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Leah and I have a great sex life. We like to experiment and try new things, but she's really into a lot of anal play. I had fucked her ass before, that was a very tight piece of heaven there, but only rarely and on special occasions. I know she loves it, but she always preferred my cock in her pussy.

Today, we went to my house after school, noticing my weren't home made her smirk a bit. As we walked through the door I could she starts ripping her clothes off and attacking me like a bitch in heat. But before we do anything Leah loves a bit of foreplay and masturbation

Well known fact is that I loved to watch her masturbate and we would often do it together. Seeing her naked and horny was amazing,Leah's not fat on any means but just very welled portioned, where it counts. She has 36c tits, round and beautiful, her ass is like a peach and I love to kiss her cheeks, squeeze and bite them. She has a gorgeous pussy and always shaved. Best of all though, she squirts when she cums, the more she cums the wetter her pussy gets and the more she squirts.

As I got to our room, Leah was already on the bed naked. She had her hands on her pussy and was slowly pushing a finger in and out, rubbing it over her clit as she did. She was already wet and her nipples were hard as she moved her other hand between them, pinching and pulling on them. I walked over to the bed, stripped and climbed on it next to her. She moved her hand from her pussy and pushed her finger between my lips, letting me taste her and getting me ready for what was to come.

"I want you to lick and fuck my ass now." She growls, as I sucked on her finger greedily

I was so turned on by her I quickly turned my attention to her gourgeus mounds sucking on one then the other, sucking them hard and then gently nibbling her nipples. She was rubbing her clit furiously as the pleasure from her tits and clit started her first orgasm.

As she bucked her hips and came hard she asked me to go down on her. I eagerly moved down between her legs to lick her pussy. Flicking my tongue over her clit and then sucking on it, making her moan in pleasure. Her cunt was dripping wet from her orgasm and I moved to taste her, lapping her juices and slipping my tongue in and out of her. She grabbed my head and started to grind her pussy onto my face. I knew from this that she was going to cum soon and I was quickly rewarded as she started to squirt her juices onto my face and tongue.

I moved my head back and slid a finger into her pussy before I moved it to her mouth. She sucked her own juices from my fingers. Then pushing me away she got up on all fours, her large breasts hanging down. I spread her ass cheeks and started to lick over her tight hole. She pushed back and I understood the signal and pushed my tongue into her ass. Holding her cheeks apart with my hands I darted my tongue in and out of her anus. She put her head down and started to moan. I loved to hear her moan and pant as it usually meant she was ready for her next orgasm. She kept pushing back to get my tongue further inside, I let one of my hands wander to her pussy to rub her clit. It only took a couple of rubs before she started to cum. Her whole body trembled, and she moaned loudly as her orgasm rippled through her body.

She looked back at me and said, "One more, please, lick my ass again, I need to cum again."

I did what I was told and soon she was cumming hard and pushing her ass back onto my face, wanting my tongue as deep in her ass as she could.

As her orgasm subsided she tells me to grab the lube, she was ready for it. I slid my cock into her soaking pussy, she was already wet from cumming and I started to fuck her straight away. I was really thrusting hard as I started to lube her ass. Leah was cumming again on my cock as I slid a finger into her tight hole and started to play with her ass while drilling her pussy. As her orgasm hit and her cunt gripped my cock tight, I slipped a second finger into her ass.

She shuddered and screamed, "Get your cock in my fucking ass!"

I was ready for it and pulled out, my cock wet with her pussy juice ready to invade her other hole. I pushed gently against her hole and she positioned herself to get ready. Slowly she pushed back onto my cock until the tip of my dick penetrated her. She stopped and waited and then pushed back a little more and then a little further. When I had my cock right up her hole and my balls resting against her, she started to gently push back and forth, impaling her ass on my dick. As she moved away I spanked her ass making her moan with pleasure and push back a little harder. Her ass was tight, gripping my cock and making every movement feel amazing. Eventually all the gentle movement had stopped and Jacquie was riding my cock like a wild woman. I decided it was my turn to take control and so I grabbed her hips as she pushed back, my cock fully inside her. I held her still and flexed my hard dick inside her. She liked it and tried to move forward and resume her riding. I wasn't about to let that happen though. I grabbed hold of her hair with one hand, pulling her head back and grabbed her hip. I told her to beg for me to fuck her ass and I would.

Hearing her beg, I started to slide my cock in and out of her. I was soon fucking her like a slut not the girlfriend I know and loved. She was cumming and her juiced were dripping onto the bed, she was screaming like a banshee as her orgasm tore through her but I didn't let up. My pounding continued, her ass was used to my cock and I wasn't going to stop until she had felt me cum inside her. As I neared my own orgasm, Jacquie was cumming over and over. I'd seen her cum before and even squirt but this time she was gushing juices with every orgasm. She could hardly speak as the pleasure washed over her; all she could manage was the most erotic moan I have ever heard. That was enough for me, I heard her moan and she began to cum again, her ass clamped tighter than ever on my cock and I began to cum with her. Pushing as deep into her as I could I shot my cum in her tight ass.

I slumped forward, my cock still buried inside Leah's used ass. My orgasm felt so intense I couldn't move and she was unable to do anything but pant. We stayed like that for a few minutes until I regained some composure and pulled out of her. She collapsed forward and lay on her stomach, breathing heavily, not speaking. I lay next to her catching my breath and relaxing. We had just had one of the most intense sexual experiences ever and we were both exhausted.

After about five minutes of silence she managed to speak. "That was so good, Paul."

I smiled and slapped her ass playfully. We managed to move and change the bed, putting dry sheets on and turning the mattress over. That night as we fell asleep she told me that we would definitely be doing that again and we will.

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