mockingly as we circled the field.


"Because that useless posture of yours, change it" Chifuyu-nee kindly informed, well, as kind as she could get anyway.

"Bu-But, but I need to maintain this for my image—HUUH?"

"Correct, it took about 0.5s for you to move the rifle to firing position and additional 0.2s for the beam to left the barrel after you press the trigger. Meanwhile, holding it downward firmly only took 0.25s and my bullets took off almost instantly, went at 1750 meter per second and reaching your position in less than 0.3s. My intention is shooting your rifle barrel though…"

And no, I'm not boasting. With a sensor as accurate as IS sniper rifle had, and considering her rifle barrel is whopping 6-inch wide, it's an easy task. Though the scope itself is even larger at 8-inch.

However, my arm's aiming and calibration speed is less than her, because melee IS had sturdier, more rigid joint construction, reducing its shooting capability for the sake of durability and strength.

If only Cecilia hold her rifle properly, she should get the first shot, since her projectile speed is close to speed of light.

"This is just the beginning"

We began to trade shots, Cecilia is a bit clumsy because she's still upset from my surprise assault, but she's still damn formidable, especially those BITs of her, fast, accurate, and thus deadly.

I took advantage of the data left in Ichika-nii's ByakuShiki as well as the footage of her previous matches, it's possible to dodge, or easier to deflect those attacks if my timings are good enough.

Still, I took a hard time to deliver a hit myself, that blue IS is damn agile, but the pilot also efficient enough and knew that her mobility is a great assets.

Not to mention, even without scope, her shots are precise enough. If my first shot did not hit it incidentally, it'll be a nightmare…

Even I, who claimed as THE only one Long Range Combat Instructor of Ichika-nii, feel inferior somewhat…

(Maybe I should give up my job? Nah, with her logic clouded by vanity, pride and attraction, and with Houki to take into consideration, it'll be a disaster if I let her took in.)

Also, Kurogane is a Hover type IS, not an Aerial type, meaning that's despite its incredible agility, the movement is rather two dimensional (with occasional jump and limited flight). A great deal of effort is needed to evade this kind of barrage.

Little by little, she's sapping my SP dry.

What a terrifying opponent…at best I just grazed her shield and reduce her SP a little with lucky glances.

Her SP is 502, mine is 501…492…


MY EYES! 455…

I'll lose if I'll let her having the upper hand…


Time to change the plan, I unleashed a Shield to deflect some of her attack and charge forward, meanwhile, I also used a 61-caliber Pistol to retaliate, though it's accuracy is measly and its power is mediocre, I managed to get three direct hit from all 12 shot.

(Equalizer is scary if used right)

Cecilia seems panic when I was able to approach her, store my weapons away and unleash my HF Katana.

"I-I won't let you!"


She responded rather awkwardly and releasing her own CQC blade, [Interceptor] and parried my first strike. But her technique are bad, no, her close combat capability is nonexistent. I was able to smash her blade away by the third strike.

As I tried to hack her torso, her shield activated and I was able to drain her SP further, now her point is much lower than mine.

Knowing that myself on her BITs mercy though, I decided to retreat. I'm not as stupidly daring and confident as Ichika-nii when it comes to swordplay, neither as skilled as him.

(If I'm pitted against Houki in a sword match, I might be dead in five minutes)

I was able to cut one of the BITs, apparently their outer shell are hard, but their rocket nozzles are fragile. New information absorbed, time to prepare a counter…

"That's enough, both of you"

Hearing Chifuyu-nee on the speaker, I store my entire weapon and raised hands, signaling truce.

Cecilia doesn't look happy. Obvious…


"Now, Alcott, can you explain why you're being overwhelmed by an 'amateur' opponent like Orimura"

Amateur? Yes, Madoka is an amateur, if a 'well-informed' and considerate one (sorry for having an Idiot brother, Madoka).

That's why I love the way she teach me, I love layman terms she used to explain me the things I cannot comprehend myself. I love the fact that she never hit me if I don't understand her explanations…wait, never mind, the last one is just a bonus, even if a nice one.

Cecilia is silent and just pout, hearing that Madoka is a rookie must give her pride a powerful jab.

