I just have a thing to throw out there, and I don't want to seem like a stick in the mud but I know this is true of many authors concerning their works in progress.

When an author's got a WIP that you like that they haven't updated for a while, I highly, highly recommend not telling them to update. I got a lot of private messages along the lines of "Come on! Update already!"

Believe me, I haven't forgotten about Tea Leaves. It's constantly hovering over my shoulder. Now, there are plenty of reasons that an author, like myself, may not be updating their WIP: stuck on the plot (true for me), real life is taking over (I'm taking the maximum amount of hours at university), or the author has gotten out of practice with their writing and they're having difficulty getting started again (academic papers can do that to you). Whatever the reason, I'm 900% aware that I suck for not updating. I promise I know this, and I'm sorry! I really am, you guys. I appreciate my readers so much, I swear. But even though I feel awful, you know what I don't feel?

Inspired. I don't feel inspired to make quality work. And ordering me to update, asking me to update, or begging me to update isn't going to make me feel inspired any more than I already do. You know what will? Expressing enthusiasm for the story itself. I love hearing things like "Nice job!" or "I liked the way you did this!" or "This was good, but you could do better on this" even! That inspires me way more than "WHY HAVEN'T YOU UPDATED?"

You wanna make your favorite WIP's authors feel good and inspired? Tell them how much you love their story, not how much you wish they'd update.

I know this makes me sound so mean and horrible but my other writer friends will tell you the same thing. Take care of your writers- I promise they'll deliver! *hug*


"Gone. Just like that."

"Didn't say anything to you after he left?" Lestrade asked as his team combed Baker Street for any traces of information regarding Sherlock's whereabouts.

"Not a thing. Just smiled at me and left." John felt sick. There'd been an ineffable depression settled on his chest since yesterday, when Sherlock had left. "I don't know if he's been abducted or if he was threatened or killed, for God's sake."

Lestrade nodded quietly. "We'll find out what's going on, all right? You keep your chin up."

"Detective Inspector Lestrade?" called Donovan from the kitchen.

"Yes, sergeant?"

"You might want to come see this, sir."

Prompt was from Javien Deluke, and it was: ineffable