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Chapter 3: An Interesting Development?

Ciel groaned, shifted where she lay. She was surprisingly warm and comfortable for being in a tub. That's where she was right? No, she could hear the slow even breathing of someone sleeping next to her. Her hands and legs were also unchained. "Oh please dear lord, don't let me be next to that sleazy guy that bought me," Ciel prayed silently before turning onto her side and coming face to face with her gorgeous butler.

Her hands flew up to her mouth as a squeak tried to worm its way through her lips. Why was Sebastian in the bed? Where was she? She could hear her heart pounding in her ears like the beating of wings. She felt that could faint at any second.

Sebastian's breathing hitched. He took a deep breath, flipping onto his stomach and then pushing himself up on his elbows. Only the sound of her hammering heart could be heard before Sebastian finally turned his eyes towards her. "Oh, you're awake," he said slowly, sleep coating his voice. For a demon, he sure took a long time to wake up.

All Ciel could do was nod her head. "W-where am I?" she stuttered once she had found her voice.

He looked around the bedroom for a moment, gaining his bearings. "In your room," he simply said, not moving from his place on the bed.

Ciel was utterly confused. "Why?" she asked, lowering her hands. Suddenly, she became acutely aware of the fact that she was heavily bandaged, almost naked, and so was Sebastian. She only had a bra and pair of underwear on, and Sebastian only had a pair of rumpled trousers.

"Because you called for me," he said, once again simply. He seemed distracted, keeping his eyes focused on the far wall.

"…but I only remember passing out in the tub after…" she trailed off, recalling what had happened to her. She didn't notice until Sebastian was sitting in front of her that she had begun to cry. His thumbs gently wiped away the tears, but more kept taking their place. Soon, she was sobbing uncontrollably.

After he realized that there was going to be no end to the tears, he wrapped his arms around Ciel, pulling her tight into his chest. "Why are you crying so much?" he asked, stroking her hair.

"I'm not crying!" Ciel shouted in protest, her face hidden against his chest.

"Correction. Why are you sobbing?" he said teasingly, feeling her face flush with heat.

She didn't feel the embarrassment though. It was quiet for a long moment as she gathered her thought up and a huge stack. She was sorting through them when they were all balled up at tossed out the back door of her brain except for one. "I-I was s-so scared. I th-thought I was going to become like I had been," she whispered, shuddering as the drawers of her memories were ripped from their places and turned upside down.

Sebastian tried to calm her. "Don't worry about that anymore. I'll never let that happen to you again," he promised. Then he did what every guy does in the movies. He pressed his lips firmly to hers.

She didn't protest as she was kissed. Not one of those dainty kisses either. It was one of those hot and heavy kisses that left you breathless and gasping for air by the end of it which is exactly how she ended up when they finally broke apart. She stared through a film of lust and desire up at him, a lazy smile beginning to curl up lips.

Sebastian stared into her eyes, his own shining with the same lust and desire that she was plainly showing him. He was trying so hard to hold himself back, -she was only a teenager after all! And a small one at that!- but she was really testing his resolve.

There was no stopping it though as Ciel reached out her hands, pulling his face back to hers. This time it was she who initiated the kiss and boy did she work it. Before that night, she had never been kissed in her entire fifteen years of life, yet she was kissing with all the skills of a woman who had a different boyfriend every week. Not that Sebastian was complaining. Oh no, no straight man would ever complain about something like this.

Slowly, they leaned back onto the bed, Ciel wrapping her arms around the man's neck. She pressed herself as close to her butler as she could get. She was melting with the heat their two bodies were already generating. The receiving end of this torment was going haywire. Every nerve ending was hyper sensitive. He could feel everything. Every place Ciel's body pushed, brushed against his. The feel of their lips moving against each other's. Their tongues caught in a furious battle for dominance.

