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Chapter 1: A Kidnapping?

"Mistress, it is time to wake up," a black haired, bloodied eyed butler announced, entering a lavishly decorated room. Along one wall, a large four poster bed stood. It was much too big for its small female occupant. "Come Young Mistress, you have things to do today."

The young girl groaned. A tufted of blue hair poked out from under a fluffy down comforter. The comforter was yanked up over that hair, exposing the girl's long legs. She growled.

"Now, don't be like that Young Mistress. You can either get up by yourself and go take your bath or I will help you," the butler said, bending over the blanket with a grin.

Suddenly, the blankets flew up. The girl sat up, a thick blush spreading across her face. She jumped out of bed, running past the butler and into the bathroom. She slammed the door shut. "I don't need your help Sebastian!" she yelled, beginning to unbutton the button up shirt she slept in.

"You will need my help to put this corset on," Sebastian said, opening the door and walking in.

The girl's blush reddened. "Excuse you! I'm undressing in here!" she yelled at him, pulling her shirt tight around her.

Sebastian turned towards her with a condescending smile once he had set her folded clothes down on the window ledge. "Young Mistress, I mean no disrespect, but you have nothing that I would be so interesting in seeing. The only think keeping you from being a male is that fact that you have ovaries."

She stared at him, her mouth hanging open. Then what he had said finally registered in her mind. "Oh my god, get out now, you pervert! Out! Now! Go polish some silver or something!" she screamed, throwing whatever she could at him. He dodged everything, flitting up and grabbing her wrists.

"Young Mistress, that was not very nice," Sebastian chided lightly, staring into her mismatched eyes.

"Well what you said wasn't very nice!" she cried sarcastically not realizing that she was being lifted up until it was too late.

She landed in the foamy warm water. It splashed over the sides. "What was that for?" she spluttered, rubbing soap out of her eyes as she shot to her feet in frustration.

"Just a way to get you to start taking your bath. You will slip and fall out of the tub if you stay standing, Young Mistress," Sebastian told her. He calmly began to undo the rest of the buttons on her now see through shirt with closed eyes.

"Dammit," she grumbled, looking down at her shirt, "You really piss me off you know that?"

"Language, Mistress," he said, taking her shirt, folding it and laying it next to her clothing.

"Whatever," she said, sitting down in the sudsy water, "You suck. Why do you always get your way? It's not like it's fun to see me naked. I don't understand you." She sunk down in the water until her mouth was submerged.

"I am here to serve you, that's why I get my way," Sebastian said, dumping water over her head, beginning to wash her long hair.

It wasn't until the girl was dressed and Sebastian was brushing out her long hair that someone finally interrupted them. "Oh Mistress Ciella, a suitor has come to see you, yes he has," a red haired maid shouted, tumbling through the door.

"Mey-Rin, knock next time and I've told you countless times not to call me Ciella, but Ciel," the girl said, still sitting cross legged on a chair.

"I am sorry Mistress Ciel. The suitor is waiting in the study," Mey-Rin said, bowing and then bolting out the door frantically.

Ciel grumbled under her breath. "Another damn suitor and they wonder why I dress like a boy." She swirled a piece of hair around her finger, glaring at it as if it was the one who had forced her into a dress. "Why must I wear this accursed thing?" she asked Sebastian after a moment's silence.

"Because you have business to attend to this evening. The head of the warehouse in France is going to be here at seven. We'll get rid of this suitor soon enough," he said, braiding Ciel's hair in a loose braid.

Ciel sat there quietly. She had one knee drawn up to her chest, her arms wrapped around it while the other dangled over the edge of the chair. "Why should I still resist the suitors if the one I want doesn't even notice me? I don't get the point of it," she muttered under her breath.

Sebastian didn't answer her. Instead he said, "Beautiful. Now let's go."

Ciel slowly got out of her chair, brushing nonexistent dust off of her skirt before taking Sebastian's arm. He led her down the hallway. "Ready?" he asked, stopping in front of a door. She nodded and he pushed the door open.

A younger, blonde haired man with sparkling green eyes smiled at her from an armchair. He bowed deeply, offering his hand. She placed her own in it. The man kissed her knuckle lightly. "Good evening mademoiselle, allow me to introduce myself. I am Felix Skym and I have come to invite you to a ball."

"No thank you Mr. Skym. I am a busy woman and have much to attend to," Ciel respectfully declined, bowing as much as she could in the corset.

"Oh, but I insist. I believe it will be a great way for you to make acquaintances with some potential clients, don't you? Lords, dukes and ladies from all around will be attending. Plus, it will be a good way to spend time with your suitor," Felix said confidently.

Ciel looked up at Sebastian with a questioning stare. He sighed. The girl was hopeless. "My Mistress will attend this ball, but she declines your invitation to be her suitor. She already has a fiancé in wait," Sebastian explained.

"That's too bad. Then who will escort her?" he asked, his smile falling.

Silence filled the room for one uncomfortable moment. "I will be escorting her," Sebastian finally declared. Ciel's head snapped up to look at him, a deep blush spreading across her pale cheeks.

"How delightful. I must be going then. See you in one day's time," he said, taking his leave and leaving an envelope in his place.

"Thank you, Sebastian," Ciel said quietly, escaping quickly out the door. Sebastian was left standing there alone.

He picked up the envelope and sighed. "That girl is going to be the death of me," he muttered, pocketing the envelope before following his mistress.


*at the party*

"Ooooo, you're dress is beautiful!" a girl with blonde hair and green eyes cried, running up to Ciel and Sebastian as they entered the ballroom. Earlier that day, Sebastian had ended Ciel's lessons early so he could take time to force her into a poufy baby pink dress.

"Thank you, Elizabeth. You look lovely as well this evening," Ciel told her. The girl was dressed in a frilly, rose red dress with more bows than Ciel could count.