"I doubt you're stupid enough not knowing it, you're at least three times more clever than my Idiot brother is"

Hey, don't bring me as an equation! Cecilia took a deep breath, successfully making herself calm, and then spill it.

"Because my stance is bad and unnecessary flashy, by the time we started, I was not ready. Meanwhile, Madoka-san has her rifle ready to be fired by the time you gave the mark, Sensei"

"Indeed, you're very clever. There's one that you might forgot, it took you too long to call your CQC blade, fix it. Do not repeat those mistakes, understood?"

"Understood, sensei"

Normally, small things like this will escape attention. But Chifuyu-nee is able to see it, and using Madoka, a by-the-book student, to smack those clues on Cecilia that small mistakes can be fatal.

Just like the first time I used Yukihira without paying attention to my shield energy.

Chifuyu-nee did this because she felt words alone are not enough for Cecilia to digest. Or rather, Chifuyu-nee knew it's too embarrassing for conceited Cecilia to admit that she's making mistake.

Of course, Madoka has this weakness; once her tactics was found, she's defenseless. She compensates it by using dozens of tactic at her reserves and outwitted enemy by using dynamics change between those organized patterns.

The first way to defeat her is outwitting her, the second is just charge with simple tactics but coupled with brute strength or superior skill, the last is always my choice when we're doing a spar, I'm both stronger and more skilled than her when it comes to close combat.

If only Cecilia don't make those mistakes, and stay calm because the lack of initial shock, she might figure Madoka's weakness. Madoka is 'smarter', but no one knew how clever Cecilia is except maybe Chifuyu-nee.

By the way, I already fixed the trenches while watching the fight, thanks to ByakuShiki's help. Madoka approached me and asked.

"How…was my performance?"

Her face is flushed; clearly she's embarrassed because she thought she's not good enough. Not really, with both of them crippled due to machine problem, I'm not even sure which one will win.

"As expected from my instructor, she could make even a Cadet Representative"

Her face became redder and began to twiddle her fingers, then awkwardly smiles before she left "Th-thank you, Ichika"

Ahh, her sweet side emerges again apparently.

Oh, Cecilia apparently still shocked, must distract her.


"Don't talk to me, I'm pathetic"

If you felt pathetic, why angry at me? No, that's not what I want to say…

"Nobody knew the result if Chifuyu-nee did not stop you"

Cecilia looked at me seriously, then…then her eyes softened and she's pouting again. Okay, at least she's not depressed, sad, but not depressed.


"I knew Madoka more than you do; she's trying as hard as she can in that battle"

Although you did as well, but truth to be told, I like people who are hard working to achieve something rather than one who get everything ready.

"Really? I-it can be helped then, I'm just that good huh?"

I don't mean you'll win at 100% probability, I mean the match is very close.

"We all still have to improve though, Chifuyu-nee is not one to talk gently, but she want to tell you that if you're slacking off, we'll soon will approach your level"

"As-as if I'll let you! Fine then, I'll put myself in lowly position to reach an even higher place! I'll join you during close combat training"

"Ah…for that matter, you should ask Houki" Oh, she looks dejected, but can't help it, Houki is my close combat instructor, so there. Oh wait, maybe this is a good chance to make their relationship slightly better.

"But you're our Emperor right, maybe you can…you know…ensure her?"

I'm not, stop using that strange title!

"I can only use my authority as Emperor—I mean Class-rep during class activity, and she's my mentor, I had to respect her decision first"

Ah, the girls' nickname rubbed at me too much, alright. When exactly I was able to handle diplomatic things, actually? Maybe I'm enjoying my task as Class-rep a little too much. I somehow succeed in getting Cecilia's approval as we left the field.

"Fine, I'll ask her myself"

That's too smooth; by the way, I have a bad feeling about this.

This today Training also surprisingly good and there's this interaction between Cecilia and Houki:


"Please let me join your training group, pretty please?"

"…Your motive is questionable"

Houki, don't be so cruel. By the way, they began to mutter something I don't know, Houki seems pissed off and Cecilia is no less angry.

But then, silence. They began to whisper, wait, why I'm eavesdropping? This is bad.

"…You sure you will obey my instruction?"



