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The question had come suddenly, quickly and without any particular reason.

"What are you afraid of, Merlin?" An innocent question.

Yet it froze him in his tracks. The smile that was normally on his face fell and he tried to desperately think of an answer- he was afraid of many things… but the things he was afraid of were things that he wasn't able to share with others. He had to carry his burdens, fears, and failures alone.

An eyebrow cocked and the prince of Camelot tilted his head when he saw how his innocent question had caused such a dramatic change in his unlikely friend.

It was obvious that the other was trying to think of an answer, which just made him want to know all the more.

He knows that Merlin is a brave person. He has to be, to knowingly fight a prince in public while insulting him, to drink poison knowing full well that he will probably die for someone he didn't even like, and then to follow said person into battle multiple times.

Merlin's mouth opened and closed and then opened again, no sound coming out.

"Well?" The Prince pressed, a real curiosity in his voice.

"Burning." Was his answer.

Both eyebrows shot upward at this revelation. Of all the things that Arthur would have guessed, burning wasn't one of them. "Burning?"

He received a single nod before his friend returned to his work, not going to say anymore on the subject.

Normally, if the subject was interesting Arthur would have pressed for more details, why's and how comes. But in this case, he sensed the reluctance and hesitation thicker than he'd ever felt it before… and decided respect his friends silent wishes and drop the subject.

But it couldn't stop him from wondering why burning was his friend's greatest fear…

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