Ciel growled into his mouth, rolling them so that she was straddling his hips, her crotch pressing against his hard erection. He suppressed a moan that threatened to escape from his lips. She ran soft finger tips over the expanse of his muscular stomach, memorizing every contour of that amazing figure and leaving rivers of lava in his skin.

She was mesmerized by that pale skin. She had only been longing to touch it for so long. To know how it felt against her skin. To know the smell, the taste of it. It was better then she had ever imagined. A dark, musky yet sweet smell seemed to float off of it and even with all the hell he goes through, Sebastian's skin was still silky smooth.

Slowly, she bent down, pressing her lips to the hallow of his throat. It tasted of darkness, of mystery. She didn't stop. She left a trail of kisses over his collar bone and down his chest and stomach. Only when she had reached the waist band of his trousers did she stop.

Sebastian took his chance then, flipping them back the other way so that Ciel was once again nestled between his legs. He kisses her hard before leaving a trail of wet kisses down her jaw line until he gets to her neck where his sucks as the place he stopped. Ciel moans involuntarily.

As Sebastian keeps sucking, he artfully reaches around, unclipping the girl's lacey bra. He pulls it off. He is about to move his kiss further down when Ciel's faces grows bright red and she crosses her arms over her chest. "Why are you getting embarrassed now?" Sebastian asked, his voice husky with his lust.

"I-it's not that," Ciel stutters, turning on her side away from him.

"Then what?" he asks.

"There's nothing there. It wouldn't be worth it," she whispers, her face growing hotter.

Sebastian sighs. "There is something there," he contradicted, turning her back towards him and pinning her arms above her head. She tried to protest, but it was cut short by a moan. Sebastian was massaging one of her small breast tenderly making her clamp her eyes shut. "If there wasn't anything there, then they wouldn't be so sensitive," he whispered darkly in her ear.

He lowered his mouth down, kissing slowly. He stopped at each breast to suck lightly before continuing his journey. Soon, he had reached the waist band of her panties. With one hand, he slid them off, flicking them across the room.

Ciel gasped when she felt Sebastian's fingers press gently against her wet open. Slowly, he slid one finger into her, making her gasp and moan. After a moment he slid a second finger in and then a third. She was shuddering with pleasure already, her muscles tensing. A loud moan escaped her throat as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her. When she was on the edge of her climax he retracted his fingers.

She mewled like a kitten that had had its milk taken from it half way through. Sebastian watched the small body writhe underneath him, searching for what had been taken from it and her heard his resolve snap in the back of his mind. Quickly, he couldn't wait any long, he undid his trousers. As gently as he could, he slid into Ciel.

She shivered violently. He waited until she was accustomed to him before he began to move slowly and steadily at first, but he couldn't keep that controlled pace. Soon, they had found their dance with a fast paced rhythm. Ciel moaned, his name escaping her lips over and over again. Ciel wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing him deeper into her each time.

They came together, screaming each other's names. Sebastian collapsed, rolling off of Ciel quickly so that she wouldn't get squished (Hah! Like she would have let that happen!) They laid there for a long time, just listening to the other breathe deeply.

Sebastian pulled Ciel in against his chest muttering, "Sleep." That was an order she obey willingly, soon followed by him.

The next morning, Ciel sat there watching Sebastian until his eyes fluttered open. "I have a question for you," she said instantly once he had gained his bearing.

"Right now?" he asked, confused.

Ciel nodded eagerly.

"Okay," he said sighing, feeling like he was going to regret indulging her.

"Would you have liked me better if I was a boy?" she asked, watching for his answer and reaction.

They were both instant. "Not particularly," he said truthfully, playing with a strand of her hair.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I wouldn't be able to do this with you," he said, gesturing to the two of them, "Not publicly at least."

"Demons have sexual preference?" Ciel asked surprised.

"Not really. Some just prefer one more than other," he explained.

"Oh really?" Ciel challenged.

"Do you need me to demonstrate?" he asked with a seductive smile, pulling her in closer to him.

"Yes please," Ciel said instantly, kissing him.

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