"…depending of relevance, actually"

"I won't said irrelevant command, Deal"


That was when I realized, this is the situation they call 'Calm before Storm'.

That night, I'm really beaten up, mostly because sparring with some of the kendo club member. Most of them aren't that strong, actually, they're very weak (Note: maybe because I'm using Houki as standard). Still, fighting 12 of them, one by one, is damn tiring. We skipped IS training altogether today.

I was concerned about Cecilia, who absolutely has no clue whatsoever to fight using a sword.

But rather than physically harassing her as expected, Houki is being complete deadpan but surprisingly soft on her, although several times, she smacked Cecilia's feet because Cecilia refused to do the stance right and complain.

"MOU-Ichika-san! Houki-san is being mean at me"


I did complain Houki, I did.

"Uuuu-Okay then"

"…good, keep swing it"

"…EI! …EI!…EI!"

Oh, first thing first, Houki is teaching her to use her full power efficiently when striking. It's seems that Cecilia used to (and probably still) play tennis a lot, so her grip and arms actually quite well trained despite not as strong as Madoka (or Houki, who is 'monster' level of strong).

We also did a Tameshigiri (1) along with some of Kendo club members; Tameshigiri is a sequence of cutting a roll of spiked, wet tatami to judge the advancement of our kenjutsu training. Cecilia cannot participate because:

1. Only trainee with months of experience can do (both Madoka and I qualify)

2. Of course, we're using a REAL sword. Thus this test is dangerous for a rookie, leading to above.

Houki is surprised that Madoka can do Sayuu Kesagiri (Alternating Downward Diagonal cut) at exceptional speed, though bear in mind Sayuu Kesagiri is very basic form of Tameshigiri, so, it's very expected.

I myself doing a Tsubame Gaeshi (Returning Swallow Cut) rather successfully, an intermediate level of Tameshigiri, much to the girls in Kendo club's excitement. It was said that Tsubame Gaeshi was the infamous Samurai Sasaki Kojirou's favorite move, and can do it in such brilliant speed that it can 'cut a bird mid-flight'.

Madoka then doing a spar with Houki, wanted to broke 4 minutes record of endurance she had with Houki, she succeed, marked at 4 minutes and 30 second.

Moreover, Houki asked me…

"Ichika, are you ambidextrous?"

She refers to the length of the sword in the minor hands, in my case, the left hands. The Nitouryuu school of Shinonono family is equal lengths, meaning it's the same sword for left and right. Of course, Houki is ambidextrous, I'm not.

Houki told me she can't teach me that unless I'm ambidextrous…anyway, in the end I choose the common form of Nitou and studying it from a book, with Houki as guide/ supervisor.

…the feel of handling two swords is really different; more technique and speed is needed to use them efficiently.

My penchant for improvisation messed things up. Houki even sarcastically joked (yes, she can deliver a joke if she wanted) that I'll invent a new style in twenty years instead of learning the existing, well proven one.

Yeah, everything is smooth…and when I dropped myself on the bed, I was afraid…



"Don't you think this went too smooth?"

When I sat on the side of my bed, I can see her smooth, well toned back as she removed her IS outfit. It's not a bad sight…


I slapped myself and quickly curled myself on the bed silently, sorry Madoka, it's your fault.

"Ichika, I'm using the shower first"

"Go ahead"

"…Are you sure? We can use it together"

"The hell we're 15 years old already, and the bathtub is too small"


Idiot, what I am thinking, of course Ichika-nii was going to refuse.


Maybe…because we both changed so much, especially in terms of physical appearance. Maybe he already realized that I'm beginning to develop sexual characteristics of an adult female, and that his logic smacked the hell out of his natural response to this.

Anyway… even though we're always staying on contact, I met Ichika-nii rather rarely, because I went to a prestigious School in Tokyo around the same time Houki had left him.

Chifuyu-nee did not prevent me or anything when I expressed my intent of return back and enter Aoetsu instead of continuing my study in the same institute's High School.

But Ichika-nii said that I would waste my youth if I went to a cheap and mediocre Private School like him. But then, I told him if he remembers that I was forced to enter remedial class during summer.