Elizabeth gasped. "Oh, that's you Ciella! I didn't recognize you! You look so different from usual!" she shouted, her hand placed 'delicately' over her mouth.

Ciel stared at her with blank eyes. "Was that supposed to be a compliment because it sure didn't feel like one," she said emotionlessly.

"Of course it was!" Elizabeth shouted indignantly before grabbing her hand, "Come this way. I must show you Lord Daniel, he's gorgeous!" Ciel threw a pitiful look back at Sebastian as she was dragged away.

"Remember what the queen asked us to do," Sebastian mouthed. Ciel's face hardened. She glared at him before disappearing into the crowd.


It was early in the morning. Ciel and Sebastian were walking slowly down the street. A crowd was gathered around an alley. Their chatter was frantic and scared as they looked over each other's heads and then backed down when they caught a glimpse of the body.

"Please make way," Sebastian called, making a path for Ciel to walk over to the police men. Everyone whispered and watched her slow progress.

"Isn't that Lady Phantomhive?" one of the males asked quietly.

"Yes, yes, she's beautiful. I heard that she's Lord Phantomhive's twin sister. It's no wonder that they look the same then," the woman next to him whispered.

"Why is she here though? This is usually Lord Phantomhive's line of work," the man said. The crowd buzzed with anticipation except for one man in the back that caught her eye. He had dark brown hair and perverse topaz eyes that watched her every movement.

"Do you see him?" Ciel asked Sebastian, watching the man out of the corner of her eyes.

"Yes I do," he answered.

"I will be extremely surprised if he is not somehow connected to this case," she said before turning to the police men.

A police man with red hair and a moustache bared her way. "Lady Phantomhive, I mean no disrespect, but this is no place for a lady. Please go back," the man said.

"I am here on business sir. Please step back while I conduct my own examination of the body. Give all the information you have on this case so far to my butler," Ciel said, pulling rubber gloves over her hands.

The police man tried to object, but Sebastian stepped in front of him. "The information if you will? I will only need to read over your notes," he said, holding out a hand with a coaxing smile that the police man was not able to refuse. He placed his notes in Sebastian's open palm with a sigh of resignation. Sebastian flipped through the pages before handing them back to the man.

"Sebastian?" came a strangled voice from behind the two. They turned to see Ciel pressed against the wall, her shaking hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide.

Sebastian quickly went over to the shaking girl. "What is it?"

Ciel pointed a shaking hand at the girl's exposed chest. Under her left breast was a brand that looked like it had been placed there with a branding iron. It was the same one that Ciel herself bore on her left ribcage.

Sebastian pulled the girl into a tight hug, pressing her into his shirt. He led her away from the body and back into the street where she collapsed to her knees, gripping his hand. "They're still…" she muttered to herself.

"I told you it was best not to see," the police man said smugly, savoring the feeling of being right for once.

"Shut your mouth. I'm sure you weren't even able to get up close and personal with the body before running off to puke," Ciel snarled at the police man who flushed a deep rose red.

A platinum blond haired man rode up on a white horse. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes from view. He jumped down from his horse, walking over to Ciel. "Good evening Lady Phantomhive, I see that you've already examined the crime scene," Queen Victoria's butler said with a deep bow. He straightened and held out a letter to Sebastian, "I have a request for you from the queen. She would like you to find the perpetrator and put a stop to these gruesome crimes."

*end of flashback*

"See? Isn't he just to die for?" Elizabeth screamed in Ciel's ear, pointing towards two men. One was fat as a penguin with a balding head. The other was much leaner and handsomer. He had jet black hair that framed his face and made his deep blue eyes pop.

"Elizabeth, you're drooling," Ciel pointed out, looking at the girl with a raised eyebrow, "I didn't know you had it in for the old fat ones."

"Not him! Him! Mr. Dark and Handsome! Lord Daniel!" she shouted, rubbing her mouth with the back of her hand before pointing at the younger man.

"Oh, that one," Ciel said as if she hadn't noticed the boy already, "He's not as gorgeous as someone I know." Her eyes involuntarily scanned the crowd for the familiar black hair. She spotted him leaning against the wall, staring at her with those blood red eyes. She looked away quickly, blushing.

"I doubt it. Come on, let's go talk to him," Elizabeth said, beginning to drag her towards the two men. Lord Daniel was already watching them with the acute stare of a hawk. A predatory hawk.

"Oh Elizabeth, I don't want to. I'm sure he doesn't want to speak with one of the queen's dogs," Ciel said in a desperate attempt to stop the girl.

"Nonsense, you are lovely," Daniel said, having walked to meet them half way, "It is an honor to meet you Lady Phantomhive." He took her hand and kissed her knuckles lightly. He gave her a seductive smile that was lost on her as she was more focused on the hole that was currently being burned into the back of her head.

"Yes, it is nice to meet you too Lord Daniel," Ciel said vaguely as she turned to see who was glaring at her. When she scanned the crowd, she found Sebastian in the same place he had been before, but this time his eyes were averted.

"Would you mind accompanying me for a moment? I would like to show you something," he said, standing and smiling down at her.

"Of course she would," Elizabeth answered for her, winking and skipping off.

"This way then," Daniel said, leading her up a flight of stairs.

She looked around and found Sebastian glaring at them. She threw him a smug smile, deriving pleasure from knowing that Sebastian was pissed. Without a second glance, she followed Daniel through a door and down the hall.

He opened a door, letting her go in first. The inside of the room was filled to the brim with boxes. "What the...?" she began to say, but was cut off when a handkerchief was pressed hard over her mouth and nose.

"Tell me, does this smell like chloroform to you?" he asked, laughter in his voice.

Her world slowly faded to black. She only had enough time to say a name. "Sebastian?"

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