Hey everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything else. I'm painfully recovering from a car accident, I'm better now though, a broken leg and a few broken ribs. Anyway, while I was in the hospital I thought about this story in which a lot of Max's mysteries are revealed. It's basically about the really important stuff that have turned less important becasue of the damn virus. I know that all the shippers are really dissapointed with the turn of events in this season, but we keep the faith that Max and Logan will be together eventually. I logged on and I was so freaked out when I saw all those M/A fics, what the hell's wrong with the world????

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Max and Logan were walking through the park, spending some time together after they finally got rid of the virus threatening their sanity. He held her hand in his, caressing it with his thumb, she was so soft, so beautiful. When he'd found the cure he had strip searched all Seattle until he found her on the Space Needle, he told her about the cure and urged her to drink it. Of course, after that it had been a really dangerous ride home with Max all over him.

That night he'd never forget. It was the night he actually saw her naked for the first time, he'd never seen such beautiful and gloriously perfect curves. Soft and slenderly toned in all the right places, she resembled the statue that had attracted her to his life, she was the real Goddess Bast. That night he'd touched, caressed, kissed and discovered her body, he took his time to learn her anatomy while casting exquisite torture upon her.

He also learned that night just how much of a perfect lover she was. Loving and caring, giving but also demanding. She caressed and kissed him with love and such an electrifying passion that threatened to send them both over board. And finally, when they were one he knew he was home, he could feel her warmth and he rocked them in to what seemed heaven. Their love and passion took them to a place they'd never been before, a place they would most likely stay forever.

Afterwards he had the enormous pleasure of having her sleeping on top of him, his primitive side screamed in pride as his body claimed and recognized that gorgeous creature as his woman. And it kept going, until he gathered the courage to ask her to live with her, she had accepted without a doubt.

Now, they spent their free time together, kissing, touching and always at an arm's length, making up for all the time they were denied the pleasure of touch. So now they walked through the park, he gazed at her as she talked about something, he didn't know what it was, he was just content to listen to her soft voice.

" ...so what do you think?" Obviously he had been lost because her question interrupted his inner musings.

" Uh...about what?" Max casted him an angry look and rolled her eyes.

" You mean, that I've been talking all this time and you haven't even listened to a word I said?" Logan recognized his mistake and gathered her in his arms before she had the chance to walk away.

" I'm so sorry honey, I've been thinking about how good my life with you is. Can you forgive me please?" He felt her warm breath on his face as she gave him a tender look.

" Ok, but next time pay attention." She couldn't help but kiss him softly, having him that near was something she wouldn't change for anything else in the world, except maybe having him in bed again.

" What was the question again?" He asked her gently, rubbing her back.

" I was talking about Cindy's birthday, she'd love it if we gave her a surprise party. What do you think?" He smiled.

" I think that's a great idea." He kissed her passionately and only backed away when the lack of oxygen was notorious. She sighed happily and hugged him and his primitive side took pride in how he could satisfy her with just one kiss.

They continued walking hand in hand talking about nonsense, feeling each other's presence. After a while they sat on bench to rest.

" I really needed this day off, thanks for getting it for me honey." She kissed him lightly and cuddled closer to his warmth.

" Anything for you babe." He replied kissing her forehead.

Suddenly Max sat up straight and strained her hearing, Logan knew that she'd heard something when she got up and started looking for the source of the noise.

" What is it?" He whispered as she made her way in to some bushes. She dissapeared and came back holding a child in her arms.

" I think I found the noisy one." She teased as she sat in the bench still holding the child.

It was a beautiful baby girl not older than three years old, with black, curly hair, grey-blue eyes, rosy cheeks and tanned skin. She wore torned down clothes and broken sandals, her knees were hurt and stained with dry blood and her eyes were puffy.

" God Logan! What happened to this child?" Max asked scanning her, she lifted her torn shirt and found red scars that covered her little back. " Damn!" She exclaimed surprised.

" I can't imagine who'd do something like this to a child." Logan said, the little girl had a scared look in her beautiful eyes. " What's your name honey?" He asked her softly.

The baby seemed confused but replied shyly. " Dylan Marie."

" Oh, that's a beautiful name baby, where's your mommy?" Max asked her and the baby's eyes grew wider.

There was another noise coming from behind the bushes, a woman not much older than Max came out. She had a pale complexion in contrast to her deep black hair and blue eyes. She was fuming and by the resemblance between her and the baby, they determinedt that she was her mother.

" There you are you little bitch, I've been lookin' all over for you! now come 'ere before I whip your ass again!" She screamed at the now crying child, Max noticed the whip she held in her hand.

" I take it you're her mother, how dare you hit her like that! She's just a baby." Logan said in a calm yet accusing tone.

" You ain't got nothin' to do with the way I treat my kid. Besides, she ain't nothin' but a pain in the ass, I should've aborted her when I had the chance." The woman replied with anger.

Max was fed up, she was instantly attached to the infant and she wasn't going to let that woman insult her more.

" Then why the hell didn't you? 'Cause now you're just making her suffer, what did she ever do to you?" She asked in a strained angry voice.

" She was born." The woman replied quietly. " So, if you want her to be safe then you keep her, I don't ever wanna see her again." And she left fuming.

Logan and Max stared at each other and then at the child, who was now crying softly. Max held her tightly to her chest and caressed her long hair.

" It's ok baby, it's ok now. No one's ever gonna hurt you again." She gave Logan a sad look that said much more than her words would.

He nodded and kissed the baby's forehead. " Let's take her home."

And so they made their way back to Foggle Towers in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Max clutching tightly to the child's warmth and Logan clutching to his woman's waist.

How'd you like the first chapter? This is just the beginning. I thought about the kid because of child I met at the hospital, so beautiful! I also dedicate this story to her, she's not coming out of the hospital 'cause she has leukemia, anyway, Justine this is for you. there's alot more to come, please review.