I lied to him; the reason is not because I am THAT lazy.

But because I've beat the shit out of several girls, one of them is the daughter of the school's owner.

The teacher got me into a detention for two weeks, and then…

The father of the girl came to me and asked for forgiveness, because he knew I always been her daughter's friend. And to protect her reputation, he begged me that the cause of the argument itself should be disclosed.

I refused politely and said that I deserved it, no; I'm not doing it out of sense of obligation, the girls' condition, except for the titular princess in question, quite messed up.

By the way, the group of girls used to be my closest friends…but they had changed so greatly in three years it's not funny anymore.

Particularly when they started to bully and molesting an innocent, rather handsome boy from neighboring all male school, threatened to scream and put him into blame.

How sick.

It reminded me of what happened to Ichika-nii when he was in the first vacation I had, when we're going into a sort of date, and random woman harassed him.

"What are you doing? Madoka-chan?"

"ARE YOU INSANE? Hey you, please run away, let me take care of this one"

Instinctively, I went to the boy's defense and letting him escape, we went into a massive quarrel that ended up with me sending them to hospital. I said 'do not mess with Orimura'.

By the way, I won't tell the students that my friends are attempting a date-rape. It'll backfire to me. Still, those ungrateful bitches can't just shut up and began to tell about my penchant of wanton violence.

After my detention, many of the girls began to saw me in a new light; that Orimura Madoka, THE very model student of faculty, is a cool and manly delinquent.

I began to receive a lot of letters, love letters in fact. I actually shocked when one of the confessing girls began to strip herself and told me to…take her or something.

"I have no proper biological equipment, forget it" I said, then I ran and crying in disgust.

The world is so twisted, and then I realize. Enduring the massive social change, I can't stand up by myself.

But I lost all of my closest friends; I can't depend of them, who have giving themselves to the devilish society of current day Japan. I could not tell them my anguish and sorrow, not anymore.

That day I realized…I need Ichika-nii…I always need him, like years ago, it never changed.

I love him; not only as brother, but as a man I can depend on, a man who can protect me.

Because I can laugh, I can cry, I can scream all I want in front of him without doubt or fear of him leaving me or looked me in the weird way. I don't exactly care about world's view of me; all I want is to make Ichika-nii happy, and for him to make me happy.

The very embodiment of my happiness is Ichika-nii…

I decided to take the remedial summer class, fighting the urge to return and spent my summer vacation with him, because I want to have my grades high enough to boast for.

So I could tell him, My Twin Brother, Orimura Ichika, that my days in Junior High are awesome.

And by February this year, I asked the school for a short break so I can took an exam of a local high school in my hometown.

They somewhat reluctant to let me go, as despite my reputation had changed to the worst direction, my performance as a student is still as outstanding in their eyes.

Jokingly, I said I want to slack off. And that's how; 'Madoka, the King of Laziness' is born. Because some teacher who hated me, talking about it too much and exaggerate it. I'm lazy, but not to that extent!

But the winds of destiny is hard to predict, I and MY BROTHER ended up in washed into IS academy, the single, unparalleled, most prestigious All-girls Academy in Japan.

The news made most of my teachers proud, though some of them are cower in shame when I gave them the test result.

Strange as it may seems, I become some sort of advertisement mascot for that very school this year.

"Ichika, I've finished, you can use the bath-"

He's snoring, probably tired from today's sequential sparing with the Kendo club members.

When he's sleeping soundly, he looks very handsome. Likely the reason for him to be so popular here aside from him able to use an IS, strong, and being nice.

…now that he's reunited with Houki, and Cecilia-san is joining the fray.

What should I do? Even though we're sharing the same class and bedroom, we're spending less and less time together…



The time will come when I'm kicked out of this room…before then…I want to spend as much time with him.

By then, I was sleeping beside him, enjoying the comfortable, warm feeling both my body and my heart can feel.

THE POWER OF TWINCEST COMPELS YOU! Anyway, for some reason I'm very lazy to write Ling's entrance (of all harem member, she's the least favorite for me, not that I hate her or something).

So I decided to write a rambling consist of Madoka's backstory (and start of her 'realization').

1. Further information, read this website, it's has a lot of other info as well


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